Samsung Galaxy A72 (A725F DS) (256GB/8GB, Awesome Blue)

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Dimensions 19.5 x 19 x 2.8
Warranty Provided By Manufacturer
Country of Origin China
Batteries Lithium ion batteries required.
Condition New
ASIN RAEH37639042

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Awesome Blue), Samsung Galaxy A72 (A725F DS) (256GB/8GB



200 reviews for Samsung Galaxy A72 (A725F DS) (256GB/8GB, Awesome Blue)

  1. Zack

    My wife bought this phone for me as a present on last December. up until march of this year it worked fine but then there was an issue with the charging. I sent the phone to a repair centre via JB hifi store in Wantirna south. I was given the phone back after repair but the same problem occurs now and then. meanwhile my phone was little out of shapeslightly bent after I received it from first repair. and now they claiming that the not charging issue is caused by this abnormal shape and its customer faulty. they need me to pay to replace parts for under warranty phone for a problem that they couldnt fix first time. so gave up the idea of repairing the phone. and phone is some times charging and some times not. and life goes on. so my personal advice is not to buy this phone.

  2. Afroangeliq

    I bought this phone 3 months ago. I am happy with the speed of the phone. I am not happy with the fact that the camera response is so slow. I can take a picture and it looks fine when I hit the button, but when I go to look at it, its a blurry mess. I think because after I take the picture I have to remain holding the camera for a few more seconds for it to save before I move. I never had to do that before with any phone. The phone calls are clear. The adaptive lighting does not work. I can be in the same place with the same lighting and it will go light and dark multiple times. I had to turn it off because it kept going dark on me in dark rooms and it never seemed to be bright enough. Also, has started fraying and I dont use it every day and it is usually in the same position when charging. I never had a cable fray that fast. It is responsive when I need it. it is fast enough in comparison to my previous phone. If youre used to a highend phone, then this phone might be a little frustrating. Otherwise for the pricing its a fairly nice phone.

  3. HateThisPhone

    This phone is worthy only of skipping over. I upgraded from a smashed up S8 and Im thinking about switching back to that S8 even though I cannot see certain parts of the screen. Even smashed up the S8 ran smooth. This A51 has been out of the box for 2 weeks. All the apps glitch. It often screw up any snapchat videos and pictures I take, the Camera thats supposed to be top tier is glitch and pauses all the time. Sometime recording audio jut the video doesnt move. The quality of the camera is disgusting as well. It doesnt focus well for long and is pretty grainy. The finger print unlock works 50 of the time, some apps trigger randomly. Like my camera just opens sometime for no reason. All in all this phone belongs in the bin. Save yourself the headache and buy a good Samsung. Dont fall for all the pretty specs and features as they are all half thought up period.

  4. AliCat

    This phone has been great. Ive had it for 5 months now. The battery life is probably the greatest thing about it. Please note it is a budget phone and is missing some of the capabilities I was expecting. I was warned that it doesnt do wireless charging. Not a big deal. But I didnt know that it wouldnt sync properly with my FitBit. As per Fitbit themselves Please advise that Samsung Galaxy A50 is not on our list of compatible devices.. I can second the fingerprint feature doesnt work as often as Id like. The cameras are very nice on it, and the edge to edge screen makes it feel super fancy. It is not waterresistent in any fashion and no cases that are are available for it either, as someone who is very careful to protect anything expensive that I own, this frustrated me to no end. Overall I would say it was worth it, I just wish I had known ahead about the FitBit incompatibility, some days it will sync some days it wont.. that just seems weird to me

  5. Scorpionessence

    This is the first Samsung device and smartphone I have ever owned, so I was quite nervous and excited. The reasons why I chose the A52 are for the extra card slot expandable memory advantage, headphone jack, impressive 4 cameras, reliable battery life, 5g compatible and affordability.I am unsure about the UI, again this is my first Samsung, I can get use to it in time but not the Screenshot function. I managed to try the hold volume and power key and the floating Screenshot toolbar. I wished it was possible tap an icon like the ones at the bottom of the screen instead. I find it a bit of a nuisance that this function is not easier to use as I screenshot things I like regularly.All in all I still like the phone.

  6. Anonymous

    I was talked into getting this phone saying it had a better camera system than the A20. Unfortunately being a new phone I did not think it issues taking pictures especially as I was told that since it had 4 cameras it would take way better pictures. So ran out of the 15 day return policy. Then tried to take picture with it and video. The flash does not seem to work correctly or at the right time when it does. This is the main reason I got this phone so I could take pictures and videos as I did successfully with my old Samsung in Whats App in low lighting to send to my friends. With this phone that is impossible. Hope Samsung can do something to fix this. Even in normal camera application the pictures are way too dark in low lighting to see the images well. Worst camera I have ever had on a cell.

  7. Jennifleur

    …if you want a smaller size, marginally faster handset and decent display.The Amoled screen is stunning, and the UI is more than adequate. The rear of the handset looks better quality than I was expecting Glasstic white and does not have that cheap feel. The in screen fingerprint sensor is marginally slower than a rear mounted tech but nevertheless is effective enough and I have not had issues with it. I like the integration. The battery seems to be doing OK so far. It is the perfect weight, width, height and depth. Aesthetically and ergonomically perfect.However. And this is where I want to cry…The camera is the detail Samsung really severely neglected. It leaves a lot to be desired. It takes far worse photos than my other phone, even though it has twice the MP. Either the software is lacking, or very cheap lenses have been used. Or both. Every photo I take, regardless of settings, is grainy or distorted. The photo options are severely lacking and the colours are washed out and seem to take quite a while to snap. I did not buy the phone for camera quality, but I am hugely dismayed that I cannot at least get the crisp, detailed, colour rich photos I was snapping on my Huawei P Smart 2019. I would expect this quality of photo from the cheaper budget range. Very disappointed.I would recommend the A41 if youre after a lightweight, aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing design and a smaller handset which is what I wanted, but the camera is not what I would expect and is not worth the current price of 239. I saved up and was so desperate to go back to Samsung I bought this outside of my contract as an early birthday present to myself. The early A range A2 metal case, the A3 2012 plastic, and the A3 2017 gorilla glass screen and back seem to have been much better value for money and much better build quality. At least one had night mode exposure. I still use my A3 2012 as my backup phone.I am sorry to say that I would not personally buy it again. I feel like as soon as I can upgrade my contract phone next summer, I will be doing so I hate the Huawei, it was the only mid range available at the time. I cant afford to buy outright again, but can only afford the 18 pm contract. I may be stuck.In summation, based on the disappointing camera, I would not recommend this phone.

  8. Amber

    this phone is probably right in line for its price point. i am used to the higher end phones an so that is why it has let me down. i was told the camera was comparable to my note 9, it is not in any way. again its a baseline phone, so its probably great for 200 i paid. the fingerprint reader almost never works to unlock my phone, it took me a long time to even get my print registered, it seems maybe it isnt sensitive enough this is a pain considering i have nosy children and do bill pay and banking through my phone so i need the security of locks without a code. otherwise the battery seems pretty good, holds up to all day use and music play, and has bravely survived many drops thus far.

  9. Apt Holman

    bought it last week. camera blurs, headphone output is too quiet, the call over wifi setup hangs, the auto brightness goes up and down nonstop. have to restart chrome a lot as every so often it will will stay on the same website, no matter what you choose, itll keep going back to the same one.had an lg harmony 2 before the a11, and a samsung galaxy amp 2 before that. both of those worked perfectly.i am sure the majority of these issues can and will be worked out with firmware updates, hopefully soon. this thing is not ready for primetime.i almost bought the comparable lg harmony 4 model at the cricket store, but the a11 was 20 dollars cheaper, and had a bigger battery, which influenced my choice.

  10. Jalissa

    i got this phone in may 2020.the phone work great and fast but all of the sudden, after 4 months of using the phone, it just stop making or receiving calls. i sent it back for repairs the first time for them to send it back saying that the power issue was fixed. there wasnt a power issue. i simply couldnt make nor receive calls. so i sent it back stating the same issues. now theyre telling me that yet again its a power issue and that its 225 dollars to fix it due to liquid damage. i only used that phone for 4 months until it starts to have issues. i had a case for it and even a protective glass case as well. my phone was never near anything wet. i paid 274 dollars for this phone so what does it look like for me to pay 225 dollars for it to get repaired.

