Sandisk Cruzer Glide USB 3.0 Flash Drive (16GB, SDCZ600-16G-G35)

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Sandisk Cruzer Glide USB 3.0 Flash Drive (16GB, SDCZ600-16G-G35)

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Sandisk Cruzer Glide USB 3.0 Flash Drive (16GB, SDCZ600-16G-G35)

200 reviews for Sandisk Cruzer Glide USB 3.0 Flash Drive (16GB, SDCZ600-16G-G35)

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    The tiny footprint of this flash drive makes it an excellent choice for car stereos, as it wont stick out from the front of your stereo. Other larger form USB flash drives have the danger of being damaged from accidental bumps. 32gb of space is enough for tons of mp3s, enough that I dont often hear repeats. Speed is fair for this price about 4.5mbs when loading it with lots of mp3s. I didnt try any larger files to see if the write speed improved. I have had the 16gb Fit for about a year now, and its still performing well. Overall Im very pleased with the Fit series.

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    These flash drives are used in our car stereos to play mp3 music files copied from our computer. Very small and unobtrusive. You dont have to worry about them getting accidentally broken off in the stereos.I strongly recommend fastening a sturdy string to them to aid in removal. I used 0.9mm window shade cord, tough to install but works well. They can be difficult to remove without the cord, due to their size.

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    Wanted something small that wouldnt get bumped and break when plugged in. These are very, very small. Be sure to attach a strong sting to them to help pull them back out, as they are hard to get out otherwise. The speed seems to be a bit slower than the larger ones, but These fit the bill for what I wanted, saving lots of crochet patterns, and I am happy with them. I have 4, they all look the same, so I used different colored strings.

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    The Fit, small size Doesnt stick out makes it safer to keep, plugged in to the reading device. Its a much better choice to use in my digital, TV DVR tuner. I record, offair broadcast for time management viewing. I also use in my USB MAVMP3 player with my music, because its flush and doesnt protrude out.

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    Very neat little device, fits closely up to computer, no big stick protruding out of the main body. Optical display acts as reminder, dont unplug, until you use safe eject. Excellent encrypted vault for securing files, no entry no tampering or erasure by unauthorised. Can handle 2 or 3 series USB, so as quick as your computer allows. Value is excellent, I use one as ISO new install boot. Another as system backup, if you need more than 16GB to back up your computer, you could probably do with one of these, just to store the stuff youve clogged up the hard drive with

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    This is one of the best deals I have this year. The Product is exactly as indicated and I have already used 2 of them. I have purchased 4 items to start collecting my Music in only one drive. When I connect it in my car, you do not notice the device, it is very small. SanDisk has been one of my prefer brands in this type of electronic components.

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    I purchased the SanDisk from 3cExpert last week, because the original one I wanted was out of stock, but I am COMPLETELY satisfied with this thumb drive instead. Its just as good maybe better than the one I had wanted. I use it for recorded music in my Fusion, as it fits so nicely in my console where the ports are located. Actually this small device fits better than expected because of its small size, Highly recommended

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    Cheap, reliable storage made by a trustworthy manufacturer. I always buy SanDisk and the tiny size adds a safety factor in that the low profile helps to avoid accidental knocks damage to USB port or drive. I actually bought another but with 32gb of storage for music storage use in my hifi receiver.

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    The Cruzer Fit is the USB 2 version of the Ultra Fit which is USB 3. The Ultra Fit in a USB 3 port gets extremely hot, too hot to touch Put it in a USB 2 port and it has the same performance as the Cruzer Fit and does not get hot. So the benefits of USB 3 are lost with the Ultra Fit due to a defective design. SanDisk are aware of the issue and will swap it for an Ultra Flair. But the Flair is much bigger and also gets unacceptably hot in a USB 3 port. Stick with the Cruzer.

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    I bought two named them TOMATO and CHEETAH because I had bought one a year prior and it always worked perfectly. TOMATO is perfect. But CHEETAH malfunctioned after just about a week suddenly would not accept my password. Now, I use the same password on all my Sandisks and CHEETAH just suddenly decided that the password was wrong. There was no way I could access the files I had stored. I ended up just reformatting. I lost the files but thats ok I had backups. So now CHEETAH is a regular little memory stick, not an encryption stick. Not a big deal because I did have backups .. but if I did not have backups, Id be up the creek without a poodle. BTW, this problem is not all that uncommon. When I searched for answers to the problem before I ended up wiping the disk by reformatting, I found a number of people in the same pickle. That said I like the small profile of the CruzerFit will probably purchase again in future.

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    This is a very affordable, high capacity, USB memory stick. Its reliable and easy to use, and performs as well as any other stick. But its SMALL Incredibly small So small that there is no chance of accidentally breaking it or the socket it is plugged into. You can leave this plugged into your laptop while its in your bag, with absolute confidence. Amazing.

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    Bought this to replace my older and failing flash drive with allmymusic for the car on it. It is very small and inobtrusive, almost invisible to the eye when in place. Love it.

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    It is almost perfect, did not stick out from front USB port, some times it is tricky to get it out, but it wont fall off accidentally. The size 8 GB is perfect for old stereos which can not play bigger flash drives. I keep there over 40 hours of music, or can have whole Bible audio book for a friends car to listen on a long trips. Overall it is as big digitally as 11 standard CDs. The cons of this product its size, very easy to loose, dont put it in your pocket keep it in the car USB port or computer USB port. Dont let it lay around on a shelf or table get lost very easily. My cat love to play with it too…

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    Over the past year I bought 5 of these 32Gb pen drives. I use them for auto backups on various PCs and laptops. Apart, of course, from the normal backups on removable hard drives. I select this particular brand and model of pen drive for its very small size and for its reliability. I also find them affordable and good value for money.

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    Purchased for my mother as she wanted to back up her photosvideos of the kids, free up some space on her devices but didnt want to pay Apple for the rest of her life for the storage as every pound counts when youve retired.It can be a bit fiddly to plug in depending how thick a case you have on the device.When you first plug it into your device, make sure you download the correct App as it automatically takes you to the wrong one. I found it easily searching iXpress.

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    For an unknown reason, previous identical one not from Argos, stopped saving files from my iPhone whilst still saving photos. Contacted SanDisk, but quicker to buy another one as I use it frequently. Its neat and very practical.

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    This was the perfect option to transfer many of my music CDs to pristine uncompressed .wav music files to be used in my cars audio system. I wanted this flash drives very small profile to keep it always unobtrusively plugged into my cars USB port.

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    Like others, I was getting leery of a fullsize flash drive hanging out of the USB port on my cars dash. Thoughts not so much of the flashdrive breaking sad but the USB port on the dash breaking really sad This is superlow profile and is much less likely to be damaged, or cause damage. Exactly what I was after.

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    I recently bought this drive for my editing and for making videos. I didnt want to spend a lot of money but yet at the same time I wanted a good storage and good value USB drive. It does work, but, on my pc it says it hold 57.2 GB max, but Im not worried about it, its good value either way. Im not very keen on the design as its all like one piece, personally I prefer having the bit that goes into the computer as silver metal. Very good storage for the size and great value. Would recommend.

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    This is a great design for a flash drive, almost no overhang from the USB port. This really reduces the risk of damaging the port or the drive by being knocked etc. There is also built in software for encrypting files which is also a nice little bonus if you have any sensitive documents to transfer back up. Definitely recommended

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    I dont usually write reviews but today I felt like this was an easy one. It does everything you expect a regular flash drive to do but its so much more compact and small. I loved this because I could store it in my laptop bag or keep it in my laptop without worrying about it sticking out of my laptop bag or falling off or getting broken off. It also lights up to show its connected. and for such a small size it holds A LOT OF STORAGE I would have liked to see a little string that usually comes with flash drives to be able to attach it to a key chain or something.

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    This is all over eBay and other websites, I got this and it arrived in the package as the originals would. But every time I tried to format it there would be an error in windows reporting this usb memory cannot be formatted. I also verified it against a computer program to detect fakes and it reported it as fake as well. The name of the program is FAKEFLASHTEST. You can google it and use it. Its a free application for detecting the increasing number of fake usb, ssd, memories sold so commonly today all over the internet.

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    the sandisk cruzer is not useable. it is too tight of a fit into any usb port. Once you force it in to the port you cannot remove it without putting undue force on the port. after seeing this problem first hand I googled it and it seems that many many many many people have the same issue. I threw mine in the garbage. Sandisk needs to address the problem.

