Panasonic DMW-BGG9 Battery Grid (Retail Pack)

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Panasonic DMW-BGG9 Battery Grid (Retail Pack)

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Panasonic DMW-BGG9 Battery Grid (Retail Pack)

200 reviews for Panasonic DMW-BGG9 Battery Grid (Retail Pack)

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    First rate quality product. Does precisely what it is intended to do and that is to power my digital camera. A product I would recommend to users of a product similar to mine.

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    Much quicker delivery than expected on the run up to Christmas. This branded battery was no more expensive than any other and I can use it with confidence.

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    Quality batteries for my nikon Keymission 170, seem to hold charge well and power camera without issue

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    Very pleased with product Duracell service . Ive always used Duracell chargeable batteries for my earlier cameras, alternative to main stream camera suppliers as theyre reliable competitive priced compare . This latest battery charger from Duracell is a perfect match for my new Fujifilm camera.

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    Slightly less capacity than the original item but not noticable in use and at a fraction of the price and from a reputable company, a good replacement for any cmera

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    Great batteries, have used them for my Canon Camera for some time now. Never had a problem. Canon say we should only use their batteries, which are 1800Ah but Duracell are 16Ah and work just as well. Canon charge five times more for their product. No brainier

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    Bought these as back up batteries for a recent camera purchase , these hold slightly less power than original camera branded batteries but its not an issue . Good quality from a trusted manufacturer , I would always buy quality vs cheap knock offs .

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    Another product that fits perfectly into a camera with no looseness to it at all. Charges in Canon official charger and lasts a long time before requiring another charge. Will 100 buy again in future when I need to. 100 recommend this product

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    Pros This battery is as good as the Canon battery that I use for my camcorder at the moment, I will have to see how long it lasts.Cons I hope the lifespan of this battery is longer than the other Duracell battery I purchased DRC827 this was bought on line, but has now packed up and I have hardly used it and it can be no longer charged.

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    Poor substitute for original Olympus battery. Inferior to other manufacturers items. Bought this based on good Brand name but find Im lucky to get 80100 shots from fully charged battery. German manufacturers equivalent at similar price achieves 200 compared to original Olympus around 300. Poor value. Waste of money Im afraid. Disappointed.

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    Great value for money. Half the price of a Pan Lumix G9 battery. I am giving this 5 stars , but obviously to early to review the charge strength and longevity of the battery, but given its a well known branded name like Duracell, I am confident itll do well. Will probably buy another in due course

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    This appears to be just what I wanted as a replacement for a failed camera battery. Its the right specification and was at a competitive price.

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    Whilst this will certainly work with your Panasonic camera, and I have no doubt about its 3 year warranty or quality of manufacture, it only has a capacity of 950 mAh. In comparison, the original Panasonic battery has a capacity of 1200 mAh, which is almost a full third more. Read on to the end because you dont have to buy an original expensive Panasonic battery to get excellent capacity. As an example, a GH2 records video for just over 2 hours on the original Panasonic battery, where as only 135 on this one. Most cheap Chinese manufactured ebayadvertised replacements are also only 800 to 900 mAh, even if they claim to be much higher. I bought an equivalent battery claimed to be 1800 mAh, and it tested out over several chargedischarge cycles to be only around 850 mAh. The BLC12 battery has two 3.6 Volt cells inside connected in series to give 7.2 Volts. Unscrupulous sellers often add together the capacity of each of these cells say 800mAh and use it to falsely quote the overall capacity of the battery by saying for example 1600 mAh Core. They would be correct in stating 1600 mAh if the cells were wired in parallel to give only 3.6 Volts, but they arent, so the total capacity is only 800mAh at 7.2 Volts. I have no affiliation with the following brand, and do not profit from them in any way. I am just a consumer who uses several Panasonic GH2s, and is thoroughly fedup of all the misadvertising of Chinese third party cells on ebay they never live up to expectations. A brand called ChiliPower makes replacements for the BLC12 using very high quality Japanese lithium cells, which actually slightly EXCEED the original Panasonic cells at 1300 mAh capacity. You can buy one of these for just 12.99 at the time of writing May 2016. These batteries are sometimes listed on eBay, but if there are none on at the moment, then they can also regularly be sourced from Amazon UK.

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    Useful as a spare backup. It works but only half as long as the original. The original on average will last me one day of shooting. On the few occasions that it does not, this spare comes in handy. If you are going somewhere where you cannot get to a charging point at the end of the day, you should go with the original. This is cheaper and works OK as a short term backup battery for a few more extra hours of shooting.

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    great option at a low budget cost. as a secondary battery for back up substitute for higher capacity original batteries. the charge doesnt last as long as genuine sony product but at a fraction of the cost of genuine battery I cant imagine myself complaining. overall true 90 satisfaction for performance and full true 100 satisfaction for priceperformance ratio. great product, highly recommend

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    Very happy with the product quality. As a camera battery, it had to fit into a very tight space and it did, perfectly It is now working in place of the cameras own battery and doing everything perfectly. Im very happy

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    The item was very reasonably priced for such a reputable brand and only a few pounds more than a cheap Chinese imitation. Delivery was also prompt.

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    This is my second purchase of this battery, to replace earlier ones from another manufacturer that were no longer holding charge. They are both working fine and have a decent capacity.

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    Bought this for my Fujifilm XP camera as it was half the price of the Fujifilm battery. Works well so far. Cant comment on longevity of battery as only had it for a matter of weeks.

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    A well designed quality product. Charges correctly. It is used to operate a Nikon Coolpix camera. I am very satisfied with this battery.

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    Works the same as my original camera battery and far cheaper so bought a spare Reliable products, will continue to buy with confidence from this company.

