Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM Lens

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Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM Lens

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Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM Lens



11 reviews for Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM Lens

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    I have been shooting macro for many years. That being said, my reaction when I saw what can be done with this lens had my jaw dropping. The DOF and the detail this lens gives you is by far and above anything I could have dreamed up of. This is one extremely quality lens in all ways. I am serious when it comes to photography and to be able to capture images with this premium macro lens makes me incredibly happy. I highly recommend the EF 100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM Lens When it comes to glass, quality counts. Yes you may pay more but in the long run that extra pays for itself. Thank you, Canon

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    span classoGzEp span (verified owner)

    The lens is outstanding. I do not have to add much to the very large number of positive reviews of this lens everywhere. Just woudl like to say that it is probably worth extra to purchase the stabilized version if you can afford it. It is just a little bit heavier, but not much. I am a zoologist and was deciding between 60 mm which is twice lighter and 100 mm, but decided in favor of this lens and I made the right decision. This allows to photograph reptiles and amphibians from a decent distance. The closeup macro is excellent. the focusing and turning rings is smooth. Focusing is fast. The fact that it is at least somewhat environmentally sealed is important to me as I am going to take it to expeditions. BH did a great job with delivery. I bought a fair amount of gear from them and never had problems.

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    Ron (verified owner)

    I purchased the lens primarily for macro work with insects, spiders, and other creepy crawlers. I was nearly persuaded to purchase the Sigma 105 mm macro because of the lesser cost. However, I was reminded by a fellow professional photographer of the Canon build quality and the exceptional sharpness reported in reviews. I have been very happy with the performance of the lens on my full frame EOS6D despite the higher cost and currently have been leaving the lens on the camera in lieu of the Canon 24105mm L lens which is my goto lens. Because it is such a fast prime lens and of an excellent focal length for portraits and other moderately close subjects, I am finding it to be quite versatile for a good range of subjects. The image stabilization has very nicely extended my ability to take crisp handheld critter shots when in the garden, well beyond what I expected. However, at longer focal lengths, the image stabilization is extraordinary. I am very glad I spent a few extra dollars on the Canon.

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    firegod211 (verified owner)

    I debated about get this lens for a long long time and Im glad I did. I own an older version of the Tamron 70200mm f2.8 and the image quality is definitely a step up in quality and focusing speed. Works great with my 1.4X and 2X teleconverts when my Tamron had a hard time dealing with them. Excellent build quality

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    div classsgreviewclosemodalbackground dataved0ahUKEwiZqdXPqH7AhUWhFwKHalhC18Qj8kFCNoC styledisplaynonediv (verified owner)

    USE I have owned this product for several weeks now. I use it with a 5D MK III and the images it produces are incredible on full frame. PROS The lens is incredibly sharp. Do not doubt the hype, it is as good as they say. Weight is average and definitely wont slow you down if you are shooting for a long time. Focus ring is smooth throughout the range. The IS is absolutely necessary if you intend to shoot hand held. It helps a lot, but a tripod is something you WILL wantneed to make best use of this product. The lens caps is a center pinch design which really helps when the hood is mounted. Bokeh is amazing. Looks almost like someone water colored the background of your photo with minimal effort. Doubles as an excellent portrait lens with incredible sharpness.CONS While the plastic is very strong and saves on weight, you would expect something more for around depending on sale, metal would have been nice. Low light this lens does have difficulty focusing. Also, when trying for a really tiny subject say a spider in web, the lens tends have trouble autofocusing. Easily resolved by just going manual.OTHER THOUGHTS The plane of focus on this lens is razor thin. Getting yourself a macro adjustment plate for your tripod so you can stack images would be a great benefit for those looking to get the most out of their images.