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    I have an Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer that comes with a USB connector in normal size. This USB connector is positioned so that you can easily get to it, and here the SanDisk Cruzer FIT USB Flash Drive is simply perfect.

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    works well with my car audio. I use it to store music. Transfer rates could be better but other than that it suits what I want it for very well.

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    It gets pretty hot when its running, and its only USB 2.0 which is fine if thats all youre after. I couldnt get it working with one of my machines but other flash drives did work ext3 or fat22, but that isnt necessarily a fault of the drive. Its very small, so if thats what youre aiming for then its good in that sense. Its a bit tricky to unplug because of the size, but if you want something that wont get knocked out breaking your USB ports, its good for that.

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    I use this for my car audio. Its max readable storage is 32GB. I have one in my car and one in my truck and I can take all my music with me. Its tiny and works very well.

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    Good price and very handy size for music in a modern car with no CD player. A full side USB stick would be too big and too vulnerable. I havent used this one yet but have noticed others of same type get very hot

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    Purchased for use with a smart TV instead of using a hard drive as I only need the timeshifting replay function. The super small size and low power requirements make it a perfect solution for plugging into the usb port of a TV. If i do want to record the occasional tv program movie, then the 64gb is than enough to do that and more.

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    I am using it in a DIY camera project, writing video to the flash drive at 30Mbps. I have tested it to the full capacity of the drive and it works well. Its only USB 2.0, so that will put an upper limit on its speed, but it feels pretty quick to copy a few gigabytes of video. I didnt buy this for speed. Unless you have a specific reason why you need a faster drive e.g. copying many gigabytes under time pressure, or running software directly off of it, this drive is probably fast enough for most purposes. The small size opens up possibilities to use it in places where a normalsized flash drive would stick out and get in the way or get knocked and damaged. For example, you could leave this plugged into an MP3capable stereo system and in a lot of cases it would end up being flush with the surface of the stereo, or else nearly flush. I didnt need a small flash drive for my purposes, but I had a hunch that small size might mean low power consumption, and I did need a drive that would draw a low peak electric current, due to the particular power supply arrangements in my camera project. And yes, this drive does have a relatively low peak power consumption. This low peak current characteristic could also be useful if you want to plug the drive into an unpowered hub or the endof a long USB extension cable, as some other drives might struggle with that, but it is not a panacea.

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    I tried a couple of nonbranded flash drives of this size the red ones on Ebay from other suppliers and had to return both due to a failure to format or show up on my PC. So this SanDisk drive from a different supplier was a big improvement and worked perfectly straight out of the packet. It has a small lanyard eye for portability and security and is perfect for short or longterm data backup. Its compatibility with USB 2.0 and 3.0 is another big plus point. 5 stars

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    Usual first class service from Picstop. Great drive with 64gb capacity and fast enough for video storage and use in the car. Great SanDisk quality and most importantly it runs cool.

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    This is my second Sandisk 16GB USB drive that I have purchased. I have not had any issues with any of them. Since they are so small I dont carry them with me. Theyre to easy to lose. I just leave them on the computer USB port and use them as additional storage devices.

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    Needed additional memory for my notebook. Ordered this as I have had SanDisk products before. 64gb memory fantastic, great price and fantastic product. Used home delivery with other items I needed and received all the same day. Thanks

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    I was surprised how slow these drives are to load with files. But having said that they are incredible value. Only gripe I have is that they are small enough to easily get lost. I would have appreciated a small container rather than the cardboard

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    Device tiny but as expected, delivered promptly after The Beast from the East and for a better price than on the wellknown A shopping website Caution if buying for car stereo etc as Windows 7 10 cant format 32GB as FATFAT32 file system only can as NTFS or ExFat. I used Ubuntu to format as FAT. Thank you picstop

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    This generation of this ultra compact, high capacity USB flash drive is the first in this model where SANDISK replaces a good bit of metal with plastic construction material. The previous generations more metal overheated my unit and the drive failed after less than 4 months of use. This is my second of the new generation of the new version and it has been working with no errors for several months. Looks like SANDISK got it right

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    Always great products from this manufacturer. The only downside on this one is the size is very small and so if you are putting it in a pocket, then be careful I am using it to sit permanently in a car stereo, and it does this unobtrusively. Other than that, its a god quality product.

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    Pro Small and inconspicuous. Not likely to be bent broken as flash drives are known for. I trust SanDisk for reliability and, to date, have no problems.My greatest concern regarding flash drives has been the ease in which they are destroyed because they stick out from the computer.Con I gave this 4 stars, but you can argue I was not fair. I carry my flash drive in my pocket and have destroyed them in the past when they were hit and bent. This is so small, I am concerned that it will fall from my pocket as I pull anything else out. The cover is the same size as the drive. I would like to see the drive this same size but a larger cover. I have dropped lost coins that are larger than this drive.If you do not carry your drive in your pocket, this is a great drive and I recommend it. I also like the small size in my pocket, BUT I am waiting for the day that I empty my pockets and the drive is missing. Until then, I love this drive.

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    The average human mind stores approximately 2.5 million Gb of information, but what happens when thats just not enoughTake a load off that big ol brain of yours, and outsource some of that information storage to this handy USB stick, which does a sterling job holding 64 of those Gb in a sturdy plastic frame, allowing this information to easily interface with your USBequipped devices computer, smart TV, fridge, laptop, jacuzzi, etc. Very easy to swallow in case of capture by spies.

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    I really like these tiny flash drives. I use them typically for music . When they are plugged into a device there is no danger of snagging them. They work perfectly.

  43. blank


    The Sandisk Flashdrive I received from Argos is fantastic and does the job great. Incredible value for money and feels incredibly robust. Very pleased with my purchase

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    is very very slow, but is good quality I prefer it to be slow and safe vs fast and to lose all the information at any time

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    SanDisk flash drive is quite easy to use. At 64GB it was just the right size for my download requirements. Really great gadget. C

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    This is an incredibly small 16GB USB flash drive. The extremely small profile makes it perfect for notebooks, tablets, TVs and car audio systems where a low profile would be desired. It is compatible with USB 2.03.0 and allows you to keep private files private with free SanDisk SecureAccess software which creates a passwordprotected folder on the flash drive but allows the sharing of other data. SanDisk has a reputation for quality products and backs it up with a 5 year warranty.

  47. blank


    Beautifully made, extremely compact, very neat appearance, superb fit in the radio. Remarkable capacity for such a tiny device. This will be permanently fitted in the car radio, holding music library. So small it does not intrude in use. It is only for music storage so I reformatted the stick, no need for its inbuilt security. It plays on any of my devices which use these sticks. I will be buying more because they are exceptionally good. Highly and unhesitatingly recommended.

  48. blank


    Super slim profile. Perfect for when you need to use a USB drive in a place long term without worrying about someone bumping into it and snapping it or making it fall out. Since it barely sticks out and sits rather flush, theres no way that it will accidentally come out until you choose to pull it out. My car has a USB port that can read mp3s from flash drives, so this is perfect for that. I have also seen people use products like this for storage expansion for netbooks or devices with smaller hard drives.

  49. blank


    The thumb drive is absolutely tiny, and takes up no space at all. It is plugged into a usb port in the armrest of my wifes car, and its so small its actually difficult to even find. I know some people said it was very slow, but I didnt find that to be the case at all. I downloaded a lot of music into it for my wife, and it seemed quite fast to me. Overall, it seems like a very good product.

  50. blank


    Apparently genuine SanDisk product. Always been pleased with these products in the past. No reason to believe that I will not be equally pleased these these items too.

  51. blank

    Neil N.

    Minimum RAM for Win7 appears to be 8 GB, in my limited experience, if youre planning on little more than browsing and email. When Win7 has used up 4 GB of RAM, WinXP would have only used 2 GB of RAM to do the same thing, in my limited experience. For editing photos, audio, and or video, Win7 seems to need 16 or 32 GB of RAM. Shame on Dell for selling a computer with Win7 that wont take more than 4 GB RAM. Only possible upgrade for this Dell is to replace it. Relegate it to a distributed computing project.

  52. blank


    This is a great compact USB with reliable storage and readwrite speed. I use it in the car and because of its size it fits nearly flush in to the USB slot so preventing it from being accidentally caught or knocked. Good value too.

  53. blank

    Dan B.

    Bought two of these on sale for 7 apiece, and I loved the tiny size in my car stereo..that is, NOT sticking out to get hit and broken off.. But yesterday I pulled it out to copy some files and my computer said there was a problem and then refused to even see it again. I wonder if this is an issue with these or what. Should I just wait until the other one fails to return them both and try something else

  54. blank


    It is very slow to write to it claims only USB 2.0 but it seems even slower than this old standard. It is however very small and therefore perfect for what I wanted it for increased storage for games on an old video games console. I would recommend getting something faster if you need to write big files to it often.