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    Pros For use in a Canon 700D DSLR with a wifi memory card which can be power heavy. I was worried about cheap battery brands for fear it could damage the camera. I decided to order the Duracell as they are usually very good quality and it was less than half the price of the Canon original battery. When it arrived and I put it to use, I was very pleased. It is well made and and I will be purchasing a couple more for my kit and I have no hesitation in recommending this battery.Cons Not really a bad point but it has slightly lower capacity than the Canon original battery. The Duracell DR9945 is 1020mah v Canon LPE8 which is 1120mah, but this has not been an issue in any way for me.

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    I have a Conon EOS 700D and my wife has a 650D. We shoot on location a lot, so need spare batteries with us all the time. The Canon batteries, as expected, last quite a while after each charge, but they are expensive. I tried to use cheaper, nonbranded batteries, but charging them seems to be a bit hitandmiss sometimes they hold a charge, but sometimes theyre flat when theyre needed most. I decided to try a named brand and opted for Duracell its early days yet, but these seem to have a reasonable life, havent failed to charge so far and are a lot less than the Canon equivalent. Having said all that, even the nonbranded ones seemed to be OK for a couple of years, so really its worth a long term review, but Id recommend them from what Ive seen so far.

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    Pros Does what was required of it.Cons This was a click and collect product. Service was excellent but both I and the member of staff at Currys thought the packaging was totally over the top. You could have packed a duvet cover inside the cardboard packaging as opposed to a battery bit much thicker than 2 credit cards.

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    Pros Great battery life for a 3rd party camera battery. Fantastic value at a snip of the cost of Canons. Own two of these now so is keeping me from missing shots.

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    It does fit the camera, has charged and the camera works. I have not yet assessed how long the battery lasts. HOWEVER the this battery provides 770mAh, but the original Panasonic battery is 1025mAh.

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    Battery completely compatible with my Panasonic camera and at less than half the price of a Panasonic battery is good value. Charged battery up and everything working fine. Will only really know how good this battery is in terms of number of charging cycles, holding charge etc sometime in the future but initial impressions are good.

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    Early days to know if the battery will hold its charge as well as the original Sony batteries, but so far I have charged it fully and it showed 100 on the camera. I has been in the camera about a week, but I have only taken a few shots with it lately. The charge, however is still at 97, so it is not discharging, which is good. I can use them in any of my three cameras, the Sony A58, A68 or A850. Might be tempted to buy another at this price.

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    Charges fine and looks to be well made. It would have been even better if capacity had been similar to the OEM battery at 1000mAh. Then again, its less than half the price of the OEM battery. Time and use will prove its longevity or otherwise.

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    I am happy with 2 Duracell batteries 1600mah for the price of one Nikon 1900mah. And the battery backup is great for now. I may come back and review again in the future if the performance degrades.

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    In use now Sony Alpha A350. Fits exactly, charges and accepted by the camera and 40 less than Sony spare. See no reason why a trusted brand such as Duracell should give me any problems on longevity.

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    Pros I have bought cheap camera and phone batteries on ebay and other web sites only to be disappointed, they tend to charge up quickly and lose power equally quickly, total waste of money basically, liion batteries have a limited shelf life and presumably the cheap batteries are old stock and therefore past their use by dates. This one seems to be the real McCoy so worth paying that bit extra.Cons No hole for a keyring.

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    It is difficult to get excited over batteries or their chargers but these seem to work satiafactorily. Only time will tell though. So far no complaints

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    With all the searching and constant minefield of buying online it was reassuring to see the name Duracell. Priced accordingly and with the piece of mind knowing that you are buying a quality brand, it was a no brainer. Ok I could have got an unbranded one for a couple of pound cheaper. But being safe saves you money in the long run.

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    Perfect replafrment for my Nikon D3500 and a very reasonable price. Perfect delivery too. Thank you Duracell.

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    Pros Seems to be the quality you would expect from Duracell. Also seems to be as good quality as original Canon battery I obtained with the camera. Charges fine in original Canon charger and fits camera perfectly. Excellent.Cons Could not find any bad points.

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    I needed a couple of spare batteries for a newly purchased bridge camera but was reluctant to fork out on Canons offering Having happily used several Duracell Lion batteries in my compact Olympus Tough camera for some years I was more than ok with going down this route again. It is still very early days so I cant really comment on their longevity but I see no reason at all why I shouldnt be just as pleased this time.

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    Cons It does not hold a charge anywhere near as long as the original battery supplied with the Lumix camera. When the battery gets close to the end of its charge, there is little to now warning. It will go from 2 bars to nothing in just a few pictures. This battery is priced way too high for what it delivers. If at all possible, order the generic battery which is a replacement for the original Lumix battery which is no longer being manufactured.

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    It seems to be just fine, though I havent yet had the time to test it properly. It was almost completely flat when it arrived but took a charge just fine. Theres no distinguishable quality between this and the original battery at least externally. Fits on my Sony FDRAX53 as the original does, no tight or poor fitting here. Very good backup and a third of the price of an original. It has slightly less capacity but value for money out ways that by a mile.

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    I bought two of these as the battery in my Fujifilm camera was dying quite quickly. I have used them only once but what a difference. Maybe the old one was slowly getting worse I did not realise but these give loads more shooting time. Recommended.

  41. blank


    Fantastic dupe for the a7riii. Lasts just as long 10 hours of continued shooting charges faster. Incredible.

  42. blank


    Equally as good as the Panasonic original battery. Sorry for the delay in responding, I have not had the time until recently to carry out a comparison test. Passed with flying colours

  43. blank


    Its working well without any problems with my Lumix FZ1000. But as every battery, it is needed more time to value the quality. The warranty for this battery is longer than usual, so I hope the quality is pretty good.