  11. Scripfliphiphop

    So for now, in mid 2020, this a51 galaxy is the best choice for anyone needing a cheap smartphone. Not only does it run all of the apps Im used to but it delivers great performance for things Ive not used before on subpar devices. The battery life isnt great but with a bigger smart battery by anger, I can fully recharge the phone in a pinch.Im used to very old phones and should have upgraded a long time ago. My 4g data transfers work so much more smoothly now with this phone. My pictures look better and my videos also have more clarity.With a decent uag case and a zagg screen protector, Im certain to not worry about damaging the device. Although its a bit bigger heavier than Im used to for a phone, a popsocket on the back helps to hold the device comfortably. Plus the screen shrink function helps to touch hard to reach sections of the page when one handed.Im kind of into emulation, so its no surprise that I would see how far the a51 can go with video games. When wirelessly connected to a Playstation controller, it flawlessly runs games. Ive been using Nintendo, super Nintendo, sega, Gameboy, Gameboy color, Gameboy advance,Nintendo ds, Nintendo 64, Playstation, psp, and Rockstar games from the Google play store. While not using the top tier snapdragon processor or the 8gb ram, this phone still does great work with all of the above.This phone works great with the entire Google suite and I cant emphasize enough how nice it works with the commonly used apps I need from day to day. Now that I have this new phone, I am able to do everything I need to do on a portable computer faster and more easily than before.The samsung software is great, with many helpfultools like the keyboard, stacks, face recognition, and fingerprint scanning I am pleased with my purchase.For the price, I cant afford to complain here. If anything, this purchase will only ensure I will stay with samsung for future upgrades and Ill most likely get their premium offerings. I might have to go ahead and upgrade my galaxy tab eventually since I am so pleased with this a51 device.Theres so much for so little in this phone, I am glad that I have it.

  12. Jacqueline

    I bought this phone two weeks ago, and the plan was to use it for 2 months until I could preorder a phone in January. I have very few apps on it. The camera takes forever to focus, and so many of my pics are blurry. It takes a long time to open apps because there isnt enough working memory to open them up quickly. The fingerprint on the back takes at least 4 times to get my in my phone. All the buttons are on the same side, so its common to press multiple buttons at the same time. I am rarely on my phone, but when I am on it, I want it to function well. Oh and the BlueTooth is so weak that I cant put the phone in my workout pants and have my Airpods work at the same time. So… yeah… make your own decision, but you pay for what you get.

  13. btc8000

    Its a bit better than the A71 I had for less than one day last OctoberThe cameras are a bit oddNo flash in wide angle modeNo video stabilization available when using 60fps only in 30fps modeScreen does 120fps but not often, thats generally for the OS and odd app. Not GamesNo wireless charging, which only costs a few quid.Not done video calls so not sure about the top microphone issue.They have removed the feature to hide the camera hole. So thats a bugger for meThe A71 I had was very slow and buggy. This seems miles better.That had the Snapdragon 730

  14. MWG17

    Bought the phone as my old Samsung battery had deteriorated to the point were I had to charge half through yesterday day even if I wasnt using it. This new a51 was as bad litterly from day one Cant travel for more than 3 hours without needing a charge. Took it back to the provider and they tested the battery and said it was fine So I guess its designed this way To make matters worse it some times will not charge Provider said thats normal due to dust, yet I have never has this problem with any other phone, ever To add to the frustration the screen is so fragile its cracked twice. Again never had that problem with prior phones except when i dropped then on concrete without a protector. Then there Bixby. What nuance

  15. Jonathan

    the phone is fantastic. fast good looking, cheap. the only issue i have is, the 32 gb is really only around 22gb. when you get to 5gb left, it slows down like its on dial up internet. you cant store apps on your sd card. apps take up most of the storage. i have around 40 apps including the 10 or so apps required that you cant install. they take up another 10 of the 22 gb left after system storage. if you have a memory card, all your photos and contacts can be saved to it. apps will easily overload this thing and slow it down like its on dial up, until you delete apps. if you have 6gb free, youll have absolutely no regrets spending 250 on this great phone.

  16. samsungA31user

    I bought this phone like 7 months ago.And when I started using the phone for the first time, it was amazing, the battery lasted for about 1.5 days to 2 days if I am lucky.The Mediatek Helio P65 chipset on this phone is also great for the price.The amazing super amoled display with 1080p is also greatThe thing that I really dont like is the lack of camera features.There needs to be a night mode and slow mo modes in the camera app.Overall… this phone is great and I would recommend it

  17. DenverOpinion

    I bought the Samsung Galaxy A20 about a month ago. I replaced a Samsung Galaxy S5. This Galaxy A20 is awesome I am not a power user of cell phones. I make calls, I send and receive texts, I surf the web on occasion, I watch a few videos here and there, take a few pictures, and make use of various apps. I dont game on my phone, nor do I work on my phone, aside from reading emails from time to time. I am 50 years old. My guess is a lot of you reading this review are similar to me in your cell phone habits.So that begs the question…why do you need to spend 700 plus on a new phone when this Galaxy A20 will do everything you need Sure, I understand the brag factor of owning the latest and greatest but unless you use your phone for video blogging, taking awardwinning photos, or playing highspeed motion video games, then honestly, youre spending more money than you need to.The processing speed is plenty fast enough. I dont do anything to where that extra .03 seconds of processing time even makes a difference. Same with screen resolution I think it looks great. I know for a fact that no other cell phone in the 300 and less range holds a candle to the Galaxy A20. And for my purposes, Im not sure that I would even bother spending extra for a flagship model it would be a waste of my money.

  18. Anonymous

    Yes , this is an awesome device , cameras are very good, full marks to display though panel is 60hz but at that time its standard , battery is good depends upon usage U spent much of the time to my phone with heavy usage but battery never disappointed me . But some improvements needed too much main one is its processor and GPU both are very very very underpowered these both things results to lagging in device ,frame droop in game and heating rhe phone . The other only thing need for improvement is the charger brick it should atleast 20 watts . But Im about 75 to 80 satisfied with this device , not 100 just because other companies offer much more specs in lower price .

  19. Othermom

    Im a dual Android, iPhone user and recently picked up the A20 from my T Mobile store. So far I like it. Im not a gamer or power user, but the system is certainly snappier than my iPhone 8 Plus running IOS 12. I was a bit hesitant at first being its a budget phone, but days in so far its kept up with me well while multitasking. It has no trouble running the goto social apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat with little battery hit. The battery is wonderful by the way along with the type C fast charge. I charged the phone over night, 6am was at work and by 4 PM still had 89 battery. I usually like a stock Android experience but needed a change and liked the Samsung themes option after seeing it on my adult sons S9. The A20 is very much a decent choice for its price point. Wifi calling, NFC, Volte, better than budget camera, it just works love it.

  20. anguy0209

    Has so many advanced features that I have not even finished exploring everything yet As a pianist, I love being able to play music on both a bluetooth speaker and my bluetooth headset simultaneously. It allows me to play along whatever music I am listening to as if I am in a band. As a blogger, I love how the front facing camera is centered on the screen, making it easier to center myself in the picture. There are so many offered features for photographing that I have not been able to explore them all yet, but I am definitely looking forward to it. The Samsung Galaxy A52 definitely fits my style.

  21. Brecken

    Cons Touch screen is fragile and the response times are bad. Not to mention it would regularly have moments of just not working. Fingerprint scanner is more a 5050 to get into the phone. Cameras arent what they market, you do not get those results. OS is bad and apps often crash. Accidental touch protection as a pop up every time you open the phone is a joke. Who ever wrote the code for that should go. Reset procedures dont even work, their spaghetti code must be that bad. During a security update, pattern is lost by the phone rendering the entire thing useless and basically bricked the device by Samsung. Cheers. Wont be buying your Smartphones again, and probably not any other Samsung products. Not to mention the online chat is closed so I cant get into contact with anyone regarding this for ages.Pros The box it comes in is ok. Itll be satisfying to run it over.

  22. Powerpuffbuttercups

    start out by saying i love the prism black color looks beautiful. i have had this phone for 8 months now i am coming from the s9 which was water resistant and the curved screen and some other things is it as good as the s9 no but i cant complain for the price fast charging and 3 cameras. it does have issues with wifi always going out and my bluetooth galaxy watch it will randomly disconnect. the phone will randomly freeze and the key board needs a minute to catch up photos are good in daylight nightmode wasnt good in my opinion but this isnt the s or note series so cant judge it too hard it is good for when on a budget. will insert some photos i have taken with phone and a photo of phone itself the camera is decent.

  23. Dallas

    I had gotten this phone from another cellular provider company other than the ones listed above. I had the A10e for about three months and bought it after my old phone went hay wire. Its not the most terrible phone but its not great either. Its a fairly decent budget phone when you dont want to break the bank. It was pretty slow and its only 32GB, which isnt really enough in my opinion. Apps would freeze, especially YouTube and Ive never had that problem before. When I would answer a phone call, it would take a moment or two before the screen would change. The camera on the top of the screen definitely wasnt my favorite and got in the way at times, especially when watching videos. The screen isnt terribly big. I dont want to be dramatic but it was probably the worst phone I had Ive had budget phones in the past and they didnt act like this one. Like I said before, its fairly decent if you want a phone that wont cost you much and if you dont want to spend a ridiculous price for a new phone. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S10 and I like it a lot better.