  55. blank


    This is great value for money and is ideal if you want to load lots of data and leave the stick in a dedicate USB port. If however, it was to be regularly removed and shifted from device to device, then it may prove to be a bit small and fragile. But for me, it contains most of my music and permanently sits out of the way in the cars media player USB. Ideal.

  56. blank


    Great memory. Very small specially to have in my vehicle, not intrusive as stick memories. Can take the 4500 songs I have with plenty of space still.

  57. blank


    Very good product. I have used many in the past and never had trouble with any off them. I am very happy to know that I will not have any trouble with the new ones I just purchased. Thanks for a great product.

  58. blank


    I have three 3 of these now, they are perfect for use in cars other tight spots. I use them to load TONS of MP3s and then connect them to the USB ports in my cars.Car makers tend to put the USB ports in harms way, where if the USB stick isnt SUPER stubby itll be bumped and broken off in a heart beat.No speed issues. All are working flawlessly. Love the little Activity light on the end of the stick. The 32Gb size is the max most car systems support so, storage size is perfect too.

  59. blank


    Small approx 40mm unit, with decent capacity for the price. Not a particularly robust construction, and a cap for the USB end would be appreciated, but overall happy with the unit I received.

  60. blank


    I bought this to play music in my car without having to keep it all on my phone. I wanted a flash drive that wouldnt stick out very far from the port as its close to the cupholders, and this is perfect. Its the size of my fingertip and its 32gb. Its size makes me think it would be very easy to lose. Theres a tiny metal loop that you could thread a string or something through. Ultimately, I think its a great deal, and for 12 Ill probably get an additional one to replace my bulkier drives.

  61. blank


    Works fantastic as a storage device in a Vauxhall Mokka 2018 model and plugs directly into the head unit via a hidden compartment in dashboard and as the USB stick is micro sized i have no problem with leaving it plugged in all the time. The cars media head unit have has no problem reading the whole 64Gigs of music and videos i have copied onto it and to date i have had no latance issues, nor have i had any freezing or locking up when using the usb stick. perfect for my use in the car and is small and discret and not problem with it getting knocked or hit by little fingers. Would reccomend for this application as a car music media device.

  62. blank


    I use this in my car for MP3 music storage, with over 200 Albums stored and plenty of room left for me to expand my music collection. Because it physically is so tiny, it sits behind a lift up flap in my car and is thus completely invisible. This means it can be left in place and the chance of theft is therefore greatly reduced. My experience with SanDisk has always been good, so Ive no doubts that it will prove to be reliable

  63. blank


    Bought this after receiving a fake version from eBay. Checked the other SanDisk memory cards Ive bought from eBay in the past and it looks like they might be fake too slow speeds etc.Will definitely be buying this sort of thing from a reputable store like Argos in the future.

  64. blank


    Its value for money and every easy and simple to use. With out a doubt I will recommend to someone else. Very good product. I am happy with it.

  65. blank


    Well, maybe. It just seems so preposterous when you stop to consider quite how much data will fit on a piece of kit no bigger than a thumb nail human, or otherwise. Welcome to the Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB 2.0, 64GB Flash Drive. It makes even the sleekest portable hard drive look clumsy, if not redundant. Now, you will need to ask a computer person to explain the merits of hard drive versus flash drive. However, speaking as an earthling of average intelligence, I can inform you that the Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB 2.0 etc. etc is very easy to operate and performs its tasks quickly and effortlessly. Okay, I did leave it for a few hours whilst it undertook the transfer of my entire music collection around 5,000 songs, but it did so without error. The unit comes with preloaded password protection software should you choose to use it. However, perhaps its snazziest features are its compactness and portability. It fits snugly and securely into your computers USB port and whereas similar devices stick out a few inches and look vulnerable to breakage, this one protrudes less than one centimetre from the USB port and is, consequently, much more robust. At the same time, the device is easy to remove. SanDisk is universally respected for its precisionmade flash memory products. So, no worries there. If there is one weakness at all, it is very much a human one. My SanDisk Cruzer flits between house and car my entire music library, in miniature, on the move. One careless moment and this fab piece of kit could easily end up outofthis world.

  66. blank


    I needed something that would transfer a large number of images from one computer whose extenal ports would no songer support external hard drives to another computer. As this didnt require power it worked brilliantly. Superb product. A suggestion would be to add a dustcap to the open end.

  67. blank


    I bought this USB for my car audio. Its size makes it idea because it hardly noticeable and does not get knocked. Hundreds of my favourite music tracks when driving. Very happy with this purchase.

  68. blank

    Ernest E.

    Perfect so far for my purposes. I wanted a thumb drive so small that I could leave it in my Macbook Air as another drive to backup folders, images, projects, etc. It has been in my computer for almost a month now, and it is really nice. It doesnt snag on my carrying cases, and it remains solidly in place. Total success

  69. blank


    The item is very small, however I had trouble removig it from the works computer as I couldnt get a grip on it. I have put it onto a keyring and now I can remove it with ease. It is very easy to use as it is plug and play, so bare minimum in effort to get it to work.

  70. blank


    Pro. Purchased two SanDisk CruzerFit 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive. The size is great and just what I needed for a project.Con. Both run very hot to the touch even when just plugged into a usb port and not in use. Gets even hotter when in use. I do not use them any longer and Emailed SanDusk about the heat issue. Said they may replace them but no response yet.I would not recommend these.

  71. blank


    Loved these USB minis for a long time… Unfortunately sandisk changed the security function on their drives from the U3 type, simple entire drive password facility,… to the new Secure Access Vault What a joke and as many others have said… from simple to cumbersome.. If you need a compact NON password secured thumb drive.. go for it.. top quality storage device… they are the best in car stereo USB compatible head units If you want password secured… Good luck and have fun constantly going in and out of THE VAULT

  72. blank


    How can such a small flash drive have so much memory. Im amazed. I ripped my wifes CDs and put all of them on this little but big memory device. I put over 90 of my wifes CD onto this unbelievably small flash drive and there is still room for more CDs. The device is small enough so that it wont get accidentally broken while it remains full time in my wifes cars USB port or her computer where she can listen to all her music anytime she wants. I love it so much, Im going to purchase more of them.

  73. blank


    Discrestion is the keyword, small , inobtrusive …functional….Fast, things happen quick …reliable. Very compact device with good transfer rates for data ….no bad things to say, just good…But then, if you already have purchased one then you know the reputation that Sandisk enjoy. Would not buy any other brand.. Brilliant.

  74. blank


    I wanted a flash drive that would not protrude from the side of my notebook computer and be damaged if I banged into it. This flash drive certainly does that. There are some problems, however. To push the flash drive into a USB port is difficult on my laptop because of an overlapping piece of plastic. Removing it is darn near impossible because there is very little to grab with your fingers, it takes several attempts sometimes. Also, the cap is very easy to loose. I lost mine after four uses, and had to buy a replacement off eBay. I recommend you put it on a lanyard, thats what I did.

  75. blank


    Great price for real quality sandisc. short length is excelent for my car radio. I dont ever need to worry about it breaking. But maybe not the right choice for moving files about as the tiny size makes it realy easy to loose so this one may be best to leave plugged inn. I highly recomend this stick

  76. blank


    I bought this USB drive to use as system drive for my router Entware linux but unfortunately this was not the case writing speed is extremely slow, approx 4.5Mbsec. This speed is not acceptable for system drive which might include swap file and exchange of information both ways. Reading speed is pretty impressive though, around 30Mbsec, this flash drive is good for players and other applications which require reading only. And yes, as already mentioned, technically this is USB2.0 device compatible with USB3.0 but having no benefits of it.

  77. blank


    I bought this to put all of my music on for the car stereo. Its just the job because it is so compact that it wont get knocked and its certainly better than having a load of CDs rattling around Its performance is fine and plenty of memory for the purpose.

  78. blank


    Title pretty much sums it up. Its small which is perfect for car stereo use. Write speed is painfully slow. Just start dumping your music foldersfiles to it, go do something else, and check it later. Also, this thing gets so hot I almost cant hold on to it when I first pull it out. Im testing it now doing extended reading and writing while hooked up to an extension just to make sure it doesnt damage the port its plugged in to. For my purpose which is to hold music for my car stereo, its probably fine. My biggest concern is how hot it gets.