  44. blank


    Received the battery and took it out packaging straight on charge and when full into the camera. Its been there ever since. Its stood up to a day at the roadside with camera constantly onoff, WiFi switched on and 6 photos downloaded and still sitting on full power. If this continues to outdo my current Nikon battery a few more will certainly make its way into my kit. Also mention it fits Nikon D7200 cameras as well.

  45. blank


    Seems okay. Only time will tell. But as a photographer you can never have too many batteries

  46. blank


    I am really glad I went with Duracell. I provided all the data from back of the laptop. The internet was not helpful but Duracell sent me the correct part Number by return. A previous eBay purchase failed after 6 months and did not hold the charge. The Duracell version is working like a brand new battery and hold s it charge impressively. Its important to follow the instruction to charge and discharge twice for best effect. Not cheap at 86 but you get what you pay for. My MacBook Air is 2013

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    These batteries work very well with the TG6, worth buying if you are taking lots of macro shots as the microscope mode does deplete the batteries quickly.

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    The duracel battery is perfect for my camera ,it is actually better than the original one.I am using my old battery as a back up and the duracel is lasting mutch longer in my camera.when it came it was within the estimated time and was well packed ,I am verry pleased.

  49. blank


    Good replacementspare batteries at less than half the price of the Nikon branded ones. Not too sure how durable they will turn out to be yet but they certainly hold their charge well and are suitable for the power hungry Nikon D500 which eats batteries not up to the higher ENEL15b specification.

  50. blank


    One of my original Nikon batteries got wet and I was shocked to see the cost of a replacement. I have bought a Duracell for a previous Olympus camera and it was fine. Maybe it wont be as good as a Nikon but for the 30 price difference Im willing to give it a try. So far it seems to be holding its charge, time will tell. Duracell is a well established company so fingers crossed.

  51. blank


    A mony saver. Product performs as expected. Top quality. Acceptable price Meets my expectations on all counts.

  52. blank


    Pros It behaves like the original. Charges as fast as the lumix.Cons Last lest than the lumix. Less number of photos. Also I noticed that it discharges faster when not in use.

  53. blank


    Bought 2 of these batteries for my Canon 90D. Fantastic battery, great battery life. Would buy again.

  54. blank


    Replacement battery bought for Sony A5000 camera obviously fitted perfectly and works fine. My previous experiences of replacement Duracell batteries leads me to expect it to be better than the original, in terms of capacity and longevity.

  55. blank


    Excellent price and batteries run longer then the original Sony ones. Very impressed and will be buying again in the future. Thanks Duracell Rabbit

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    Pros Good thing is that for fraction of the cost you can get Duracell like make the charge can be topped up anytime unlike other batteries where they need to be fully discharged before recharging.Cons Despite Duracell make does not last as long as the original Canon battery which was a little unexpected. I wasnt expecting that.

  57. blank


    Pros Comparing these batteries against other batteries supplied by unknown companies these hold their charge longer and if you have a problem you have a well known brand to complain to.Cons Nothing.

  58. blank


    Amazing product. Using this for taking pictures underwater, and the camera functions well under low temperatures. I would buy a second set soon.

  59. blank


    Very happy with my purchase, I bought 2 batteries and just as I thought they were excellent quality and lasted a whole day around 9 hours of constant use.

  60. blank


    Fits camera perfectly . Charged in Hahnel Procube , both batteries charged to identical milliamps quickly . A lot cheaper than Fujis own .

  61. blank


    The packaging is tough and it is not easy to get the battery out. But once out they fitted into the XT3 grip a treat. No problems at all with compatibility and yes, I would buy them again.

  62. blank


    Batteries for my Sony HDR TG3E camcorder are very specific on size as they have to fit inside the camera, not clipped on the end as many do with the larger cameras. Sony batteries are quite expensive whilst these from Duracell are realistically priced. They are high quality, fit the camera perfectly and do a great job. Very satisfied.

  63. blank


    I am disappointed with the battery performance when compared to the Sony original. The battery seems to become exhausted much more quickly. I have charged it at least twice in the Sony original charger but it does not perform just as well.

  64. blank


    Pros Powers my camera for nearly 2 hours.Long enough for a football match extra time if you dont video when ball out of play. battery provided with camera only 45 mins of life. This does the job of 2 more expensive batteries.Cons nothing

  65. blank


    The rating here is a little speculative as so far I have charged the camera battery, which appeared to be relatively fast, and trying the battery in the camera for fit and functionality. These are all spot on. However, I cannot comment on either durability or battery charge duration, but given Duracells advertising I am expecting both of these to be above average. Should they fall short of my expectations then Duracell will be hearing from me in a negative light.

  66. blank


    Pros Got the battery in a half price sale, but even if Id paid full price Id be pleased with it given that its half the price of the original Nikon to start with. Works great in my Z6 camera and even seems to last longer than the Nikon originalCons The lack of a plastic cap to keep the contact points clean is a minor niggle.

  67. blank


    despite the lower capacity than my other unbranded ones, the runtime is much longer. I will order a second soon. Great product, not the first and not the last one in my photo bag.

  68. blank


    They fit the camera 7.4 volt while the originals were 7.2 volt but they seem to work OK. Probably should be five stars but I wont know that until Ive used them for a while.

  69. blank


    I have often wondered why proper battery companies never went into the camera battery market. So imagine my surprise when I discovered this little gem, a replacement for my Nikon battery, made by Duracell no less. The price was a nice surprise too, so armed with the knowledge that there was no such thing as battery memory, I ordered one. The quality is great and the amount of photos I can take is comparable to the Nikon battery. I would consider buying another one if the need arrives.

  70. blank


    Fantastic dupe for the a7riii. Lasts just as long 10 hours of continued shooting charges faster. Incredible.