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    Glenn (verified owner)

    Havent used the lens a lot at this point but with the limited exposure Ive had to it Im pleased. The build quality is good despite having a plastic body. Everything works smoothly and is intuitively positioned. Focus is reasonably quick and quiet. Probably not a real evaluation criteria but I love the way it looks on my 5DIII. Just looks substantial. All of the nonmacro images that Ive taken have been very sharp with good color rendition. Im still trying to adjust to the issues associated with macro shooting. I purchased this to do wedding ring shots and getting good focus without stacking has been a challenge. Im confident thats my issue and not the lenss. Anyway, good buy for the price.

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    Wells Fargo (verified owner)

    Many zoom lenses come with a Macro setting, and, at medium distances, they serve just fine. But if you really need precise, clear, closeup control for nature photography or even art, nothing substitutes for a good Macro lens. This is one of the best. Relatively speaking it is well made and light enough to carry in your pack with other format lenses, yet is versatile at less than closeup distances, besides. When you move in close without second chances, this is the lens to count on. Even though I am an amateur photographer, the confidence of quality results is definitely reassuring. Right out of the box, this lens is more than a pointandshoot lens and may surprise you, especially the threezone switch. Advice Make sure you read the instruction book to learn how to use it to best advantage.

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    Campbell Soup (verified owner)

    This is the classic Canon lens that their reputation rides along on. I had the previous version and it was the perfect lens to capture your best efforts. You may see the shot but it is the lens makes it special. This version is better and though the older one was just fine it is just dandy to have the latest and best. OK, I would have liked more for the tradein and preferred it if this lens was cheaper but that aside, I feel I now have the proper tools to take great pix. But also have no excuses for bad ones.

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    I sold my 100mm EF 2.8 macro and bought this as its natural successor. The older lens was tremendous and produced some great photos for me and I managed to sell it for about 75 of what I paid about five years ago, so it held its value well. Why spend the money to upgrade In a nutshell, IS and L quality. I am not disappointed. The IS works quite nicely in normal use, and seems to help to some extent in handheld macro application, though thats always a tricky thing to pull off given the waferthin d.o.f. Ive found that using Servo AI body is a 1Dx in combination with the IS gives me some margin for error compared to the nonIS version. Naturally, having just spent double the price to replace an already very good lens, Im liable to see improved image quality whether its there or not. With that caveat, as far as Im concerned the new lens really is an improvement its really crisp, I there is no discernible distortion in the plane of the image. When I subject an image to Lightrooms lens corrections, nothing changes unlike images produced, say, with the 24105. Focus can be a bit slow as a portrait lens to which it is very wellsuited, its best to work from a consistent distance rather than attempting to make candid images as they present themselves but for that purpose Ill probably stay with one of my zoom lenses in any case. the inclusion of a lens hood is a welcome Lfeature. Some intangibles this lens just feels right. Cant put my finger on it, but its going to be on the body a lot more than its predecessor was. Its weight is a pleasing relief from my everyday 24105, and the camera feels very balanced with it installed. The images Im adding below were taken in a welllit conservatory I include the banana flower as a portrait example with bokeh, and the bromeliad to illustrate what I managed handheld at 150s, f11. Had I tripod and more time, Id certainly have been able to make a better image of the bromeliad, but the photo isnt too bad as it is.

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    comicpursuit (verified owner)

    If you have to take one lens with you on the field for just about any sport, this is it. Lovely compressed backgrounds and bokeh. Destroys Nikons 200400 I and II extensive experience with both. Working in newspapers, we never reached for the newest 400 f2.8 despite being a fabulous lens we were all grabbing for this lens because of its versatility. Some people heaitate because its and f4 but this lens is butterry smooth and makes you forget a fixed focal length quickly.

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    Edward (verified owner)

    I primarily bought this because it is compatible with the focus bracketing fuction of the EOS 90D. I have been very impressed with the results Ive been getting from my focus stacks. So much easier than the manual stacks I had been creating. I own the previous nonL version of this lens and used it extensively hand held in the field for years. While I havent had the time to use this new lens extensively in the field, the images I have taken hand held have been superior to the previous version of this lens is every way.

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