  79. blank


    Used these for all my music collection to use around the house, in car and in portable speaker. Nice and small and fits close to the device so no chance of getting knocked and damaged especially in the car. Great usb from sandisk as usual and at great picstop price.

  80. blank


    The SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 64GB USB 2.0, LowProfile Flash Drive is a reliable product for those of us using the applicable hardware. I enjoy putting my movies, powerpoints, and folders with documents on this handy little button size drive. I would recommend itand hopefully technology with advance to the point that SanDisk will make 1TB and 2TB LowProfile Flash Drives in the future even for us 2.0 USB users.

  81. blank


    I am so pleased with this product. It is performing perfectly. The compact size is perfect for my car. Couldnt be happier. Love it.

  82. blank


    What can you say about a tiny 32 gigabyte memory stick from Sandisk ITS TINY AND IT WORKS EXCELLENT I loaded my entire MP3 music collection on this little button sized drive and plugged it into the USB port on our 2014 Kia Soul and we now have LOADS of music to take with us. An added plus is you can hardly notice it plugged into the port Other thoughts Im sure most of you who own a notebook are terrified about breaking off USB sticks sticking out the side of your notebook and damaging the port. Quit worrying and buy this. Youd have to work real hard at catching it on something. When you order this get two because youre going to leave one in the car

  83. blank


    My usb flash drive is excellent to us. Its a quick and easy way to remove data and install it from one device to another. The usb 64gb sandisk flash drive is the best purchase Ive brought in a long time. My phone works alot better now. Thanks to you.

  84. blank


    I bought this flash drive to store all my financial data and keep it portable and readily accessible. The included SanDisk SecureAccess software has given me an additional security peace of mind. Works great and the included dust cover keeps dust lint from finding its way into the contact surfaces especially if you happen to temporarily place it in your pocket. I do recommend that you attach a strong string, thread size, to it through the loop provided so that you can pull it out of the USB ports once youre done with it. It can be hard to get a grip on it if you have extremely short or no fingernails to grab it with. This has been the smallest flash drive Ive ever seen. I highly recommend it if its your intention to conceal its use and presence.

  85. blank

    Im using the 64G SD Cruzer for my Car stereo. I have around 400 Albums on the drive with room for more, my Kenwood receiver reads it all. The drive also has a password protected security vault. So if ur using it for business or school, you can store important files in the vault.

  86. blank


    This drive is very small, which is perfect for me since Im using it for a PlayStation Classic. It fast and works in the PS classic without modding just plug and go.

  87. blank


    Transfer rate is fast and memory is more than ample for my needs. It has all the attributes advertised in the description. Good value for money.

  88. blank


    This isnt USB 3, so you are limited to 10x slower speeds on USB 2. It does have a little loop for attaching to things, but its too small for a keyring, so only string will fit. It doesnt come with a cap or string either. Being so small, it does get very hot. Apart from these points, the shape is perfect and compact and easy to store away in my wallet. I got it very cheap compared to newer models which are 4x the price. Worth it to use as a little backup drive for my work while being discreet.

  89. blank


    Four or five would depend on the need for the product and the way it fills that need. With the new viruses on the net I needed a way of backing up all files and than removing the backup. I do this once a week This is done for a person who does sensitive work and losing a little work can be replaced. This product gives little protrusion and he has little chance of hitting it with his knee when he leaves the desk. We wont be paying any money for closed files

  90. blank


    I mainly bought this to work on documents between my laptop and iPad but was very pleased to find how easy it was to transfer all my photos, not only from my iPad but my iPhone too. It didnt take long to set up my preferences, so now with one click to confirm, all my photos are transferred with no need to copy and paste or drag. It still gives you the option to select individual photos too and will delete from your device if you ask it to. I wish I had bought one sooner

  91. blank


    Love this flash drive, shipped to me fast and a great price. Its small and works great in my laptop as well as my car. Loaded the one in my car with about 3000 songs and it works seamlessly with my stereo as always have music ready to go. That with the fact that its low profile and not easily damaged from being bumped makes it perfect for both car and laptop. Plan on ordering a few more.

  92. blank


    Not as fast as the company says it is, my hard drive copys faster, but for the money, it is OK. The capacity is close to 32 gigabytes, not like cheep Chinese knockoffs that get barely half of the rated capacity. 32 gigabytes is 32 billion bytes, but for some reason, the standard for memory has never been accurate. Windows reports the size of this flash drive as 28.6 gigabytes, and in total, that is actually only 30,746,738,688 bytes. This is like getting short changed every time you go to the bank and make a withdrawal. Some flash drives are closer than others, and this one is off by 1,253,261,312 bytes, and that just bytes I hope that someday memory manufacturers come up with some standard that is true and accurate.

  93. blank


    This is a great little flash drive, very compact, and great for storing your favorite music for use in a vehicle. Doesnt stick out of the dash like a full size flash drive so it doesnt get in the way. One negative though, be advised, this drive DOES NOT come with the little dust cover as illustrated in the picture Not a deal breaker, but it would be nice to have this included just for general storage purposes. Come on SanDisk, how many corners can you cut

  94. blank


    Small compact storage. Exactly what i wanted for new laptop. Very small profile, so should keep USB port from damage if forget to remove from unit.

  95. blank

    Paul F

    I bought this for a car radio unit. I also tried another small metal cased stick, which had a keyring hole, the extra space for the hole meant when I detached the radio face plate USB stick still installed it wasnt able to fit into the protective cover without removing the stick.With this USB stick I can just leave it in the radio permanently, as when the faceplate is removed the protective case closes perfectly. 16GB is plenty of space to store all the music needed for any journey too. Black colour is also subtle when installed so you dont even notice its there.

  96. blank


    I ran out of memory with my 8GB sandisk cruzer fit mini flashdrive so purchased 3 of the 32GB to put one in both my vehicles with music and other to back up photos ect. Works great and i leave the flashdrive in the vehicles and with being low profile they look great, also has a led indicator that blinks for a few seconds when data is transferring then goes out, thats to inform you its working. Great product, recommended. A

  97. blank


    I bought this product because it is the smallest flash drive I could find. The smaller it is, the less of a chance it has to be broken. This is as small as anything that plugs into a usb port should ever be. The price was good too. As long as you affix a piece of fishing line for grip, the only tradeoff for the size is the lack of surface area for heat dissipation, so this tiny thing will be very hot. I am using this as a hard drive for a netbook with no hard drive. It thinks it is a hard drive. I installed the OS to it. For the price, it doesnt matter if it isnt capable of hard drive speeds. I didnt go with a hard drive or ssd because something caused the drive to fail in the first place, due to liquid spill or who knows what, and its a worthless netbook, so i just wanted to get it running a lightweight OS and not really dump any money into it. This does the job. Great for bootable .isos as well. I just leave it in the usb port though because i have no important use for it right now, and it would get lost otherwise.

  98. blank


    Handy little device that does not stick out a long ways from my laptop to snag on things. Yet I can swap it out to load in thousands of flies for the various daily work needs. There is a problem is keeping track of the memories when not attached to my computer. Also, its difficult to write notes on the outside since they are very small. Perhaps a numeric code on the device and a library stored on my laptop will work….

  99. blank


    I needed this for my new Toyota Tacoma for music file storage. The stereo doesnt seem to recognize a USB3.0 device, even though USB3.0 is supposed to be backwards compatible. The small form factor of this device was the main selling point for me. I didnt want a large memory stick calling attention to itself in my lower dash. This device was just right. Only enough of a body to grip when I need to remove it.

  100. blank


    Bought this to store videos really easy plug in. Transfer files and thats it. Really good price for the size and was in stock so clicked and collected in minutes.Would really recommend.Thank you

  101. blank


    My Acuras USB port is at the back of the console storage box, which is awkward to get to in the first place. But in the second place I didnt want a USB drive that would stick out and get bumped by other items I put in the storage console. This works great. I recommend this USB drive. It is only 2.0, not 3.1, but I only copy MP3s onto it which doesnt take very long to transfer.

  102. blank


    Great for what I needed, moving data from computer to laptop quickly and easily.The design is great, small enough but not so small you lose it. Quick set up and easy to navigate. Quick transfer of large amount of data importing and exporting. Would definitely buy again if needed thinking about storing my pics on another one and would recommend to family, friends and other Argos customers

  103. blank


    Needed a small USB storage stick for the car but not something that sticks up from the dash. This stick is perfect,its only about 1cm across and hardly protudes at all. With 16gig storage as well. Brilliant. Thanks. Bob

  104. blank


    Despite its overall smaller size, this little unit has taken over 330 mixed format MP3 FLAC music tracks for playing back through a car stereo header unit. And this has not even hit the halfway mark. It has worked very well and coped with changing tracks and dealing with the different files, taking everything in its stride. The recipient of device for use in their vehicle is very happy.