  71. blank


    A good price for a well known battery brand. For regular use in a camera its not worth risking unbranded makes when both the overall capacity of the battery to take photos and the number of recharges before the battery stops holding a full charge are important.

  72. blank


    I have a camera need the rechargable bettery. so I buy this one. It is very good to have one rechargable bettery, so dont need to buy bettery all the time. But I do not really like is this rechargable bettery need to charge overnight. can only can use a day, maybe I taking too much photo. compare to ohters, this is a good one to use. I buy two already.

  73. blank


    Wanted a spare for my camera, and although its ben around some time was pleased to find I could still get spares. Tried cheaper ones before, but in long run, not worth the money. This is a good brand name, at a reasonable price. It charged up quickly on Panasonic charger, and has lasted well in use. Basicaly up to now a good buy.

  74. blank


    The product was good and reasonably priced for a premium product. Many other offerings were for two batteries which to me is a waste. So overall very happy with product.

  75. blank


    I believe the batteries will prove to be a v.g purchase. However, I also wanted to purchase a matching charger at the same time, but, was disappointed that Duracells online sales could not offer me any 1st time purchaser discount, similar to the battery offer. So their lost sale became another suppliers gain

  76. blank


    Pros Unsure. I bought it as a replacement for my original Panasonic battery from my Lumix camera, model FZ38. See bad points. Unsure because i do not know if there is a fault with the camera or with the DuracellCons The original Panasonic battery lasted with normal use for 34 days. The Duracell lasts for about 24 hours. One costs circa 4.5 times more than the other.

  77. blank


    Came fully charged and working. Bought a version of eBay that didnt work so went for the proper one this time. Cant say how long the charge lasts yet but hopefully good.

  78. blank


    Obviously bought this as a Cannon replacement. Only used once, so cannot comment on its reliability and durability, but so far has worked as expected. I thought the online price was good as it included delivery. However in a visit to a local reputable major camera shop I discovered I could have bought two other makes at a similar price. So not a bargain, but hope the DURACELL brand will prove good value.

  79. blank

    A Google User

    Purchased as spares for recently acquired camera which already had one such in it, perhaps not so longlasting as OEM battery might be, but more than adequate for this amateur enthusiast.

  80. blank


    Looking good so far, as described, fitted the camera perfectly and hopefully with the Duracell name, quality will be good. Considerably lower cost than manufacturers original and with a better warranty.

  81. blank


    Trusted brand battery, chip recognised and registered by my 7D. Slightly less capacity than Canons own but at a quarter of the price. Battery comes with lifetime warranty against damage to camera through faulty workmanship, why chance a cheap unbranded generic off the internet when you can buy direct

  82. blank


    Very good Batterys These Are Better Than genuine Sony Batterys they keep their charge for longer and last longer i now have 4 of them you cant get Better than that tanks

  83. blank


    100 works with my Panasonic HC V770, charges in the camcorder, no external charger required. Had trouble before with other nonOEM batteries not being recognised by camcorder, and not charging, but this works perfectly. Very happy.

  84. blank


    Quick charging and lasts longer than the original battery. I have purchased these for my DSLR camera. I took 800 photos and still I got more power left Amazing

  85. blank


    Very pleased with the battery. A perfect fit, nice quality and is working a treat. Great value as well.

  86. blank


    Great replacement for the canon camera battery, takes slightly longer to charge , but is because it is a bigger battery the mAh has gone from 860 to 1020 more power

  87. blank


    I was relieved that Duracell batteries are compatible with my Canon and Sony high end cameras. They are cheaper than the branded items. They are more expensive than unbranded or cheap brand batteries which come with compatibility issues. So it is better to go down the middle with Duracell and a guaranteed compatibility. Quality and satisfaction 100.

  88. blank


    Took the camera out today with this new battery fully charged. Worked well, no problems and took over 500 shots and the battery has hardly depleted Looking good

  89. blank


    I needed a spare battery for my DSLR camera. Having looked on line to find most items on offer came from China, I checked the Duracell website, bingo, just what I needed from a reliable company.

  90. blank


    Always good value for batteries and this camera battery is no exception. Charged a week ago and used over 4 days with no measurable loss of charge showing.

  91. blank


    Very good cost comparison over a Canon replacement . Battery usage very acceptable. Will buy again should the need arise

  92. blank


    Having bought camera batteries in the past that were not my cameras make, I was hoping that being a Duracell battery the fit would be better. I wasnt disappointed, this battery fits perfectly, as for longevity, Im not sure yet as Ive only just received it but being Duracell Im not anticipating any problems. Price a lot cheaper than the cameras make and on a par, if not slightly cheaper than a make Ive never heard of

  93. blank


    Pros The capacity of these batteries is slightly higher than the Nikon OEM batteries and they appear to work well. At a fraction of the price of genuine Nikon batteries and with a long warranty theyre definitely worth buying.Cons Theyre slightly larger than the official Nikon ENEL5 batteries and dont slide easily out of my Nikon Coolpix P520. Ive had to stick a little protruding tab to each battery so I can pull them out of the camera. The mounding of the batteries outer casing is below the standard I would expect from Duracell.

  94. blank


    Pros Duracell make a better replacement than the original. Longer runtime and consistant sensor operation of the camera. Lucky the originals are so hard to come by, or wouldnt have lucked into this performance product.

  95. blank


    Having insisted on Duracell batteries for all my domestic use, the idea of obtaining one for my Nikon P900 camera was an obvious move when I discovered there was such a battery on the market. I was so confident in the product, I bought a spare.. and I have not been disappointed. Full marks

  96. blank


    Fantastic battery, really happy with the item. Used it the other day for a wedding I was shooting. Took over a thousand shots with it with no problems, and still had power left after.