  24. Kira731

    Firstly,Im a university student and money doesnt come easily, thanks to Samsung Unidays I received the best price possible. I received this phone prompty and I am extremely pleased. The A71 is sturdy, large and offers many great features. Ive tested out all the cameras so far and am in love. For the price point, this phone is definitely my favourite so far. I looked at purchasing other brands such as Apple, Oppo and the Realme, all of which were a bit too pricy for my budget when I could get a phone just as great for a third of the price. I definitely am recommending this phone to friends and family and cant wait to see these models improve over the years. Ive only ever owned one phone that wasnt Samsung and it did not stand the wear and tear of daily use.

  25. Hamzamaq

    I have recently bought a Galaxy A52 5G Smartphone and have been told by people that they cannot hear me very well especially while on a video call Zoom, Whatsapp, etc. My voice sounds muffled, underwatter, like in a barrell and crackly, interrupted… Many a52 users have made this complain its an issue of top noise cancelling microphone, but Samsung is doing nothing which is terrible. This is not a cheap phone. sorry for telling this but it is true i spent money and using broken phone and samsung cant really help about this.. maybe this is my last samsung phone after my whole life being with samsung.

  26. Chuffbuffler

    I received the Samsung galaxy A71 as my most recent upgrade and quite frankly Im blown away, it has been responsible for a change in the way I will approach any future purchases. For years I have been chasing the next flagship because I just had to have the latest phone. I got caught up in a completely pointless quest for better and better specifications despite having no need for the extra oomph at my disposal. The first real smartphone I used was the Nokia N95 8GB and I loved it, admittedly a farcry from the pocket rockets of today but if glitchfree robustness were important attributes the N95 was king of the hill, lets not forget the 5 MEGAPIXEL Carl Zeiss camera with optical zoom Heavy duty stuff back then. Then came the dark times, from 2006 until very very recently I have followed technological developments obsessively in an effort to purchase the perfect phone for myself. Sony flagships, Samsung flagships, LG flagships, lenovo flagships, Acer flagships, Motorola flagships, Huawei flagships, New Nokia flagships, Google nexus flagships etc etc. You get my drift im sure. I even sampled some of the more established phones from China including Doogee, Oppo, Umidigi, Blackview and Ulephone. To my enormous surprise, the Chinese phones were an absolute revelation, value for money unparalleled in the west, reliability that embarrassed the mainstream experiences that I had grown used to over the years. Some people fault Chinese handsets for being built so much more robustly than their western counterparts, I do not subscribe to this way of thinking. I prefer a phone that has at least a little heft, I wanna know that it is in my pocket and if it falls to the ground some armour is better than beautiful aesthetic materials that smash to pieces. A thicker phone can house a bigger battery too, who in there right minds doest want a better battery. Anyway I really went off on a wander , im here to recommend the Samsung galaxy A71 to anybody in the market for a new phone. Finally I have the phone that meets all of my needs, the battery is amazing 4500mh for hours of heavy duty video watching, 6gb RAM and 128GB of storage, upgrade to 256GB with an SD card. Amazingly detailed oled screen at 6.7 inches, beautiful stereo sound, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful build quality and doesnt run hot. The camera consists of 64mp 12 mp and 25mp apertures, with so many features in the editing suite Itll offer the budding video editor hours of quality instruction. In my opinion this is the first mobile phone I have owned that I cannot find fault with. It lacks one or two features from the top tier galaxy S 20 5g but chances are you wouldnt use them anyway and the difference in pric is ludicrouss and laughable. Get the A71, its the most amazing value for money I have come across in a very long time.

  27. Rositsa

    I bought this A71 a few month ago mainly because of its battery life. Yes,the battery life is impressive.The phone is very big and too heavy for a device that you carry on you and hold in your hand for a long time. I use it 4hours every day. I developed pain in my shoulder, elbow and wrist. I am on the point of contacting Samsung and seek an exchange.The display is large but it does not distort images. The sound of videos is excellent yet, if you make a phone call, the whole phone vibrates and you cannot hear clearly.

  28. Anonymous

    The Phone is good, great performance and good price. Still there are some imperfections. The design thus plastic that changes colors is not that good looking. One color finishes are better, also this takes a lot of dirt even with imperfections. The screen it would be better with a screen body ratio that is above 92. And QHD is certainly missing. Wireless charge is also missing. I might be very demanding for a phone that is a. 280 euros but those are the points to get better to make this phone perfect. The most important is the screen I would say. The quality and the screen body ratio has to get better. The cameras are great . Great definition, some problems with the zoom but nothing drastic. The battery is excellent it stands a day EASY.

  29. chabo

    i use my phone for phone, text, voice search, calendar mostlythe volume controls stink a laborious process, cant set for all time. i hate bixby. i want my hey google to help me with directions, finding places, answering my other questions. you cant choose how and when you want specific notifications i.e. i dont want to have my notification tell me i sent a text. very annoying since i have a ringtone. there is no help on the phone. you search a term and it says no phone will be something other than samsung or motorolo. hate the thought that iphone is all thats left.

  30. Anonymizur

    The screen on this phone is unbelievable. I moved up from an S8 which Ive had for 4 years and thought I wouldnt be able to tell the difference between 120hz and 60hz as I couldnt with 1080p and 1440p. But yes I can Its so painful looking at the 60hz S8 now as it feels so choppy and if the app is lagging but on the A52 its silky smooth.I was also surprised by how good the photos are especially the portrait photos the depth sensor camera keeps the information on the photo so can change the amount of boka after the photo has been taken.Btw the gpu has been able to do any game I ask of it fineHeres a photo of a friends cat some of the quality has been lost to attach it

  31. TammyTam

    I bought this one because of the large display, large memory for an affordable price. I cannot afford buying 1000 phones so this one is very good. I needed larger memory because I install office apps which require more memory and also i need to download lot of videos for offline watch later when i am offline and poor connection. Using this device as my little personal computer for simple every day tasks. The back is obviously plastic, but i am paranoid to carry phone without a case anyway, so i put it in the case. The phone is lightweight despite the large size. Also this phone does not heat up, big relief as i download large files all the time videos on netflix, youtube, disney to watch later offline. I dont know about gaming, the only game played pocket camp, it was fine, no heating for an hour of game. It charges very fast, holds the battery for my consumption 8090 of a day i watch vids all the time hehe. I used it in my car through bluetooth, it seems works fine I listen my podcasts. The only thing i wish bezels will be a bit wider, not all screen protectors work, it still has edges, i prefer my display completely flat, because i want any cheap screen protector fit nicely on the display. So I hope that samsung will produce displays for budget line absolutely flat. Also for Canadian version it came without case and screen protector, and that was dissapointing, also no headpones, only charger. So I had to buy case with screen protector and headphones. Generic amazon headpones worked with this phone, for phonecalls as well. I very like it has a headphone jack, because being on budget i cannot afford fancy bluetooth speakers. Cameras works as usual, I need to adjust focus manually though but thats ok, just tap on the screen. Also I bought transarent purple tinted plastic case and this phone black shines through it and looks cool.

  32. anonymous

    I had a Samsung Galaxy about 5 years ago before I switched to LG and was much happier with the LG G4 and LG iThinq 7. The navigation and orientation were good and the camera great. When it came to research a new phone as the last LG came to the end of its life, I read that LG is leaving the phone market so I researched for alternatives with an extendable storage as a critical factor. This ruled out Google phones so I thought I go back to Samsung as one of the market leaders and bought the Galaxy A72. It has been a huge learning curve as the Samsung is much much clunkier in the navigation and design. Thank God I just found out how to switch from the swiping which is the default setting to the back button bar at the bottom. I used the app that is supposed to switch everything from one phone to another but not all of my contacts have been transferred, looks like I have to go through them one by one.Unfortunately the screen resolution is not as good as the LG, would have expected it has a better resolution after 2 more years of the ever evolving phone technology. I am trying to find a similar font I used on my LG the font is called Yoyo but have been unsuccessful so far. The Samsung UI looks clunky think of using a browser for Insta or Facebook instead of the native app.When typing, I could switch easily between languages on my LG while the Samsung only shows English although a second language is switched on in the settings. So far the only benefit of having a new phone is the internal storage of 256GB instead of 64GB which became a limiting factor with more and more apps and made me look for a new phone. I havent tried out the cameras yet and hope this will be another benefit of the otherwise disappointing new buy. Had I known this all before I would have bought one more LG phone before they disappear completely from the market and then after about 2 more years of phone technology development look again whats available.

  33. Anonymous

    I bought it 8 months age and in the starting the battery gave an issue and mobile was not connecting with PC using the usb cable. But after I gave it for repair to samsung official customer center to claim warranty since then it working fine. Alhamdillah. Whole motherboard is replaced. The phone specs are fine. Camera is best. The ram should be atleast 3 gb instead of 2gb. And phone should be light weight. And a feature of led notification light should also be present that would be a plus point. Otherwise Overall good perfoemance. Good battery timing. 2 days of battery when using normal. On gaming its gives 8 to 9 hours of heavy gaming with no power mode applied.