  105. blank


    The flash drive is compact, reliable and really fast. The writeread speeds made it perfect to setup a portable live desktop environment, where i can connect to any computer, while using my own operating system. The only bad factor a buyer would point out, would be the flash drives small size, that could lead to the drive being easily lost by the owner. Will buy another one, still this year.

  106. blank


    Great flash drive. Compact works great for music files that can be accessed via my car USB port. Good value.

  107. blank


    Another great USB drive, plug and play. Useful if you have USB input in a car stereo, pop on your collection and away you go. Plenty of space for many albums.Only negative for me was the hole for a split ringlanyard was a little small for a decent sized split ring to attach.Overall a great USB stick, just add a split ring or lanyard to reduce the risk of misplacing it.

  108. blank


    Unlike other USB drives that stick out and you have to worry about something hitting it and breaking it. This tiny USB drive, you dont have to worry about that. Especially, if youre on a laptop. You can easily pick up and move without worrying about a long stick sticking out. It works great, I havent had any problems so far. As an added bonus, it comes with encryption software so you can protect your files.

  109. blank


    My work computer is a laptop. The safe place to store files is on the network. We are rarely connected to the network so if we rely on the hard drive on our computer, we may be out of luck. Our IT dept. Seems to think any problem with the laptop is fixed with a total image copy. Thus, all new files are wiped clean and are lost. I can move my files quickly to my new work station with this little thumb drive.

  110. blank


    Its extremely compact. I could plug and leave the USB Flash Pen on a side of my laptop during traveling. It works for what I need. It could be better if the anchor hole or hook at the end larger and easy to insert the threat through. The threat or tiny string wasnt included.

  111. blank


    Surprisingly small almost like a piece of jewelery making it ideal for car stereo USB slots where a longer stick would be at risk of being brushed during driving. That small footprint makes it a pretty good idea for laptops . Not mentioned is there is a tiny loop so you can hang it on a keyring to avoid losing it in a pocket.

  112. blank


    I have mine plugged into the computer and never taken it out. Speed seems fine for my use and doesnt get hot under light use. This is great for the average person. It may not be suited for users who will require heavy extensive uses such as reading and writing large files constantly. It does have a little light that appears to show that it been plugged in which should not cause any annoyances because it isnt bright. It also comes with a buildin security folder that uses it own software to access it to put files that you want to keep private. Overall for light uses it is fine for me. I use it to store and run portable apps and I havent had any problems so far

  113. blank


    these SanDisk Cruzer 32GB usb thumb buttons are excellent for several reasons. My use case for choosing USB 2.0, even in the year 2019, is because Android, arm7v and openWRT devices are and continue to be USB 2.0 and device firmware caps max capacity at 32 or 64GB, so why not pay the right price for the right product I like how they are so small and flush, I dont want some surfboard sticking out the side of my travelling netbook, or openWRT router. a dull orange light indicates activity. This can be critical for troubleshooting headless or embedded linux devices. these Cruzers get mildy warm, but nothing like the burning hot Samsung USB 3.0 versions they are bootable, recognized in linuxandroid and accept whatever filesystem format and partitioning scheme I throw at them. That is NOT GUARANTEED historically with thumb drives. Most hackers have a drawer full of old flash drivessdcards that WONT be recognized by the BIOS POST, but the Cruzers are on all my devices across the years. Also, Id rather GIVE someone a USB button with the 4K video100 pics I made at an event, because I dont have a photo sharing video site, and Im not about to upload everybodys kids family to Youtube, just so we can share the videos. These devices read at 29MBs and write at 12MBs. I havent had one fail yet and I own dozens and useem hard.

  114. blank


    Ideal for use where space is a premium. I bought mine to use in a car USB port to play mp3 files. It has a discrete light to show functionality. Its fast readingwriting and has been 100 reliable. The memory stick comes with preloaded secure software which I havent used, so cannot comment.

  115. blank


    Had lots of photos and videos from all my holidays. Taking up lots of memory. Loaded all of them onto this stick freeing up lots of space on my computer. Have easy access and portable to take with me rather than take the whole computer.

  116. blank


    Regular USB drives stick out of the front of the computer and are prone to getting snapped off. Ive broken a couple myself. Not good. These little guys fit nearly flush with the surface. Nothing to snag or bump up against. Another nice feature is the tiny LED that shows your data is being transferred. On the downside, youll have to find a lanyard with an ID tag or youll lose the little guy . Also, the little protector cap will get misplaced if you dont have a designated container such as an old espresso cup in your desk drawer to stow it.

  117. blank


    A very good memory stick from a well rated producer . Small size makes it perfect to use in car entertainment system

  118. blank


    I wanted this for my cars stereo which has an usb slot and being very tiny, it fits perfectly and its in stealth mode on it, being tiny it almost unseen on the stereos fascia. An added bonus, it is very fast when I transfer music files from laptop to this usb stick. The capacity is more than decent. It also has a red led light to inform that the usb is in use when transferring files on it or when is being read. Overall, its tiny, fast, has a working led light, decent storage capacity and its CHEAP Happy me here

  119. blank


    I got more than I expected with this device. It comes with builtin software to provide encryption known as SanDisk Secure Access Vault which allows AES128 bit to keep your data safe. It runs very fast. The reason I gave it a lower score is because it tends to get hot to touch so after data transfer so leave it in a few minutes after taking out. Device is small so it is easy to lose, unless you just keep it inside your computers usb at all times. Very handy, efficient, good deal, secure, and overall exciting product. Works as intended and so far no problems except the minor heat issue.

  120. blank


    A perfectly fine USB drive. No real view on longevity dont expect too much as its a basic device but serves its purpose fine as a boot diskinstaller USB. If you are doing lots of reads and writes like to a dash cam etc I doubt this would hold up long as you really would need the more expensive and resilient MLC technology, but this is fine for normal everyday occasional use at a good price.

  121. blank


    Very discrete USB storage device, perfect for my needs to distribute video files. Read speed is good too, so playback was smooth on slower computers. Great price. To my surprise, it also comes with SanDisk securityencryption software on the device. Only one downside its so small, it could be very easy to misplace when not in use, so I keep mine in clear ziplock bags.

  122. blank


    I love how small this item is. It is very easy to use as extra memory or as the installation instructions note it can also used for backup purposes using the preloaded back up software. It is so small that it is very hard to remove from the desktops memory slot. I hope it doesnt come apart I saved several video files to it at the same time, and they were process accurately and very quickly. I can put it in my pocket and never notice its there. Great possession to have. Thanks.

  123. blank


    I ordered a couple of these to store music on for playing on my car stereo. So far they have been excellent. They only protrude from the usb port approximately 14 which is much better than the standard 2 14 of my other usb flash drives. The longer ones always seem to be in the way and Ive almost broken them off in the usb port numerous times. Copy speed seems acceptable and capacity is more than enough for my purposes. These drives are tiny. I would compare them to the size of a thumbnail. Because of this, they are a little difficult to remove once you insert them into your device. They have a small eyelet on the back side and I would recommend adding a lanyard which would not only help you keep up with it, but would also make it easier to remove. It would have been nice if the included cover had an eyelet also, as I expect to lose mine in the very near future. Overall, I would say Ive been satisfied with its performance. And, the size is perfect for adding music to your car. The current price at the time of this review is 9.99 with free shipping.

  124. blank


    Stuck it in my laptop. Downloaded everything from my old archaic computer.. Brought the results up on my laptop. Proceeded to do amendments on several of the items. Absolutely no problem at all. Does exactly what was required and allowed me to create a lot of space by being able to dump my old faithful, but beginning to show its age, computer.

  125. blank


    I used this USB drive to store music to listen to in my car. The socket is inside the centre console armrest storage cubby, so the very small protrusion of this device once inserted in the USB port makes it ideal for this application. I did notice that it got quite hot while I was loading files on to it from my computer, but I did it quite intensively, from a prepared folder on the hard disc not one song at a time, so it took quite an intensive hit of writing data all at once, so I guess its not surprising. In use in the car, playing music its perfectly cool.

  126. blank


    The lanyards dont come with them. I dont know why they are in the picture. Not the fastest, but so far reliable. Nice for any device thats suffering from a shortage of disk space, you can insert it and forget it. Stick in and leave in.