  97. blank


    The product appears first rate. As I have not had opportunity to put them through a full chargedischarge cycle yet, all I can say is everything is looking good at present they work just like the branded original..

  98. blank


    Slightly less power than the original battery provided with my camera. Honestly, in real world situations, cannot tell the difference. A quality item from a well known brand.

  99. blank


    This battery for my Panasonic Camera seems to be just as good as the original Panasonic battery. Time will tell on longevity but so far very pleased.

  100. blank


    Just put one of the batteries through a duty cycle and the capacity and performance seem similar to a Fuji original. A slight disappointment is that the T terminal appears to be a fixed value resistor rather than a thermistor as per the original , although this seems to be common practice with 3rd party batteries. Other users seem happy with this battery so Im confident it will be good in the long term.

  101. blank


    battery is slightly to small for my v10 finepix camera. I have had to pack a paper filler in the battery compartment so that the contacts of the battery meet the contacts of the camera. Not ideal. Battery seems ok.

  102. blank


    These are decent batteries that last a long time. I bought 3 about 6 years ago and they are in regular use still. Their price is brilliant compared to the Sony originals. Strongly recommend.

  103. blank


    The battery was securely packaged however when installed in camera was low in charge very low to be honest. Perhaps there are technical safety reasons why Lithium Ion batteries are sent out low in charge capacity

  104. blank


    Excellent product. bought new Canon EOS as the previous one went faulty after 10 years and the newish batteries will not fit my new canon. Duracell. Nuff said. Higher capacity and 60 cheaper than camera manufacturer.

  105. blank


    It is possible to get cheaper versions of this product. However my experience has been that they have been of very poor quality and have stopped working after a relatively short period of time so not really very cost effective. I would unhesitatingly recommend both this product and the company that supplied it. Thank you.

  106. blank


    This is a chunky read heavy battery but ineeded a bit of power coupled with lengthy on time for my LED light. Definitely meets the challenge.

  107. blank

    David G

    This is my second battery of this type for my 4 year old Canon 7D MkII and, although its capacity is slightly lower than an original Canon battery, it has proved just as reliable. The two Canon batteries I own are now giving warnings for charge performance when charged, whereas the Duracell has appeared to have maintained its capacity, even though it is also 4 years old gets the same amount of use that is, not just a backup.

  108. blank


    Pros This should have been a good replacement at a reasonable midrange price from a trusted brand…..However….Cons This battery wouldnt charge using the Canon charger. Would just flash warning light on the charger. This is also a very slightly different voltage to the original battery supplied with my 550D. Which might be the problem.

  109. blank


    Ive only just received this battery and therefore I dont know about its durability therefore Im currently giving 4 stars. So far it works fine and I hear from fellow Purpleport forums members that it is reliable and longlasting. When I researched, I saw genuine Nikon ENEL15 batteries at 60, Hahnels version at LCE for 45, and Duracell Direct at 30. I had experienced previous problems with Chinese Ebay ENEl4 batteries for Nikon D3 deforming so that they no longer fitted the camera properly. Therefore Duracell Direct looked to me like the Best bangforbuck option. Time will tell.

  110. blank


    Much cheaper than the manufacturers replacement. The only thing I would mention is that it is a pity that the batteries do not come with safety covers for when you store them, competitors ones do have these, they are Lithium Polymer batteries after all so can be very dangerous if shorted out.

  111. blank


    Charges my RX100M2s batteries. Plugs into the cameras own transformer using the USB connection which means I can charge the camera without opening the flimsy fiddly USB door, and can also have a spare battery charged up when I need it. Seems well made and is very useful

  112. blank


    Had my camera for 15 years. Getting back into photography, so wanted a back up when out and about. My EP1 is very happy. Fits, works an charges as it should, no problems. Hopefully, Ill get another 15 years out of my camera. Price is good, got 2 when I only really need 1, but the price was right. Hoping for that duracell quality standard to live up to its name

  113. blank


    A pleasingly lowpriced replacement for the OEM LUMIX camera battery, which I think used to retail at about 50 The Duracell battery is doing the job although 50mAh less than the original 1000mAh battery, it doesnt seem to make a noticeable difference. Time will tell as to longevity the original lasted for over 10 years. Very happy with the Duracell battery so far. Recommended.

  114. blank


    I got a canon 2000d for Xmas the battery which came with it doesnt hold charge, I bought your batteries because of the reliability and guarantees that they give. They charged and I have put one in my camera,I used the camera looking at all its features for about an hour and the battery indicator hasnt dropped of full yet. Great price for a great product.

  115. blank


    I was looking for the VBT190 battery but, unless I wanted to pay silly money for it, couldnt find one. Ive bought from Duracell before and the batteries have proved reliable so sent for the larger capacity VBT380. Not really had chance to try it out yet. First charge took over 3 hours.

  116. blank


    Far cheaper than genuine batteries and seem fine. Havent had them long enough to give long term opinion but intially they look and performe well.

  117. blank


    This replaced a Ricoh battery that has lasted me several years and I believe that the Duracell will be just as reliable. Arrived promptly in good condition.

  118. blank


    Arrived promptly and well packaged. This item is of the high quality youd expect from Duracell and at a price that you simply cant refuse to take up on. The fitting in my Canon 80D was perfect, slid in just like the original. Charging was equally as good, no problems there. The only con Id say is that the capacity Isnt as good as the original but the cheapest Original I could find was 40 vs. 14.99 If you buy 2 you get 20 more off So I had 3 Batteries for less than one original No Brainer…….

  119. blank


    Looks well made. However, it is fractionally longer than the Nikon one. Only just fits in camera and battery cover needs a lot of pressing down to allow clip to slide across. In long term there is a risk of breaking the latch. Also, it would be helpful to have a clip on cover over the terminals.