  34. Sybi

    I bought this device almost a week ago and I am very surprised with Samsung Pakistans efficient eservices. Galaxy A31 is really a nice device for someone who is looking for a budgeted device for day to day tasks. Display is the key feature of this device. As far as prons of this device is cocerened, indisplay finger print scanner is a bit slow responding but face ID is quicker. In conclusion best device of 2020 so far. Thanks Samsung Pakistan again for this beautiful addition.

  35. tailsdawg

    I bought this phone to replace a previous android phone, so far im very happy with the choice. It is fast, has lots of space and a superb battery life. Long battery life being the main reason I chose this particular model. I would recommend this phone to others whom are looking for a decent phone for a mid range price. Looks great, takes awesome photos, 2 day battery life, heaps of space to have your phone filled with music or pictures and memories of your loved ones. Not to forget it has an aux port, making this a nice cherry on top.

  36. Fatalkitty

    Okay so im usually a galaxy S bunny all the way from the s3… but i saw an article about samsungs new mid range price point phones which raised a brow.. 64mp camera…. macro camera… wide lens… over 40mp selfie camera… but cheap Now it being samsung i thought oh well at less than 400 for the handset whats the worst that could happen.. so i took the jump hello upgrade time So the a71 arrived oh sweet baby jesus its huge We popped it along side the s7, the a5 think not mine lol and the spawn of itself the iphone… well safe to say screen size all over the others, the camera is of biblical proportions i mean seriously i used to take photos professionally and this truly spits up and chews out some of the lower end dslrs allllll day long However there is one draw back… lag, is the softwear and processor on par with rest of the phones tech.. i dont know i cant honestly is BUT and a huge but its a bit laggy not the end of the world and its something that the right update will stop but this phone is new its a baby its full on usian bolting before it can walk and im still gonna cheer the beaut on Is it worth 400420 yes it is in a nutshell… would i buy another.. already have treated the boyfriend to the other colour .. dont expect this phone to make you dinner but do know itll photo your dinner makes others dribble and will document the outcome, its pretty user friendly bixby is learning and im learning to slow down a little lol it helpsAlso brilliant for COD mobile graphics are epic and the dolby for sound well lamb of god to gwen Stefani all sound epic even with the out the box headphonesAlso you can charge your friends phone with your phone with buddy charging Yes samsungYou wont go wrong with this mid range phone were already planning on another for the teenager for xmas The dirty iphone user wants one whoop

  37. Kenny D

    My kids bought me this phone from Tmobile. For the price LOVE the phone EXCEPT for 2 things. 1st Tmobile daily turns off the wifi calling to cellular preferred even though service in my area is weak. Obviously i should have bought unlocked, but it was a nice gift.2nd and most importantly the wifi reception on the A32 is weaker than all five of the other phones in our house, even the 3yr old Motorola X4 that this phone replaced. The range is about 25 less and it stumbles to switch between the 2.4 and 5ghz bands on the router. I would suspect the router but the other five phones outperform this one in range and speed tests.

  38. Guyx

    The phone is fast, the screen with 120hz refresh rate looks and functions great. The phone isnt heavy and fits comfortably in one hand. Battery life is excellent, although the phone is new.My only complaint is the camera cutout can no longer be hidden. Its very distracting and annoying because it has a silver ring around the camera lens and in full screen mode when watching a movie the camera is in the display. Why the option to hide the camera cutout was removed is baffling to say the least. Ill keep the phone, but in the future Ill be looking for a phone with that option.

  39. AngelaWlsn

    first of all, most of the time i cant answer a call on this piece of trash phone. ill press the green phone icon and totally loose the call. when i try to talk on the phone, most of the time people cant hear me so i have to hang up and call from my home phone. if im in my car, there is no problem with calls but anywhere else, forget it. you would think at a minimum the phone would at least have a decent camera. cameras have really advanced on cell phones but the camera on this phone is really subpar. i wouldnt give this phone to my deceased grandmother because it doesnt meet the two most basic needs quality call and a good camera. this phone sucks

  40. Dissatisfied in Calif

    what a disappointment the a71 5g is to me. the screen is very difficult to see in bright sunlight. the facial recognition only works most 60 of the time. the fingerprint reader only works if your finger is moist and not dry. the samsung pass doesnt work all the time either. the screen makes so many oops calls without even touching it. when you want to touch an icon, sometimes the screen works, sometimes it doesnt. this has been a very frustrating phone for me.i think ill try another manufacture next time.

  41. Krischy

    camera quality drops drastically when zooming or in lesser bright areas personally nudges are inconvenient, multiple apps cant fill the whole screen, the slide bar for screen brightness should be available with a simple swipe down from the top and the way it is now, having to swipe down for notifications and some of the functions and then another time to show all the functions where brightness bar is included. using a case sometimes i miss the area for swiping down for nitifications, because the screen extends all the way to the edges. love the reflections on the back side white version. with the big screen some apps arent appearing as sharp and wellresoluted as it was on my previous a5 2017. disappointed upday isnt integrated automatically. i noticed in one app, sound still silently plays even with the media sound set to mute. When swiping up from the left button to view the recent apps i preferred them showing up behind each other, that way i could see and guess the total amount of open apps and if i should close them to save cpu or whatever exactly, i guess something fun and experimental would be to have the recent apps be shown diagonally and in a curve, in a way where you can guess how many are open but still have the full picture of them when in the front. when the phone is locked i could still set my ringtones from silent to vibrating or loud, even with the option for securing from accidental touches set to on, huge negative point, shouldnt happen, in school were supposed to have our phones shut down, no one does that though and keeps them on silent, once somehow my phone suddenly rang. Or other way around, youre expacting your phone to vibrate in case of a message but accidently set it to silent and miss out on whatever important. i use the silent option instead of the do not disturb function. most of the apps have a white border around them to have this identical shape even if apps have transparent logos, i hope you get what i mean D, on my previous phone, the a5, there was the possibility to turn these white borders off but havent found that here yet. i really like the inclusion of a dark mode option. in my opinion the phone is unnecessarily big, on top of that comes a case which adds in dimesions, so its difficult to handle. fingerprint scanner doesnt acknowledge my finger to be fully over the whole sensor. weird how the screens goes into that semi stand by phase after not even a minute i guess when i have timeout timer set to 10 minutes. terribly sorry if i missed on some options that wouldve helped some of my issues and also very sorry if there were troubles regarding my language.

  42. Leirex

    Got this as an upgrade to 5G from Samsung J7 Star for my wife and me early May 2021 on T Mobile. Both suffered from Hot Spot signal drops connected with NO internet, forcing me to start calling for support. Was told that the problem could be due to ongoing 5G upgrade on a tower for my area and to wait for its completion on 5182021. After its completion, my wifes unit started working almost normal with occasional drops at acceptable level. Mine stayed as problematic as it was. Had to call Tech Support almost every week to try all troubleshooting possibly thought of, all in vain. Finally, Tech Support determined my unit was defective in Hot Spot functionality and processed exchange. The replacement unit received last week also failed in the same way. Had to call and escalated the problem and was told Samsung was aware of this or related problem. Software update in early July is said to correct the issue signal drops, which I already tried to no avail. Two in a row with the same functional problem This affects my work a lot, working from home using Hot Spot, and has made me think again about Samsung and T Mobile, because the problem still remains unresolved with NO clue for more than 2 months, leaving loyal customer in the lurch. It seems this model is notorious for weak signal or lost signal. My wifes unit works acceptable while two units for my line failed. 66 failure rate. Wow A bit of cost reduction in this model might damage the company reputation built up for so long in no time. I have wasted 2 whopping months in talking to tech supportcustomer service and testing the two faulty units out. I feel in my bones that I have been working as test tech for Samsung and T Mobile for the past two months. Problem is still with me, unresolved, with 3rd one on the way for my extensive testing, gratis.