  127. blank


    Bought this to put music on. Works great and the device I use it in can keep the cover closed with it in the drive. I keep a small wire tie on it to know when it is installed and to help keep from losing it.

  128. blank


    The unit itself Is of good quality, it connects firmly and does not obstruct your hands or take up too much room.It will prompt you to install the free app it needs to operate once connected.The app can then be used offline, it stores movies, pictures and music.Once the app is open it uses its own media interface so you can either swap media between your phone or play directly from the storage device via the app. You can also add media from a computer.

  129. blank

    John S.

    Ive had it a little over a month now and I still like it. I bought it mainly for the small size. Most of the time I have it in a USB port of my notebook computer. It protrudes so little that it doesnt get in the way of putting the notebook in and out of the bag I carry it around with. So now it lives there most of the time. Even with the small size I can easily remove it from the USB port. Theres a tiny metal loop for a lanyard and while I do have one that would work for that, I prefer it with out. I also like the detachable cap. I could almost go with out one and be happy. I have other flash drives with both smaller and larger capacities but for my purpose this is just what I needed. I picked the 32GB size as a compromise for capacity VS price and Im quite pleased with it so far. I use it for holding stories Im currently working on. And it works very well for that purpose. Each of the three computers I have tried it on has recognized it right away 7 Home, 7 Pro, and Xp. What more do you want from a flash drive

  130. blank


    I bought a 64GB Ultra Fit, but it runs hot to very hot. Its faster than the Cruzer Fit, but the heat is a huge issue. Its not a good idea to leave it in the laptop as the case above and below gets hot. So the Cruzer Fit may be a bit slower but does not get hot.

  131. blank


    This is an excellent flash drive for general storage. It has a small footprint and good storage capacity. For its capacity it was good value. I have used SanDisk flash drives before, and have always had good reliability and performance. I strongly recommend this product.

  132. blank


    I like these short stubby ones because they do not stick out very far on a laptop. I have had about half a dozen or more Microcenter brand USB drives fail. I have a short stubby Samsung drive as well. In transferring large files, the Samsung is significantly faster, perhaps 3 times faster. I like that there is a small light that illuminates on this SanDisk and on the MicroCenter brand drives. The Samsung does not have that. I record long audio files talk radio and I like to be able to see from across the room with the blinking light that the file is still being written.

  133. blank


    The SanDisk 32G USB SD is, for me, the absolutely best way to carry my music media with me in the car, no cables connected to a player, no iffy Bluetooth, and days upon days of MY music that was previously downloaded to my PC. Easy to add, edit, or delete music. Better than fighting with music library software. Just install this tiny sized USB drive into your cars USB port and forget it. Enjoy a huge music library on your cars factory system. I never even bother with any of the radio bands, subscription services, or streaming services, dont need the hassle or cost. This SD is also great for backing up huge amounts of data from your PC, doing recovery disc, and storing your files.

  134. blank


    Dont be fooled. There is NO covercap to this usb. The photo is wrong. And you will never get the one pictured no matter how much you tell Staples.

  135. blank


    Very small profile. I like to use it with a car mp3 player. It is nearly invisible.

  136. blank


    Fits in my radio that takes flash drives perfect. I have dogs that have broken off the longer ones. yeah, my dogs are a little rambunctious at times I only play music with this, no other reason for purchasing.

  137. blank


    Don,t really know if its reliable as I haven,t had it long enough. I must admit I ordered it in a hurry and didnt notice the word mini. It is SO small it will be so easy to lose. I have tied Christmas labels ,the only thing with small enough cord to go through a minute loop on the item, on them in an attempt to keep them safe. So small they are quit awkward to remove from your device. Lesson learnt take more time to read the description

  138. blank


    It is hard to understand how so much data can be fitted into so small a volume. I like these a lot for use in the USB slot in the car. I load audio books and music files. The big advantage is that they dont stick out and they therefore dont get bent or destroyed by objects sharing the same space. The only problem I have is that I lose them I solved this by making a durable label that is attached to the drive with a string threaded thru the tiny hole that is provided. I use mini blind drapery cord for the string and a label made of strong plastic film PSA label stock folded over the string. all in all a great product.

  139. blank


    what was very important to me was the the size of this. It needed to be very small and so not stickout very far when plugged in to my car stereo, as its easy to break them if they do stick out and then you could possibly ruin your car stereos USB socket. So I was very pleased that it was so small. But of course when something is very small its easy to lose, but there is a tiny hole on it, just about big enough to get a very small safety pin through,and attached to the safety pin I have a plastic brightly coloured key ring which can be wriiten on to tell me what it is on the san disk memory stickmusic etc. I have put music onto it and played it in the stereo in my car and various different lorries that I drive in my job and it works perfectly in all of them with a very good sound quality, and have then deleted stuff and put other stuff on, just to test it that you can do that. So it has been thoroughly tested and Im very pleased it.

  140. blank


    Arrived promptly, small as expected. I got this to use in my car radio unit for my own music etc.. Worked find, but did have some trouble when the car unit was failing to read the USB. I then tried the USB in my laptop and it worked find, then retried in the car unit and it worked OK again. I need to monitor this to see if it happens again. The problem may be with the car unit or it might be with the USB. I hope to report back later when I get something definite to say.

  141. blank


    Its a flash drive. You know what youre getting, so youre looking for other features like storage density, additional capability, and size.32GB in something the size of your thumbnail is pretty nice, so no surprise there. Included on the flash drive is some security software, which to be perfectly honest I didnt use. Because of the possibility of this thing getting lost see size, I dont carry anything confidential or compromising on it.The real issue here, which is a doubleedged sword, is its size. I love how small it is. However, due to its low profile and the shape of its case, I find that it can be hard to remove from a USB slot. The black plastic end piece gives you some ridges to try to grip, but theyre very small and it can be truly difficult to pull it out especially when its brand new.

  142. blank


    Bought to supplement hard drive space on a notebook still cant believe that it has such an impressive capacity for a tiny gizmo. Sticks out from the USB port less than 10mm, so little danger of it being knocked. Previous SanDisk memory sticks have proved reliable, so have little doubt that it will last. Excellent product.

  143. blank


    I use these drives to make up for limited disk space on my laptop, and to separate files into different categories. Ive keep these in place, and they stay in place more readily than the microSD cards in the slot on my laptop. I have had a similar generic unit fail. Reminder back up your files REGULARLY. So far so good with my SanDisk units. The one drawback if you take them out to carry to another machine, or because you have a limited number of USB ports, they are VERY easy to lose.

  144. blank


    Works perfect for PlayStation Classic Mini Compatible out of the box as FAT32, low profile for an attractive look on the mini console when plugged into controller port 2. Loaded up about 40 Gigs of games, tested for a week and it works without any problems Just try not to lose it because its very small. Note mine did not come with a little USB cap cover like the package photo, just the drive by itself, new in packaging.

  145. blank


    The high end audio system in my new SUV no longer offered a CD player. As a lover of classical music, I didnt care for mp3compressed recordings. Forced to do some homework, I found that mp3s recorded at the maximum 320 ksps or kilosamples per second data rate accepted by my SUVs system are considered by many audiophiles to be virtually indistinguishable from uncompressed 44 or 48 kHz CDs. Id first tried overkill with a creditcardsized 1.5 TB USB HDD, but at 320 ksps, the inexpensive and unobtrusive 16 GByte Cruzer holds over 160 CDs or 1,600 typical songs. Its tiny size and black coloring make it virtually invisible when plugged into my systems USB jack. I cant find any fault with the drive. Just dont enable the encryption software.

  146. blank


    worksnas exoected although the gb slightly less when connected to computer than what was stated . Works well no oroblems with it . Easy to use

  147. blank


    I would give it a 5 star if it werent for one little thing. Thats the problem, this little thing is so small that in my laptops you can hardly extract the from the port. Other than that, Kudos for the other attributes that make memory product. I expect no less from SanDisk. Just make the body easily extraction friendly. Or send it with and extraction tool.

  148. blank


    Seems good so far. This offers a 5 year warranty if you believe that, and also comes with a small security software file which allows you to make some files private. Hopefully it will last longer than my last unbranded version which lasted 2 days then went corrupt. It looks and feels good quality which makes me optimistic.

  149. blank


    I have a high end wireless mouse with a tiny wireless USB antenna. These flash drives are even smaller than that Theyre so small in fact that I almost have a hard time grasping them with my fingers to pull them out. Wow. Very low profile ensures that my young children or I wont accidentally hit them and damage the drive or USB port. They are so small however that they will be easy to lose if Im not extra careful with them. The little carrying strap didnt work well. As I tried to feed it through the tiny metal loop ring on the drive the nylon mesh pushed back revealing fishing line. The fishing line feed through the loop ring but the nylon mesh wouldnt. Good drives at a really good price. Recommended.