  120. blank


    Perfect replacement for the original battery in my Cannon EOS 550D. The capacity isnt quite as high as the official Cannon batteries but at roughly a quarter of the cost, you cant go wrong

  121. blank


    Bought as a spare to the battery supplied with my camera. This Duracell battery actually has a longer battery life then the original. Will buy again

  122. blank


    I am amazed that Duracell makes new batteries for my elderly camera. It is great to be able to get good batteries from a reliable supplier, rather than those on offer elsewhere from unknown dubious sources.

  123. blank


    Extremely pleased with this battery.. delighted got it.. its perfect fit.. Pros lasts very well.. fantastic purchase. Cons none

  124. blank


    The battery works fine in my Sony camera and was a quarter of the price of the Sony battery. I never give maximum or minimum marks in a review as nothing is perfect. Thank you

  125. blank


    I have a few genuine Fuji batteries and a wide variety of low cost generic batteries. The Fuji last a good time, the generic ones much much less so. I wanted to increase my stock of good batteries but am put off by the price of the genuine. So I opted for a good quality generic. Hence the Duracell. Ive found it is as good as the genuine which is great as it is about half the price. As I replace the low quality ones, I will do so with the Duracell.

  126. blank


    Affordable spare battery from a household name renowned for their quality and their reliability. If I was to criticise in any way, Id suggest that the batteries were issued with a protector cap on the terminals, as this is a spare for me so it runs the risk of touching terminals etc when stored loose. Hence only 4 stars.

  127. blank


    Pros I have used two of these on a recent trip. They gave as good a performance as the orignal Canon batterries, unlike some other types I have tried. Similar recharge time to the original. I just hope that the life of them will be similar.Cons None

  128. blank


    I bought these batteries as backups for my Canon camera. Compared to manufacturers price, these are exceptional value. Charged but not yet used to be able to give a comparison but, given the Duracell name, Im not expecting any issues

  129. blank


    At first 770mAh appeared low, so it was the brand name that attracted me , yet on use the staying power is good and at this price you can get more than one backup cell I got four so that I can do long days out with my Lumix GX

  130. blank


    The batteries were for a Canon camera. Pleasantly surprised that the camera recognised the batteries even though not a Canon product. Other non Canon batteries I have are not.

  131. blank


    I am happy with the purchase. The batteryies fit the camera perfect and on a days shooting the Olympus still had plenty left at the end of the day. Only minor complaint is that the mAh are stated as 1100 but the battery itself says 1060 very minor I Admit. Overall Id recommend the brand and the batteries.

  132. blank


    Very compatible Nice product but I havent tried the durability. Im happy it is what I wanted. Shipping was fast and came in good condition.

  133. blank


    Pros Was the correct battery.Cons Distorted terminals needed reforming to enable the battery to be used. This may limit its useful life. Should really have returned to store but needed it for a weekend photo session.

  134. blank


    Pros Long life battery Good power specially when using Camera flash and comparing to the original I found the same quality but lower priceActually I have a DSLR Camera Canon and I lost my Battery, When I replaced it by a similar one from Duracell, I even note notice any difference between it and the original one.Cons Honestly, I didnt get any bad points

  135. blank


    Whilst this battery gives excellent long usage time in my Panasonic HDCSD10 camcorder, it suffers from an intermittent fault, giving me the message This battery cannot be used when I switch the camcorder on. This happens approximately half the time. Switching off and then on again sometimes solves the problem, but by that time the recordable moment has passed. Ive reported it and am awaiting a replacement.

  136. blank


    Very quick service. Correct battery for the camera that hadnt worked at all for several years We didnt realise it was the battery. Duracell delivered the right battery for the right camera. Works beautifully. Thank you.

  137. blank


    Great product. Glad the battery I wanted was still available, the camera is years old. Dont know how long the battery will last or how old it is itself, but it charged ok and is working fine.

  138. blank


    I expect Duracell to be a tech leader in their batteries, but their NPBX1 equivalent is not as powerful as the original Sony. It is however almost half the price, which is very good. I have the Sony RX100 which uses a LOT of battery power. I now have one OEM battery and three Duracells to keep the camera going through a weekend away.

  139. blank


    Very compatible Nice product but I havent tried the durability. Im happy it is what I wanted. Shipping was fast and came in good condition.

  140. blank


    Pros Good value for money. Rating a battery however depends upon usage So far, all is well and I can see no problem but it has only been weeks. Hopefully it will last about 5 years. The maker is reliable so Im sure it will.

  141. blank

    A Google User

    Checked with a very knowledgable customer service member who confirmed the battery would fit my Nikon model and it has proved to be just the job First class service and you cant get better than that Thank you Duracell Direct.

  142. blank


    I bought this battery as a backup for my new Nikon D5600 on a two week holiday when I would not be able to recharge a battery. I used the Duracell battery for nearly all the holiday after draining the original Nikon battery very quickly by having, in error, an alwayson wifi connection to my mobile. The Duracell battery took over and appears to me to be the equal of the original Nikon battery in output and durability. Without it I would have had very few holiday photos.

  143. blank


    Pros I bought this as a spare for my Panasonic Lumix FZ72. It works OK in the camera.Cons It is a fairly tight fit in the camera which makes it a bit tricky to remove. Also the battery condition indicator does not show, but as I bought it as a spare, this is not too critical.

  144. blank


    Fantastic product at a great price. Charges quickly and holds charge as long, if not longer than the original. Very pleased

  145. blank


    Pros Charged up ok was correct shape of the camera. Very pleased so far. Would certainly buy another one if needed.Cons Could possibly have equivalent battery number on

  146. blank


    Best replacement battery for a Nikon D3100 Where the old battery was worn out. Highly recommended, and would certainly purchase again. Thank you.

