Sony Cinema Line FX6 Camera Body (ILME-FX6)

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Sony Cinema Line FX6 Camera Body (ILME-FX6)

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Sony Cinema Line FX6 Camera Body (ILME-FX6)



11 reviews for Sony Cinema Line FX6 Camera Body (ILME-FX6)

  1. Damir (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this camera I have no complaints. I was debating between this and the A7SIII I ended up going with the FX3 since I do all of my photography with my A7RIV and didnt feel that I needed the EVF of the A7SII and wanted the fan and cage free design.

  2. Carter (verified owner)

    My favorite video camera of all time. I cant believe how great the sensor is and like how its designed for video. I had an FX9 A7S3 but l prefer the FX3. Perfect combination of features and controls.

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Other reviews can highlight the specs, but I just wanted to say that this is a fun device. Love the interface and ease of use for video. I will pair it with FX6.

  4. Victor (verified owner)

    As a multimedia journalist this is exactly what I need, especially with the XLR handle to separate microphone inputs, one for interviews and the second for ambient sound. Easy way to navigate menu options and settings, various recordings formats, great as a whole

  5. Tim B. (verified owner)

    Its my 3rd Sony.. Coming from the Video on a A7iii. Colors are much nicer and more range while editing. My Sigma Art 2470 works Great. Light and compact the perfect travel camera for film.

  6. stev (verified owner)

    Everything about this camera is intuitive and excellent build quality. I actually do prefer the FX3 over the A7S3

  7. Sheryl (verified owner)

    This is an Awesome Video camera. It is the best Run and Gun camera I have. It works great on a gimble. Or it can be rigged up. I will be buying a second one very soon.

  8. Adriana (verified owner)

    My boyfriend absolutely loves this camera. Got this for his bday, and hes been obsessed ever since. The quality is unmatched Thank you for the fast shipping

  9. RobbUK (verified owner)

    Nothing to complain about, instead a beautiful compact well built camera. The menu itself shows how intelligent the camera is, and not to mention the SCinetone to mimic the Venice Camera. Well done Sony

  10. RJCunningham (verified owner)

    Powerful beasts of a camera. So many frame grate options and crazy quality video. The cult inputs make it perfect for someone shooting lots of talking head shoots.

  11. Ren (verified owner)

    This camera helps to bring every production I use it on to another level. Fantastic image quality, great feature set. I only wish it had build in ND filters.

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