  150. blank


    This is the second one of these I purchased, theyre good build quality, fast, solid. Looks good. The only complaint I have is its a little small for my fingers, but Im sure others will find the size perfect.

  151. blank


    I rip my music from my CDs to Lossless FLAC files which gives you true CD quality without having to carry the CDs. The files are large. 20 to 30 MB each. I have 522 songs on this 16 GB USB stick and still have 3 GBs of useable space left. I use it to plug into my car audio radio and I leave it plugged in. The short design leaves little sticking out so there is no chance to hit it and break it or the radio USB jack. Being 2.0 it is slow to write to but it reads at 400 mbsec which is more than fast enough for this type of use. Best used for applications where you will leave it plugged in, as there is little left sticking out to grasp it when removing it from the drive and it makes removing it difficult.

  152. blank


    Actually 59.6GB available but still amazing so much in such a small package. If anything it could be a bit too small and easily lost so may consider Blade, Glide or Switch next time. Size ideal for laptop though. SanDiskSecureAccessVault included optional for extra security. Excellent choice.

  153. blank


    Just what I was looking for. So tiny. Just a USB plug with a small bump on the end. Yet it holds all of my music. Almost nothing to stick out and get damaged ideal for the limited space in a car. Working fine, only time will tell if its durable. Its so small that it needs a tag attaching to help keep track of it. Thats the only downside. The attachment loop is so little and tucked away that it is difficult to use but you only have to do it once.

  154. blank


    Works perfectly with my MBP and looks really discreet. Easy cheap way to keep a backup of work that can then be safely removed yet when in use is not noticeable. Perfect. Delivered in 3 days.

  155. blank


    I bought it to transfer my cds to usb stick via my computer so that i can play the music I like in my new car, which like so many newer cars hasnt got a cd player it only plays usbmp3. Any way it was fairly simple and the results are very good, the sound is excellent and being very small only juts out a little bit from the port. It can hold a huge number of songs.

  156. blank


    Im using this as a music source in my RV stereo. So far, It works great. Its small so its very hard to grip to get it out of the slot, but I wanted small so thats the tradeoff. The music was loaded easily and fast, and plays just fine.

  157. blank


    A brilliant bit of kit which is very small and particularly appreciated in my cars infotainment system where is holds all my music on one tiny device, instead of having lots of CDs to bother with. Other USB drives would stick out and be vulnerable to being knocked, which could damage the USB port.

  158. blank


    Warning This is a very small device. I realised that when I decided to buy it and that is one of the main reasons for doing so. I have other Flash Drives and seeing them sticking out from a USB socket has me worried in case they get knocked and get damaged, or possibly worse still, damage the USB socket. They can be a bit fiddly to extract from a socket but the benefits of such a small unobtrusive device, in my opinion, far outweighs that and I have big fingers and small nails Sandisk is a wellrespected name in the industry and these Flash Drives bolster their reputation for being well built. I certainly recommend them I even bought 2.

  159. blank


    Nice and compact device. You hardly see it when it is connected to a USB port, so could potentially be used as a SSD drive. I used this is a car headunit, so didnt want anything ugly spoiling in the look.

  160. blank


    These devices are really handy to store and carry your music with you on the move. I use these in my Ford Focus and the factory installed Sony head unit has not problem is playing back my favourite tune This capacity is sufficent to store a few thousand mp3 files, even when encoded at the highest quality Much handier than having tunes on a CD They are so small you would hardly notice them plugged into the USB port. However, because of their minute size, removing them can be a bit fiddly especially when you have fingers like sausages like I have No regrets in getting 2 of these as they are definitely well worth the money.

  161. blank


    The main benefit of this device is its small size which suits when it is needed on a more permanent fitting as for the music in my car but it could be a disadvantage otherwise because it could be easily lost. Good value storage though.

  162. blank


    I use these to store my music selection mixes. Old school I know but Im 70 and love these. Own about 30. I listen to music constantly at home and in car and on motorcycle. Nice and small. Easy to use. Love em plus I backup my important documents securely. I never use Cloud storage.

  163. blank


    Bought this to be able to rip my CDs to it and play them on my new cars audio system. Works great and I like that it is barely noticeable when it is plugged into the USB port. I was temporarily using a standard size flash drive while I decided what to buy that just looked like it would be easy to break if it got bumped into by a passengers leg.

  164. blank


    Brilliant little storage usb. Easy to use, easy to fit in my bag or key chain. Would definitely recommend it.

  165. blank


    For a usb 2.0 memory stick you cant really get much better, however usb 3.0 has been around some time now so for speed that is far superior and also backwards compatible.This stick has a solid build, fairly well sized and is very reliable. Some cheaper sticks can throw up errors when writing to or reading from for long durations and the speeds can drop to almost a halt, however with this stick you get a nice stable speed and no errors, even when copying files to it for 1h30 without a pause.

  166. blank


    After several failures with other flash drive brands, I now only ever use SanDisk. The Cruzer Fit drives work perfectly in my car USB 3.0 versions dont for some reason, despite it being a 2017 car these are exactly what I wanted. Never had a failure with a SanDisk hope that continues. website photo shows drive with a cap but mine arrives without.

  167. blank

    Leo M.

    I tried to secure that SanDiskSecureAccess Vault file inside the vault, in order to protect the encrypted files from other people being able to randomly delete them. I dragged that file into the vault, unmounted and removed the drive. When I went to use the drive again, the drive acted like I was setting up the vault from scratch again for the very first time. It wanted a new password. I used the same one, hoping the files would still be there, but they were GONE Thankfully I still had all the files backed up on my other drive

  168. blank


    Ordered this to store music on for my new Duster, as the usb feed is on the face of the stereo, near the steering wheel, so could be easily caught. The usb is so small it hardly stands out from the stereo, just enough to get with your fingers. Wasnt much more cost for the 32gb, so went with that. My music has only taken up about 2.5gb Seems to be no issue with overheating unlike some other mini USB sticks of this size. Nice little piece of kit at a bargain price. Would have been nice if it had the end cover, but mine stays plugged in so not a massive issue to me.

  169. blank


    Awesome little guy. Great for the car, as a permanent media drive thats almost flush with the dash and out of the way. Also for kids laptops and other devices, so theres nothing for them to snap off by accident.

  170. blank

    Michael C.

    I started out with a generic gas station special thumb drive to run my FreeNAS OS and boy was that a dumb idea. Got all kinds of BOOT errors, system errors, you name it. All a thing of the past now. I have 2 of these things mirrored running FreeNAS OS flawlessly. FreeNAS forums pointed me in the direction of these exact ones and I am glad I found them. My system Fractal Design FDCANODE804BL Black Aluminum Steel Micro ATX Cube Case Computer Case ASRock E3C226D2I Mini ITX Server Motherboard LGA 1150 Intel C226 DDR3 16001333 Crucial 16GB 2 x 8GB 240Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1600 PC3 12800 Server Memory Intel Xeon E31220V3 Haswell 3.1GHz LGA 1150 80W Server Processor Cooler Master Seidon 120V Compact AllInOne CPU Liquid Water Cooling System with 120mm Radiator and Fan Antec EA750 PLATINUM 750W 80 PLUS PLATINUM Certified Power Supply LINKSYS PLEK500 Powerline HomePlug AV2 AV600 1 Port Gigabit Ethernet Kit SanDisk Cruzer Fit 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Model SDCZ33008GB35 For FreeNAS OS FreeNAS9.3STABLE201506292130

  171. blank


    Use it for a Roland synthesizer to store audio WAV files for live musical performances. Formatted nicely and really small so I can keep it plugged into my synthesizer keyboard even when it is in a keyboard case.

  172. blank


    Very small, no very very small the drive is about the same as the receiver for a wireless mouse. This means it can be left in place in a netbook on the go and removed to transfer or put more stuff on it. Only danger with these really small memory sticks is they are very easily lost but also very easily concealed. Recommended

  173. blank


    This is the thirs Cruzer fit bought as I was so impressed with the last two. I have one in the car for my flac files and gave one to my Bro, This one is for all my Photo memories as another back up from my hard drives. Write speed is good, I just copied a 472mb flac album to test and it was exactly a minute bearing in mind my pc is ancient. I love this drive and happily recommend

  174. blank


    I needed a largish USB drive to put some video on. This one fitted my wallet i.e. a reasonable price for the storage size.Its not the fastest USB key in the world, so takes a little longer to copy files. But its not slow, just average I would say.Its a little smaller than I expected, so take care not to lose itIf you need a large amount of storage for a reasonable price and with a reasonable performance level. This does the job.