  147. blank


    Batteries delivered next day, a fraction of the cost of Canon originals. You know when youre purchasing Duracel youre getting a quality product. Superb service, Superb product.

  148. blank


    Extremely pleased with this battery.. delighted got it.. its perfect fit.. Pros lasts very well.. fantastic purchase. Cons none

  149. blank


    It was bought as a back up battery for my Canon camera and considering that it was a fraction of the price of the Canon battery it has proved to be every bit as good, if not better than the original. This was an excellent buy and Im glad that I didnt go for one of the numerous more generic batteries that are being offered for just a few less.

  150. blank


    The Nikon battery supplied with the camera became unusable and although I had a spare Nikon EN 15 I like a back up battery. The Nikon replacements are very expensive and I went for the Duracell option. It fits the camera and charger perfectly and I have not seen any issues in operation. The Nikon is a 1900mAh and the Duracell is 1600 but not concerned with 300mAh difference. Might get another soon and Nikon battery 2 is getting pretty tired now.

  151. blank


    I used these batteries Canon LPe5 replacement today for the first time in my 5Dsr on a baby shoot and they worked brilliantly. Very happy with the product and purchase.

  152. blank


    Great batteries They hold their charge well and are a fraction of the cost of the original Fujifilm Batteries. I now have four for my Fujifilm camera fro those weekends away from home without power

  153. blank


    Perfect fit for my Canon 700D. charges in official Canon charger and lasts a long time before requiring another charge. All in all, everything 100 perfect

  154. blank


    Seems fine to me. I bought this to replace the original battery in my Panasonic camera. It fits the original charger and fits where the original one did.

  155. blank


    Pros Good battery life for this small battery seems superior to the canon product, which is poor. However more time is needed to fully measure. Excellent value compares to canon battery.Cons None so far

  156. blank


    Pros Always were better value than the Nikon originals, and VERY nearly as good. Now that the originals are almost impossible to get for my camera, its an absolute no brainerCons None

  157. blank


    Great value compared to original manufacturers battery. You can get the cheap cheerful type of battery for even less, but they dont last too long in my experience. Duracell are a good compromise. Their batteries generally perform as good as the original and they last a reasonable length of time.

  158. blank


    Fits Sony Rx10 iv perfectly, well made, no problems charging battery, showed 87 charge and took 406 pictures in RAW and still had 19 charge left. Quality is what I would expect from Duracell.

  159. blank


    Duracell batteries should be the standard battery for all cameras. They are much less fussy and seem to be like their coppertopped cousins in that they last longer than the factory issued battery as supplied with your product. I first bought one as a 2nd battery for my Nikon P900 and I prefer it to the Nikon supplied one, so much so I that when I bought a Lumix TZ60, it was my 1st battery of choice.

  160. blank


    Its a little too soon to give a full review if the battery just yet bit charges as it should and seems to hold its charge…if all stays good ane the battery lasts then its a bargain, a good affordable spare no matter what.

  161. blank


    Ordered these as combined, they are a much higher capacity than the OEM battery and a lot less money. Only used once so far so unable to comment on long term performance. All good so far.

  162. blank


    I bought this battery as a replacement for an original Sony camera battery that, after 7 years of regular use would no longer hold a charge for more than a day. The Duracell replacement has performed well so far but it is far too early to comment on its durability, hence the 4star rating rather than five. Ask me again in 7 years

  163. blank


    As Expected, From Duracell……..could have bought Much cheaper elsewhere, but why Risk my very expensive camera with battery leakage or overheating when charging, managed to get a great deal on Black Friday so No brainier…..

  164. blank


    Pros Cheaper than the original Panasonic batteries, and after several weeks use, the claimed capacity appears to be delivered in the real world. Well made, and I have now bought a second one and will use these in future.Cons None that I can see.

  165. blank


    I can only offer early opinions as I have not used both batteries fully at this time. Both batteries were in original and complete packaging. Both batteries were supported fully by my canon charger and recognised correctly by my Canon 7D camera. Both accepted a full charge without issue, and both are functioning correctly in my camera. I cannot at this time report on the longevity of charge, but they remain useable, one after 400 shots. I am impressed, and would source my batteries from Duracell Direct in future without worry.

  166. blank

    Mr B34R

    5 Excellent Service Ordered about 3.30pm Received Following Morning at about 08.47am .. free PP DURACELL Replacement for SAMSUNG Battery Which is No Longer Made for the Samsung WB150F Camera.. Charging Time wasnt too Long Battery Power has Lasted Extremely Well Took over 100 photos battery Power Still not gone.. No Cons.. just Excellent

  167. blank


    Battery insertion indicator arrow is the wrong way round, so I inserted the battery incorrectly. This could have done damage to my camera. I assume that the arrow may change dependant on which camera one uses. This should be pointed out on the packaging. I have yet to see how well the battery performs.

  168. blank


    Replaced Canon original battery and far outshines it. Like the Duracell bunny advert…..keeps on going

  169. blank


    I now have two of these batteries, which I use in a range of Sony cameras I own. They are the only non Sony batteries I own, but so far have performed extremely well and are recognised by the cameras. They fit my SLTA58, SLTA68, SLTA99 and A850. At about a third of the price of the original Sony batteries, I will stick with these if I need more. Please keep making them Duracell

  170. blank


    excellent product for half the price of the Panasonic battery. Duracell have a good name so the battery should be perfect and a 3 year warranty as well

  171. blank


    There were rumours that third party batteries do not fit but my experience is different. It fit like the original one and it seems to have similar battery life. recommended for the LX15

  172. blank


    Pros If buying something off you, get this much pestering, Ill think twice about buying off you againCons Stop pestering people after they have bought something off you.