  43. Samsung never again

    List of problems so far1 Discoloration of the screen on a dark gray background with low brightness. This is a defect that affects all units of the A71. No exception. It is a hardware defect widely reported since launch. It is a difficult defect to detect, so many users believe that their device does not have the defect, but the truth is that most people do not follow the correct steps to verify the problem. Not even in OneUI 2.1 the problem was fixed. Samsung is omitting to try to evade responsibility. All super amoled plus displays have this problem. It is irreversible. It doesnt matter how many times the phone is changed or repaired. New units will also present this problem. Samsung does not speak out to avoid the huge losses it would have if it had to reimburse everyone.2 Battery that discharges about 50 at night, without use. WIFI off, mobile data, bluetooth, GPS, Always on display, NFC, vibration, automatic synchronization, all off and chip removed. No background apps. It is a problem that is widely reported as well. Many A71 users are experiencing this problem. No solution so far. My Galaxy A7 2017, with 3600mAh battery, and hundreds of charge cycles, has better battery life than this A71.3 Vertical lines in the preview of the main camera. The problem is more evident when charging the phone. Several vertical lines appear flashing in the preview of the camera application, similar to an old TV when signal reception is failing. According to my research, it appears to be a motherboard defect.4 Lousy biometrics Biometrics sometimes fail 5 out of every 5 attempts. I signed the same finger twice to facilitate recognition, but even so, sometimes the device blocks the fingerprint due to excessive attempts, and I am forced to use the standard password or facial recognition, which, incidentally, is also very bad. In addition to being slow, I sometimes need to almost stick the phone to my face to unlock.5 Display crashes frequently. If you unlock the device with biometrics, and then immediately press the power, the display freezes and the double tap on the screen stops working. If you press the power button, the screen will flash and go dark again. Only pressing power a second time does it come back.6 Lack of care for details and build quality. The device has shiny plastic edges that scratch very easily. A matte finish, in addition to a more premium appearance, would better avoid scratches. I noticed a great lack of care and affection with the details of the device. It looks sloppy. Done anyway. The grid that covers the sound output at the top of the screen is completely crooked and slanted. It seems that Samsung cut out some piece of plastic with a few holes, and stuck it in the audio output anyway. When holding the device, you do not have the feeling that you are holding a premium intermediary, but rather an entrylevel smartphone. 3 years ago you could buy a premium intermediary from Samsung built in metal and glass, OIS, and in some cases, even IP68, like the A5 and A7 2017. Today, the premium intermediates are all made of cheap plastic. Without OIS and IP68. And they are even more expensive. Quality is falling and prices are rising along with greed.7 Sound output poorly positioned. The lower sound output of the device is very poorly positioned. You often muffle the sound with your hands when playing or watching a video. The best position would be on the top, right or left side.

  44. Anonymous

    everything else is very lackluster on this phone, 3 camera lenses do not make up for bad quality. i do tattoosart and take a lot of photos and my 4 year old galaxys camera blows this phone out of the water. in less than 1 month of owning this phone, the loud speaker messed up sounding all distorted and muffled, it righted itself in a few days but doesnt justify why it should happen in the first few weeks. static interference sounds during calls for no reason. i use the samsung health app and this phone is incapable of recording my steps and heartratebpm like my old one does, it doesnt even have the sensor. i just switched out my sim card back to my older galaxy until i replace this one. attached photos are the difference between this phone and my old phones capabilities.

  45. Dhaval

    first of all, i was scared about the phone after reading the reviews. my review is from exp. on the tmobile and using it daily.this is a great phone for the price. the only thing it lags is great pictures.5g speed is blazing fast.usage after initial load of my phone backup, the only application that kept crashing was whatsapp. i think this is related to whatsapp as it was confused with which one was the latest phone. this problem resolved itself in 2 days after factor reset of s7.price with deals you can get 200. great phone for the .camera okay camera. yes, the s9 camera works much better than this one.cover recommend poetic revolution series for samsung galaxy a71 5g casein short, like it

  46. GokuXNaruto

    I have this phone right now. And Ive been using it since 29 July 2020. I used this phone for gaming and working purposes. It worked really well Plus, an OctaCore Cortex A55 with 4x 2.0GHz 4x 2.0GHz clock speed, gaming was not bad I can even put the frame rate to Ultra 40fps in PUBG Mobile with this device I think this is an perfect budget phone to me because I do not buy flagships just for saving money. I hope Samsungs budget phone will keep improving and sooner or later, I would buy my next budget phone with even better performance although A21s is perfect, it will get old sooner, maybe after Android 12 update, plus, games can update too, and better RAM was needed So yeah Having this phone was a good choice for budget smartphone buyers, so I highly recommended this phone to everyone

  47. Hailee

    I got this recently to replace an HTC U11 that reached end of life. The A72 is an amazing piece of tech. solid construction, absolutely amazing rear camera with great features. and the 4k video is really crisp. Battery lasts 2 days of moderate use even with screen brightness up. with heavy use literally playing games all day or constant streaming I get a solid 1012 hours of continuous use. with screen at max brightness and volume at 50. with light use and brightness down you can go for 3 days. speaking of volume the stereo speakers are LOUD. youll know when your phone rings and youll get all the depth of that action sequence from your tv show. the theme choices are great thanks to good old samsung store but you can customise your backgrounds and animated lock screen and message background using any picturesvideo in your gallery. samsung apps are a bit clunky such as samsung internet and file manager but theres google versions for those already installed so just pick the more streamlined versions. phone is fast at loading apps thanks to the snapdragon 720G chipset. and the 8 gigabyte of ram maintains seamless transition through multiple tabs for browsinggamesstreamsemailmessages and more. solid choice of phone for the price and glad I got it

  48. Gufran

    I bought my a52 almost a month ago. I am happy with the purchase. Price is a bit high but its okay with the tag of samsung. Its amazing in performance and other features.I want to share my experience. I went to a picnic sopt on a river. When i was riding on a boat, my phone fell into the water. I asked the locals to dive and look for it. It took almost 15 minutes to take it out. To my amazement, it was working. Sims were also working. I powered off and let it dry and used it again. It happened almost a week ago. Its working fine. Highly recommended.

  49. Patsy

    i am on my 2nd a515g phone and waiting on a 3rd. just bought the 1st one the end of dec 2020. unfortunately, i paid in full and cannot get my money back. so far, both phones continually drop calls, text arrive later than they were sent. some i receive throughout late hours of the night. some text spin for several minutes before they are delivered. sometimes i have to shut my phone off. the worse is the constant dropped calls. hooked the phone up to wireless ear phones with bluetooth, and i had to shut down my phone after to get it to work again. worse phone ever 600 out the window during hard times. i do not recommend anyone buy this phone

  50. sgtdisney

    i got this new a71 5g around black friday. what a great deal. i was able to trade in an older iphone 5s and get a 75.00 credit, plus the special tmobile price. after working with online ordering support, i got this phone for 200.00. what a great deal. its so much faster than my moto z4. with some pretty heavy use its lasting a full day. the phone is faster, bigger and weighs less than my previous phone. the 6gb memory on this phone helps a lot. i am very pleased with this phone for the features, speed and price, it was a great deal. the camera takes much better pics than my old moto z4 too. very pleased with this purchase.

  51. crybaby

    Id previously had a Samsung Galaxy A40 which was a brilliant phone. The A51 is a great phone too but with one major flaw. The fingerprint and face sign in is so unreliable it makes the phone so irritating to use. You jab jab jab tap place hold etc at the fingerprint sensor on the phone and eventually the phone opens. Sometimes it works first time but rarely it does this. You use your face and sometimes the phone opens and often it doesnt. Plus if it does open you then have to swipe to open the screen. The fingerprint sensor on the back of the A40 was a touch and the phone opened. This is progress Ive got this phone on a contract and Im seriously considering returning it as this one aspect bothers me so much. Everything else is standard Samsung which means excellent build and a great looking screen.

  52. Krimsorln

    I bought this phone on Feb 2020. Its been more than a year this phone has not offered anything to complain about. It looks sensitive, but is quite strong. Updates are for free and always come with enhanced features. Secure folder is builtin feature, which helps you lock literally anything app, media etc for you personal use alone. Camera is always natural and allows you to put your desired filters instead of self saturation which compromises the details captured by 64mp camera. Overall, its a user friendly experience, and with my favourite Samsung interface.

  53. eastrun84

    I used Samsung Galaxy S8 prior to this one. Then I got this Galaxy A71 for free from my telco. I decided to try this phone then.I am comparing this with S8 and I am amazed this phone is almost as good as Galaxy S8. I have been using S8 for 3 years but honestly, i have not fully discovered the phone because it has so many features which I dont use in my daily life. Mostly i used the phone to make calls, send messages, send whatsApp messages, capturing pictures, capturing videos, watching Youtube, watching Netflix, listening to music through Spotify Samsung Music, doing fast editing on Microsoft Word Powerpoint, browsing internet Instagram, Facebook. Basically, I am not utilizing the S8 to the max. Hence, i feel the Galaxy A71 is excellent because it has met my expectations and it has many features which are enough for me.1 I am ok with the fingerprint scanner. Though i miss the iris scanner which i had from Samsung S8, but fingerprint scanner is still ok for me. Honestly, i felt fingerprint scanner at the back of the S8 was quite annoying because sometimes it was hard to position my finger exactly on the scanner. I have no problem with A71.2 Larger screen which means i can enjoy watching videos better. Unfortunately, the resolution is lower than that of Samsung S8, hence the videos do not appear clearer on A71. It is not too bad, though. You still can watch your videos, but they wont appear as smooth as you have watched on S8.3 Larger battery capacity. A71 comes with 4500mah battery. ABSOLUTELY, this is the best. I charged the phone to 100 in the morning, with heavy usage, the power is still there until late night. Thanks for this.4 Better cameras. This one also better than S8. Best cameras. Thanks again.5 Bigger RAM. Smooth and steady. Thanks.6 Bigger internal storage. I can download and store more pictures and videos now, which I love this a lot.That is all i can share at the moment. So far i have been using this phone for a week and feel satisfied with its overall performance.