  175. blank


    This is an excellent choice for cars which have a USB slot allowing for MP3 playback It has such a small profile and an excellent capacity. Ive been using mine for 5 months now with no issues at all. You could even buy one of the larger capacity versions 64gb 128gb for expanding the storage of your PC or Mac

  176. blank


    There is a point at which smallness is a problem, and this drive is simply too small. Too small to get a grip on to remove, too easily lost. If the smallest thing possible is your need, this is a great little drive. If you want something practical for every day use, carrying around, plugging in here and there, Id go a little larger.

  177. blank


    I purchased two of the 16Gb drives and used one so far. It is absolutely perfect. I can store all my car music on it and all plays perfectly. I changed over from the long sticktype flash drive as it kept getting knocked about when operating other buttons on the car dashboard but being so small, tiny even, its not in the way at all. On the strength of how good this product is, I intend to swapout all my older long stick flash drives for these tiny ones. Two very small tiny drawbacks though 1. theyd be easy to lose if you dont take care of them and remember where you last left them 2. you cant write on them as to contents because they are so small… so, dont be careless and theyd be a perfect way to store all types of data in a very small box Dennis Paremain A very satisfied customer…

  178. blank


    Surprisingly enough, this USB drive was 100 genuine Its a refurbished seemingly genuine Sandisk USB drive, I tested it with H2testw and the capacity is exactly as advertised, very happy with the purchase

  179. blank


    I bought 4 of these to use them as boot device in my 1U servers. Serves the purpose. I use DebianCentOS Linux for my server installs. 32 GB is sufficient to install all packages to support Kernel Virtual Machine,plus their management tools and still have more than 20 GB of space left Note do not enable swap on these devices

  180. blank

    Dave Mckenna964

    This is even smaller and faster than the 16GB Integral Micro Flash Drive I purchased previously.Its like a tardis for holding files inside.Can store loads of music and plug it in the cars usb port.Forget using a cumbersome incar CD player ever again.Has a little neat flashing orange light that Ive not seen on any other Micro Flash Drives.Superb quality and value in such an incredible small size.Watch you dont lose it

  181. blank


    Perfect tiny little quality USB drive which is ideal for use in cars and laptops anywhere where a stickingout USB stick could easily be damaged. The counter to this, of course, is that its easily lost Its small size also means it doesnt have room for a lanyard connection to keep it secure to you, but if you want a tiny little quality stick, this is perfect. Typical SanDisk quality does exactly what it should. Stunning value too.

  182. blank


    Ive used this drive a few times to load M.2 UEFI Windows Installations with zero problems. This drive is about the size of your thumbnail, and is a great way to store things you might have used CDs or DVDs for previously. You can partition this drive like a regular hard drive in Disk Management so you dont have to wipe out the Install files created with Windows Media Tool in order to take advantage of the full capacity of the drive. Dont let the price fool you this is a very good product.

  183. blank


    This very tiny USB flash drive is the perfect fit for the entertainment systems in new cars that dont have CD drives. Definitely has enough memory capacity to contain thousands of your favorite MP3s for the entertainment systems for long trips. Just fill it up, plug it in and almost forget its there, until you want to add more MP3s. Like it a lot.

  184. blank


    Fast As fast as any USB 2.0 flash drive. Great value and to date works all the time. I bought it because of the small, almost micro size and made by SanDisk. I use it for the USB port on my car radio. It is so small, no one can see it as they walk along the street or sidewalk. Im not concerned about someone breaking windows, etc to take my music. Im very pleased. Worked with the summer heat, windows up, sun beating down no problem do not expect any problems with the subzero winters here in the Northeast. I bought two. See no reason for not repeating the purchase.

  185. blank


    Bought to store files from both my Mac and iPad, can also transfer files to my partners PC. An excellent all round USB stick.

  186. blank


    I bought this USB stick to load music onto and then play via my car stereo. I bought it for the fact it doesnt stick out of the stereo very far at all. My old memorynstick got snapped when it was left in the stereo. Its brilliant Loads of music loaded onto it. Looks good, can hardly tell its there really as its almost flush with the front control panel of the stereo No bad points…. I love it Defo buy another

  187. blank


    I received the SanDisk Cruzer, 32 gb, USB flash drive and immediately formatted it, then put it to work. Ive used it daily as a supplement to my laptops hard drive, transferring files between laptops and other computers. It works flawlessly, if you just eject the little bugger properly. It works fine, even if you dont. Incredible value and more than worth the price. Im very happy with it.

  188. blank


    It is ultra compact, it has the advertise capacity of 32 GB, and it works flawlessly. I use it on my minia amplifier MP3 module as I have it concealed on the ashtray, and this USB fits perfectly as the portrusion is minimal.

  189. blank


    This item is great. Other memory sticks protrude some way out of a USB port and are easily dislodged or damaged. This cannot be said of the Sandisk Thumb stick. It is only slightly bigger than a USB plug itself so it may be removed with a fingernail. It came with security software to lock the device if required. The size is ideal to leave in a laptop or for use in the car etc.

  190. blank


    Use it for my car as it allows me to close the little door. Fast download sped. Downloading my music was effortless. My only complaint and this is stupid is that is very small and thats why I bought it. You cant just leave it lying around. Thoroughly recommended.

  191. blank


    Happy with purchase of 64gb SanDisk Cruzer fit USB drive. So much easier to use than the larger drives meaning my data is safer because Im not constantly knocking into it.

  192. blank


    I guess its normal for Nano devices to get warmer. Originally got it for car stereo system so prying hands would not see it and fiddle around. I was so concerned the previous, normal length USB was going to bend or break so got this immediately even though you can get 4 x as memory with a normal size USB for same price. 8GB is not available at major retailers anymore and it should be as many people still use them. Had it for almost a month and not a problem besides getting warm though it is winter here now. Lets see how it behaves in summer in Australia.

  193. blank


    I bought this to use in my car I exported my entire iTunes library to MP3 files for use with my cars stereo which has a USB socket. Its unbelievably small despite the large capacity, very fast and has coped with going through the washing machine several times when Ive slipped into my shirt top pocket to bring it back into the house and forgotten about it. So, tiny but spacious, effectively indestructible and so low profile when in the socket that its never going to get caught and pulled out by accident. Very pleased with this, Ill get the 128Gb version when my iTunes library overflows this one.

  194. blank


    Like the small size. Perfect for adding additional data storage to my laptop. Speed seems good, although I rarely deal with large amounts of data at any time.

  195. blank


    I purchased this flash drive after my cat stepped on my laptop and broke off my old large flash drive destroying all my files in the process. This drive has a very small profile and very little is exposed after its in the USB port. I like everything about it except that its sometimes hard to get a hold of when you want to remove it a small price to pay. I would highly recommend this flash drive.

  196. blank

    I bought this ultra small USB Flash Drive for my car so i could listen to all of my songs without the tedious CD switching and so that it wouldnt bulge out of the player. this Disk on key is perfect for the job. performance is not an issue, no stutters, no delays, absolutely perfect. i like that its so small most people dont even notice its in the usb slot, so its very discreet, its got enough space so i could fit all of my songs in it without a hitch and its overall quality is very high. when the need will rise i know where to turn to get the best product out there for the least amount of cash.

  197. blank


    Very compact head on this usb flashdrive, useful for my cars usb port to avoid a noticeable projection which could result in a damaged drive when reaching for items in the cubby box. Cant say if is reliable yet but the price was good and it seems to load up music tracks fast enough.

  198. blank


    Does exacgtly what it says on the tin but would be a better product if there was a cap. in fairness, the picture makes it clear it does not but it never even occured to me a memory stick would be sold without a cap these days, given the need to protect pins from dust etc.

  199. blank


    Not as cheap as a standard usb flash drive 64gb version but normal flash drives are not compatible with iPhones and iPads. Well designed and fits securely without feeling like it might accidentally snap off. I plugged it in to my iPad Pro and it immediately prompted me to download the SanDisk app. I then plugged it into my laptop and quickly transferred some mp4 video files. The iPad played them perfectly. You cant use a third party app like VLC player but the SanDisk player works just fine.

  200. blank


    Perfect for downloading music onto to listen in my car small enough to hold lots but not get in the way. Great value. Fast delivery. Would recommend

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