Our aim

We are here to offer you a wide range of toys and gadgets at a fair price, all delivered from the UK in a reasonable time.

Who are we and where have we come from?

James found employment in the 1990s at a local bike shop in Chippenham, his hometown. His natural talent for buying and selling flourished when he recognised a new craze for customised skateboards, so he started selling skateboard accessories while he was still working at the bike shop. The owner of the bike shop was suitably unimpressed that the majority of calls into the store were for James and so James was let go, set free to start up on his own.

In 2005 James married Elle and they bought a home in Reading that doubled as a warehouse for their skateboard venture. When James recalls this time in his life, he remembers how the ceilings were creaking under the weight of the stock in their house and some of the upstairs doors wouldn’t quite close properly.

The Gadget Tree began when James and Elle took over the E and G Toy shop in May 2010. The previous owner didn’t much like children and James and Elle saw an opportunity to make the shop into somewhere children and adults alike would come and visit, have fun and want to come back again and again.

As the potential and possibility for expansion became real, James took on his first employees, one of whom still works for us today heading up our New Store Development Team. The rest, as they say, is history.

What about now?

We think we are a unique retail business – like a signature that cannot be copied. Our vision is every childhood filled with wonder. Our mission is to be the Best-Loved Toyshop – one child, one community at a time. We love creating memories and delivering outstanding service. Do you remember visiting a toy shop as a child? Hopefully, those memories are still with you.