  54. Anonymous

    great 5g coverage so far, and the wifi callingtexting is awesome. good size, great screen, and solid performance. ive had a little trouble registering finger prints and unlocking using the inscreen sensor, but its worked 95 reliably. the camera is good really good in proper lighting, not great in lowlight, despite the night mode. the performance in general is very good. i do notice a very slight lag here and there, but nothing concerning.i do not like that samsungs dialer app refuses to use google contacts, which is my preferred app. i also dont like that i cant disable or uninstall any of samsungs apps, but being able to put most of them into deep sleep and hide them is nice. otherwise, very smooth phone.

  55. Karu999

    I chose Samsung A70 as a future proof double sim device for working and entertainment. The future has not yet changed during the month of ownership, but I can vouch for its excellent performance, great storage capacity, overall quality of user interface and seamless utilisation. For me, the large screen size and form factor rarely get in the way. If there is one niggle, then it is costcutting with the onscreen fingerprint sensor that more often does not recognize rather than does, so I have reverted to other identification options. Also the autocorrect intervenes the first time with sometimes in an unintended way, but if the phrase repeats for he second time, it has usually learnt its tricks. If I was to add anything to the wishlist, I would keep all the current specs, but add waterproofing.Certainly a product to recommend if a midrange Android is what you are looking for at an unbeatable price point.

  56. Amy Jo

    ive had this phone six months and i regret every single minute weve spent together. on paper this phone has decent specs for the price. but when you start using the phone, you realize it has a lot of flawsthe display is beautiful. nfc works well. and fast charging is nice. the fingerprint sensor is awful and fails 25 of the time. the battery is abysmal and drains very quickly. samsungs bloatware takes away from experience because you cannot remove it. the sound is garbage so make sure you have headphones. the cameras are also trash and dont work unless the subject is back lit by the sun. dont buy this phone. it will make you hate using your phone.

  57. NishaM

    I recently bought this mobile and I do not like its touch sensor to unlock the screen it never recognize fingerprint always says touch for longer time even if you are pressing it properly, Its face unlock take 2 to 3 second to recognize the face. Screen hangs sometimes even if you are not running any app. They have given you secured folder to keep things safe and this folder has camera option inside it bydefault which does not let you camera open and says two apps simultaneously running the camera, Ultimately I have to remove secured folder to use the camera properly. Volumes buttons are not smooth at all.. you have to press a lot to turn vol up and down. Very disappointed with Samsung Galaxy A32, does not worth even a single penny.

  58. Steve

    measured against the flagship models, this phone is a 3.25. measured against my needs in a phone, its a solid 5bright, beautiful screen. very good camera, love the widewide angle. processor is plenty quick enough for this nongamer. lots of memory and room for a microsd to hold all my media. better than average battery. headphone jacki relocate frequently, so the factory unlockedworks with any carrierfactor is a big deal for me.great midrange phone that should satisfy everyone but those demanding the latest and greatest.

  59. woody

    i got this phone because it is 5g capable. the photos do not look any different than my s8. even though i set up a trusted location and device, i have to enter my password nearly every time i swipe the screen. the phone hardly ever reconizes my face. samsung pass never fills in my passwords for other apps i loaded on this phone. i cannot register my fingerprint. the only thing good i have seen for this phone thus far is the switching between cell and wifi networks to keep a signal. this phone is a waste.

  60. RK4characters

    good phone for the price. there are a fewletdown. first, the camera colors are waaaay off sometimes vs actual color. second is voice to text doesnt even come close about half of the time. third there is often a lag when typing that is long enough to make you think the phone has locked up. autocorrect insists on using the incorrect word frequently and i have to fight it to be able to go on. this seriously slows me down when texting or surfing. lastly the phone doesnt seek to work with otg usb devices such as borescope cameras e5

  61. Devo1977

    i purchased my a11 because i had damaged my s10 and im using this until i get a newers21 i used every suggestion i could find on the internet to speed it up, even going as far to open the developers option, very limited success. my biggest frustration is the amount of garbage apps you can not remove to free up memory, and seriously what is the point of having a sd card if you cant put apps on it trying to move anything to the sd card is over complex, i had a windows phone and moving items to the sd card was extremely simple. the camera is absolutely garbage, anyone who buys this phone and are new to samsung will have such a horrible experience they will run to apple. only thing samsung can do to save this pile of trash is to open the ability to transfer everything to the sd card.

  62. Dflorida

    switched from sprint to tmobile. was using an unlocked motorola z2 play and decided to ungrade to a samsung phone, while keeping in the same price range. unfortunatley, same price range did not equal same quality. my old motorola z2 play was much smoother, quicker, and offered more bang for the buckmy new samsung phone is noticeable slower. the phone seems to have a mind of its own, such as, switching from dark mode to light mode on its own frequently throughout the dayeventhough i have had this phone for only three weeks, making monthly bill payment with tmobile 250 price. im looking and willing to purchase another unlocked phone from motorola the next time they have a sale.

  63. NightRider745

    When I first got the phone in late 2018, I expected it to be ok, and when I unboxed it, I loved it If you held this in your hand in 2018, youd almost be fooled into thinking it was a 1,000 smartphone. It feels good in the hand, the glass back makes it feel premium, with the aluminum frame, and the exellent display. For a midtear or budget chip, 4gb of ram and with a 3,000 mAh battery, it was a solid device back then.But you see, that was back then, and this is now. The Galaxy A8 at least from heavy use is now slow, dies quickly even with low power mode turned on and I think that the speaker is now not as loud as it used to be. And now, to top it all off, if you own a Galaxy A8, you will not be getting Android 10, which also means you will not be getting OneUI 2.0, so youre stuck with Andriod 9 and OneUI 1.0. And it doesnt get better, because if you go to an offical Samsung store, they will very likely not sell you any case for your Galaxy A8. Peronally, ive only ever seen 4 cases for this phone. 2 flip casewallet cases which are the same but just a different material, a leather regular case, a plastic case that comes with the phone, and a flip case that Samsung apparently sells. But overall, if youre looking for a new phone now that doesnt break the bank, and youre looking at the Galaxy A8, just get the Galaxy A50.

  64. Dh279

    Generally good phone,mediocre main camerafinger print sensor is slow to respond my old 200 Huawei phone was significantly quicker to get my fingerprint, but that is the trade off for optical Vs rear mounted I guessOld phone was also better at gettiny faceApps occasionally crash, causing the phone to restart, but this isnt too 10pm I need to charge it because it is at 1 after a full day of useIts got more than enough storage space, never had a problem.Macro camera is stunning, but is focused by physically moving the phone closerResponsivePleasantly surprised at the back cover, was planning on hiding it behind a case, but it looks much better in person and is really niceGreat displayEasy to connect to gear fit 2 hassle connecting Spotify to it with my old phone, was so easy with this oneOverall, it was an improvement on my mate 20 lite, but at double the cost I am not sure it was value for money. Storage space was the only major improvement, the rest made little difference or even made it worse finger print sensor and face scanner. If you see it on salewith a good contract deal go for it. You will have a good experience day to day, but I would probably not spend 400 on it

  65. Elijah

    i understand this isnt the latest or greatest phone that is out there, but its an amazing phone for its price and availability. the phone itself has a decent amount of storage and the features on the phone are amazing. the only thing im a little disappointed in is the fact that it doesnt have ar technology in it as most phones do. i tend to have quite a few mobile games installed to pass the time when im bored, and some games i cant install because the software needed to play the game isnt featured in this product. but, just like an other phones intended use, the camera and call qualitity is great with fast responses.

  66. stephan

    talking about killing two birds with one stone or whatever the saying is. first i will never get another phone from metropcs and just because of this first samsung phone ever acquired i wont ever bother with the high end ones or the company in general.the wifi not matter where have a serious problem to connect causing lags slow page uploads which i never had with any lg phones, you have to click to flip the phone, click to go back to the previous page basically using your thumb to scroll left or right to her next pictures while online is nonexistent. the sound coming from my earphones are the worst from any devices i used. taking pictures demands good editing afterwards, forget about videos it is simply fake 1080p hd. i went with what the brand stand for but ended up with trash.