  173. blank


    Sadly item wasnt recognised by my camera, Nikon D3200. I have other Duracell products which far outlast the named brands so was surprised this one didnt work. Conflicting reviews on various online forums, some people stating item works fine others not so good. Maybe just a faulty item. I will use Duracell in the future though.

  174. blank


    Product perfect. Was already charged. Unfortunately the camera had a major fault and, couldnt be used. But would certainly recommend this company and, their products. A

  175. blank


    The charge does not last as long as an original Sony battery but it is cheaper of course and is not too bad overall. Of course its much much better than the even cheaper very poor quality Chinese options

  176. blank


    A good quality battery. We had wedding to shoot at lunchtime and this battery was still going strong well into the evening

  177. blank


    Had some difficulty finding a replacement battery for my Leica DLux 4 camera. Pleased with this branded product which did the job and at a good price.

  178. blank


    I bought this for my Sony Camcorder and yay it works, we have not used it for years and the battery would not charge, Sony no longer make this battery, thank god Duracell do.

  179. blank

    Alan A

    Having unwittingly bought a battery off the internet without realizing it needed a chip in it to work, I was worried about a repeat with Duracell. But, after a full charge, it worked and the camera accepted it. Was I relieved Only 5 more than I had wasted with the useless one. Thanks.

  180. blank


    Product working fine. Interested to purchase these batteries from a recognised authentic battery supplier and not under an alternative brand name from the middle man.

  181. blank


    Battery indicated full charge after inital charge, and fitted into Canon EOS Rebel XS camera ok. Havent used it long enough to compare performance with Canon original battery.

  182. blank


    Really pleased with this purchase, it has brought my old Panasonic camera back to full power and although I have not had it very long it seems really good.

  183. blank


    ies for camera have been using for over a week now and whilst not as many shots per charge as the manufacturer made battery at half the price well worth getting. No problems to date.

  184. blank


    Hope the Duracell branding is a sign of quality internals my last nongenuine battery not Duracell brand but bought from wellknown national camera dealer soon lost the ability to takehold charge Genuine Nikon item is 1900 mAh so this, like other nongenuine batteries, is only about 85 of the capacity of the genuine item Less than half the price of the genuine Nikon item Longterm performance unknown

  185. blank


    Had to use a Stanley knife to extract the battery from the strong package. Placed battery on charge, replacing 7 year old batteries.

  186. blank


    Pros Much cheaper than a canon and it works perfectly fine. Charges great, lasts a long time and it has a nice textured casing which feels premium. Works in multiple cameras and is robust.

  187. blank


    The ONLY alternative battery I would buy instead of Sony. Not the cheapest, but they wont blow up, oveheat or give up the ghost after a dozen or so pictures like the many cheapo products on offer. Do youself a favour, buy something that actually works as intended. It makes sense to protect your expensive equipment, many of the cheap batteries can actually cause harm. Duracell is a trusted name with a reputation to protect.

  188. blank


    Have bought a number of these over the past few years for my A6300. All are still working fantastically with no sign of reduced performance. Just as good build quality as SONY OEM version. A no brainer recommendation for anyone looking to stock up on batteries for their 6000 series that uses the NPFW50.

  189. blank


    Battery is spare for Panasonic Lumix camera. Works just fine. Only issue would be that its power rating of 950mAh is lower than the original Panasonic battery which is 1250mAh. However it is half the price so you buy 2 giving 1900mAh for the price of the Panasonic battery.

  190. blank


    Compatible with Ricoh GR 3. The battery is a bit thinner than the original 12 mm and is able to move inside the camera. Havent had any issues with it.

  191. blank


    Pros Fits my camera perfectly. Charges very fast. I charged it when I bought 23 weeks ago.I have used the camera for 45min video as well. The charge even today pops up to100. Unbelievable but it is so. Hope it remains like this.Cons None at the moment.

  192. blank


    So far these batteries are great They last longer than the Canon equivalent A full day usage during a wedding shoot and both batteries are still above 80, and thats after well over 600 shots. Most impressive. So long as they keep their life after a few months Ill be replacing all my batteries with these.

  193. blank


    Product exactly as advertised identical to manufactures product. In use no problems,holds charge well slightly better than original. Great price will order again well worth the money

  194. blank


    Battery was as described, fitted the camera and original charger. Looks a good quality product which you would expect from Duracell. The price was very competitive as well which was a bonus.

  195. blank


    Battery drains almost 50 faster then original Sony battery. Completely disappointed. Went with Duracell because i thought it was a trusted brand with good products. Maybe I just got bad battery.

  196. blank


    Pros The battery is a branded item and not some willocky wollocky um bongo ole biscuit barrel bit of schmutter that can be obtained from a pound shop.Cons It was expensive for what it is. I could have fed my family for a year on what this cost if I had a family

  197. blank


    All good so far. I ordered two batteries to use in the battery grip to my Canon EOS 5D MK 4. Batteries charged well in a cube charger never being more than 2 difference during the cycle and have worked as well as the original Canon batteries at a fraction of the cost. Its early days only time will tell.

  198. blank


    At a much lower price than the Canon branded article I wasnt expecting to get 100 of the quality but Id put it at about 80 which, for a back up battery, is just fine. Thoroughly recommended.

  199. blank


    Got these batteries for my new camera where the camera own batteries were nearly twice the price. Great service from these Guys as next day delivery appears to standard providing you contact them early enough in the day. This Company is my go to for batteries now. Malcolm

  200. blank


    I bought this as a spare battery for my Panasonic TZ30 camera and it fits and operates the camera fine. I havent used the camera with this battery in it yet so cannot comment on battery life compared with the original manufacturer supplied battery.

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