  67. Winard

    I bought this phone because of great price value. I like the design and the color options. The screen is large, bright and quality wise good to do your daily stuff. I use this phone for regular use like listening to music, watching movies, internet browsing, social media, email and making pictures. In my daily use the phone is never slow or hampering. The pictures taken at day and night are good with vibrant colors. Battery life is exceptional good and I easily can use the phone for two days without charging. I like the android software with the Samsung One UI which is very user friendly. My previous phone was a Samsung S8. Switching from another Samsung phone to the new one is extremly easy and user friendly. Conclusion Good deal and enjoying the phone.

  68. Ross

    my carrier had a great deal, traded straight across for my trusty s8 active. note to samsung glass backs are stupid, even if it facilitates wireless charging. i bought the s8 active specifically for its toughness. my note 5 was the last glass back phone i will buy, too fragile. as for the a71, great screen, great battery life, and a great plastic back. found a 9.00 case and couldnt be happier. good processor, but waiting for my carrier to fully roll out 5g. two things i value, toughness and a great screen, dont care about a camera.

  69. TheNewGuyTylr

    I bought this a week ago at a Samsung store and I am very pleased with how the phone is working. First, there are lots of features just like any Samsung highend phones such as the S10. For example, the holdup to wake phone, Bixby and of course the realistic colour of the SAMOLED display. The camera is really great, I tried taking a picture of my living room once at night, with all the lights turned off. I took it with only the flash from the phone, and the picture is still detailed. Fingerprint works fine with screen protector on, at least for me. However, the one and only downside for me is that the phone casing is made from plastic instead of metal. But with the price of around 400 dollars, I am very satisfied with my new A51.

  70. Hugo

    I bought this phone a week and a bit ago and I am so happy with it It leaves out all the features I dont need in a flagship and keeps the good parts. Though the speakers arent stereo, they are fine and they get pretty loud. The screen is great, the camera is in between a flagship and a midrange phone, the design is cool, and the in screen fingerprint sensor is incredible, it is not the best but still pretty fast and secure, I just received an update that noticeably sped it up anyway. My only complaint is the front facing camera, I would prefer a bezel to the teardrop notch, sitting up there, waiting to be used. There is a solution, in setting you can turn of the pixels around it so it looks as if there wasnt a notch. The price is more than right, when I bought it, I felt it was a steal from Samsung and my opinion hasnt changed, great job Samsung Obviously it is not as fast, performance wise, as the flagships, midrange specs bro, midrange specs.

  71. JerryF

    bought this as a replacement for a 3 year old s8 based on reviews. i obviously did not read the reviews close enough.cons no wireless charging. camera flashes, clicks and flashes again on auto setting, some photos come out fuzzy can not reorder shooting modes to the two i use most screen is worthless in virtually any type of sunlight.pros battery life is pretty good onscreen buttons to switch from regular lens to wide angle lens is very helpful and wait for it no bixby button.bottom line is its a phone. not bad if you just want an indoors phone to make phone calls. a bit letdown.

  72. bob278

    This phone is frustratingly bad. The UI has been designed by an idiot and is do overly sensitive that it just scrolls back to the homepage instead of opening the app Ive selected. The lockbuttonfingerprint sensor is on the side, and as such every time you hold it or have it in your pocket it registers a false print and locks you out of the phone. Although the most infuriating thing is that it is incapable of picking up 5gHz wifi signals which means I cannot connect in most places.TLDR Avoid like the plague. Just a massive waste of money.

  73. Dominic

    Well.. after about 1 month of having and using this phone for workeverday use, I will say im impressed with the functions and quality of this device. Cameras on this phone are incredible front and back, screen size is awesome aswell. Gives a crisp, clear picture display. Touch screen is very responsive for what ever youre doing just surfing the net, texting, video calls, picturevideos also.I recently had the Samsung S9 and this A71 is far more superior I find on all aspects of the device. Only thing the S9 had that the A71 does not support is wireless charging which I dont really care for anyway. That being said, the switch from S series to A series was not that hard for me.A71 is comparable to the S10 in size and functions.2 negative things Ive discovered.1 I have a Spigen Armour case on it, the accidental touch frequence seems to be WAY to sensitive but it is minor for me.2 the swipe down menu option which is on pretty much every device seems to trip out and freezes my screen were I have to wrestle with it to restart but then after that its fine.Im hoping these are just glitches that Samsung has yet to work out. Hopefully, on one of the next updates the bugs will be fixed.Other then that, I give 5 stars.

  74. RatherUseLandline

    I had the unfortunate luck of becoming the owner of a Samsung A51 roughly 3 months ago and so far I have had nothing but issues with it.When adding emojis to messages regardless of platform messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. the keyboard glitches and causes the entire phone to freeze.Sometimes the phone decides it cant handle anything anymore and will just restart in the middle of whatever you were doing.You can be connected to wifi, have full bars an LTE signal as well and sometimes it STILL wont load a web page or make a phone call.You need at least two different apps to do one job my notes app upated and suddenly I need to download an addon just to view the notes that were perfectly fine last night, then I need to convert the notes in order to make any edits, and the formatting is completely different.The camera does take nice quality photos a feature that nearly. Every. Other. Phone. has but it is also incredibly sensitive to even the slightest movement, causing camera focus to shift and photos or videos to come out blurry.The speaker microphone are located at the bottom of the phone, side by side, so that if you are trying to play music and record video with audio at the same time, you have to have the volume at juuuuust the right level which varies by song or it results in scratchy feedback in the video.This is by far one of the worst phones I have ever had experience with since cellphones were introduced and Ive had Apple AND Sony phones and I honestly dont know if this cavalcade of issues is specific to my phone from the bad place because when I call the help lines associated with smartphones and Samsung assistance the end result is either turn it off and turn it back on again which, believe me, I have tried it does nothing, especially when this phone apparently turns off and on via its own freewill or factory reset your phone which possibly would solve the problem which then means having to transfer all my files, of which I am highly dubious that they wouldnt end up damaged, corrupted, or some other form of inaccessible and nonrecoverable once the factory reset has been performed which is what happened when I initially transferred TO this infernal piece of technology.SO IN CONCLUSION, if you are considering buying this model, please for the sake of what little sanity I have left, dont make the same mistakes I did and if youre really set on this one even after reading my living nightmare get the protection plan, you might at least have a shot at fixing or replacing it if your phone is just as defective as mine. Good luck

  75. aadumaadu

    My first impressions with the A01 were positive I was surprised to see everything was compatible almost like a midtier model. Basic functionality calling, texting works fine and most of the apps run smoothly expect when you have too many apps running in the background, which makes it a little harder to multitask but it is not the end of the world. It supports the new android 11, especially oneUI 3.1 because of how fluid my device feels. Camera is not bad for the price. The only problem I faced was the lack of sufficient storage to install essential apps. It is disappointing to see that Samsung removed the ability for apps to be moved to SD card Had to use ADB interface to convert my SD to adoptable storage android 11 breaks this C. At the end, this model will not awe struck anyone, but will certainly enable the user to have a modern smartphone experience at a low budget.

  76. Nexs

    Ive used this phone for about 4 months now, and I am extremely satisfied with what I got for 279. You get an awesome interface and plenty of features not found on budget smartphones USB C, fast charging, android 9Updates come every now and then, which is swee5 since most budget phones get quite literally two updates and thats it.Speed is alright, its definitely better than its competitors. It streams YouTube very well and games run smoothDurability I have yet to drop this phone, but feeling it in my hand, it feels a lot more solid than my other phones an old Huawei bent from quite literally holding it in landscape modeThis phone is designed well, although I think itd be better off with a matt back surface since the back plastic is a fingerprint magnet without a case, otherwise, goodCamera is solid, not amazing, but solid.Battery life is awesome This thing lasts me days on a single charge, and Ive used it heavily with little to no drainThe only issues that come up are the 32gb rom and 3gb of ram, and although you can buy a 128gb SD card for cheap and put it in nice touch with the SD card, the 3gb of ram gives the phone barely any breathing roomCall quality is alright, speakers are loud, and Adobe Atmos is welcome. Headphone jack much appreciated.The screen has great colour, and burnin has not been an issue here. Good work, Samsung Youve improved your tech a lot the past few years. If I had one issue, its the fact that its 720p. Yes, its sharp from a distance, but when Im reading text, it will look as if it has a weird mesh grid over the pixels, not around the pixels like in a LCD panel. This can ruin how sharp things lookSolid phone, works well, extremely happy Good work SamsungP.S. writing this review on the device, Ive only lost 1 of my battery.

  77. speak1st

    I purchased my husband the A20 Galaxy as a birthday present for him about 6 months ago. My husband is a Boy Scout leader and spends lots of time outdoors hiking, camping, boating and more. Unfortunately on his last camp out his phone fell out of his pocket without him seeing it right away and into the campfire. He did pull the phone from the flames put out the flames coming from the phone thinking the worst had happened losing everything on the phone contacts, pictures, documents and more…..however, the next day the cooled off phone still turned on… and we were still able to pull everything off to put on an old phone We were amazed the burnt phone still worked enough for us to get everything off. Thank you Samsung for such a quality product. Although we are waiting to purchase the same product again..saving a bit of money to do so… I still wanted to let everyone know that the Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB, 3GB RAM 6.4 Super AMOLED, InfinityV Display, Fast Charge 4000mAh Battery, US Global 4G LTE Dual SIM GSM Factory Unlocked A205GDS International Model Black, 32GB is worth the purchase. Thanks again for a quality product.

  78. AccountantKeith

    after 5 years with my samsung s6 active, which i loved, i finally had to buy a new phone as the battery crapped out on the s6. so i purchased the a11 as i just need a basic smartphone. i see the price dropped 50 the second week i owned the a11, not real happy about that. but overall the phone is very nice with finger print authentication, still cant get the facial recognition to work, but thats ok. the phone is only 32gb and hope that is not going to be a problem going forward. screen is larger than my previous samsung and the football game looked good on it last night, waiting in the parking lot of the emergency room. i would definitely recommend this to my family and friends. overall 4 out 5 stars.

  79. sagarlolge

    The performance of the phone is completely awesome….Indisplay Finger Print is pretty goodCamera quality is also good and lot more features.. like macro shots slow motion videos wideangle with 4 cameras.And mainly display is super amoled display with good picture quality.. and also this mobile comes with L1 screen support which let us to stream movies and shows in Amazon prime Netflix etc with heavy quality. Camera There are a lot of features which you might already know but what blows my mind is, the clarity and size of image. The same image in other phone would be 20MB and in this, its less than 5MB. And the colors are more natural. I do not like other phone which adds filters to face and reduces pores and puts on blush. Well, if youre a fan of it you have an option to add face filters in this. NFC So cool. Edge notification Love Fingerprint and battery life Good

  80. Gunner

    Got the A51 128GB4GB RAM as a birthday gift first impressions were really great. Over a few weeks Ive come to realise the limitations of the device. My previous device, a Galaxy A5 2017 32GB3GB RAM boots faster. Im still confused as to why the A5 2017 didnt get further software updates. When it comes to choosing the A51 most retailers dont popularise or stock 6GB variant of the device most likely due to the higher retail price. Given the lack of RAM of my device version, theres still lots of great stuff to sing about when it comes to the A51. What a beautiful large display Great camera with some fabulous features following the OneUI 2.1 upgrade. Its a shame though that the phone didnt come with a silicone case, as it does in some other countries. Get yourself a good case a glass screen protector to keep the phone in pristine condition. Unless youre an extreme user, you can get 1.5 to 2 days life from the massive 4000mh battery. Pity my birthday came a few weeks after the offer of free earbuds expired which would have put some icing on the cake. To sum up, go the extra few Euro and find a retailer that stocks the 6GB RAM model then possibly 5G also cause Samsung have recently announced 3 Android updates for this phone to future proof the device for years to come.

  81. Sand

    we bought 4 of these phones less rhan 3 months ago and already all 4 have crapped out. the first one that crapped out was successfully taken care of only through samsung. none of their authorized dealers or repair shops have parts for them. two of the phones crapped out in the same day. they tried to charge us close to the price of the phone to repair it. we finally got that situated. before we received the last phone back, the 4th phone is completely crapped out. now we are sitting with the last of the 4 phones that will probably, finding upon research, not ever be fixed. it is in a bootloop. to top it off we were told they we water resistant, they are not the experience with these phones has been beyond disappointing.

  82. Tristan

    for background, ive dabbled with so many devices onplus 7t pro mclaren, s20, pixel short, this phone does a fantastic job at its price point. the snapdragon 765g processer is the real deal. i havent noticed any real slow down on my end. the screen is great too, and i prefer the plastic to glass lighter and cant really break.the only real concern i have is that the signal acts up, but i think this is more on tmobile than for a wish list 90hz, wireless charging has been done on plastic backs in the pastanyway, yeah, great devicefor a final statement to samsung, im begging you to officially announce 3years of os support for the a71 5g. i saw a rumor that this might happen, and think it would be outstanding.

  83. Sparethread2457

    I bought this phone a while ago and its one of the best phones Ive ever owned The galaxy A52 is an amazing smartphone with great build quality and lots of handy features I like the all day battery life, the 128gb storage, 6gb ram, and fast chargingAlso this is an amazing samsung galaxy to get into 5G and explore the limitless possibilities The main reason I like the 5G Is because its blazing fast and how its a game changer since It can play console games smoothly from xbox gamepass ultimate, stadia, playstation remote play and other mobile games like league of legends wild riftsIf youre looking for an amazing samsung galaxy smartphone without spending so much on high end phones this is the way to go vb

  84. Xyberboy

    i use it all day long to keep in touch with friends and family be it through online messages social media or just simple text messages. i use it to play my games of which i try to limit myself to a few good ones, my opinion of good may vary greatly from yours. i like the ability to share things with other people made easy with this phone. my brother recently upgraded his phone and got the same one i did, feels good to be ahead of the curve every now and again.what i dont like about this phone, storage isnt enough for me and lack of it causes lagging in all i do. the main issue i have with this phone is the propietaryinism in the battery, e.g. using my portable charger for when im on the go or was at work and not allowed to plug in anywhere greatly diminishes my battery life.

  85. Judiannabella

    Overall, Im pleased with the A50. I used Galaxy phones for many years apart from a 12 month or so departure using another phone. I came back to the Galaxy as I wanted a phone compatible with Fitbit My Fitness Pal, which it syncs with perfectly. Two gripes. My old Galaxies periodically stopped sendingreceiving texts or phone calls but normal service would resume after a restart. My A50 stopped sendingreceiving phone calls yesterday but restarting fixed this after not being to ring out, which I initially thought was the fault of the phone I was calling. After trying to return a missed call experiencing the same no ringing I remembered the restart fix. Secondly, the fingerprint unlock is seriously frustrating Ive set reset the fingerprint ID several times, using hints found online. Usually I get no match several times have to resort to PIN. My previous phone had fingerprint unlock which worked perfectly every time so the new improved fingerprint ID the salesman touted was not the case.

  86. Thiwaan

    I had compared this phone with many other phones. For price and spec wise, this phone is the best for me. Some other phones dont have earphone jack. I never got any problem with calls, all good for me. Very good for gaming too, FPS is great, battery lasts long, super fast charging. Only minus point from is the ultra wide camera. When I use ultra wide, the camera will be blur, and cannot focus. Overall, its a good budget phone.

  87. Joanna

    I switched to A50 from Plus One, for which I paid roughly the same price four years ago, and the difference is astounding. Feeling strong about the environment, I do not change equipment lightly and when my current phone started malfunctioning, I wanted to move on to something I can trust for a long term. It was like changing from a horsedriven carriage to a mercedes, in all respects, from userfriendliness to storage to battery autonomy to perfomance to security. And last but not least, the camera, which was what convinced me to go for this specific model. The wide lens is just as good as on a reflex camera, but has the advantage of being available in a split second just move the button on the screen. The burst shot allows taking multiple frames one after another and just choosing the best one afterwards. Its great for photos of moving objects but also for portraits and selfportraits too, as it works on front camera as well. No more posing still and looking dumb. All in all I know I will be happy with this phone for many years and I cant see what, other than a major breakdown, could make me switch.

  88. DrMokat

    i recently bought this a21 after a series of mishaps forced me to upgrade from my a20. the overall performance is great, but the battery life leaves a little to be desired imho. i am a fairly heavy user of my smartphone i have a lot of professional reference books that i access throughout the day. i can typically get about 6 to 7 hours out of a single charge before i need to plug in if i dim the screen i can get maybe 8 hours, tops. i just wish i could get say, 12 hours out of it that would be great. my a20 seemed to give me about 10 hours of continuous use, which was adequate for my workday. overall, a great bargain for what you get..

  89. Umid59

    Ive been using Samsung Galaxy smartphones for many years. They always proof my faith for them and thats why they made me one of the fan of Samsung. Recently I bought Galaxy A50 as a gift for me for the upcoming new year. Some people just buy smartphones not knowing characteristics of it but as for me I learned and introduced carefully characteristics of galaxy A50 and then bought. The first thing that was take my attention is its characteristics and design. InfinityV display is awsome you can watch movies better than ever. Characteristics are also awsome. With 4GB RAM you can play any type of games smoothly and 64 GB ROM helps you to save every precious moments of your life. With the new generationtriple camera you never miss any event they take perfect photo on the low light nd the scene optimizer improves the colors of your photo and pictures will be brighter. And now you dont have to wait too long because A50 has Super Fast Charging feature and 4000mAh capacity battery is enough for all day.The minus side is that the fingerprint sensor works a little bit slower but its okay.Itll be good if Galaxy A50 supports wireless charging and gear VR. Though I love my Galaxy A50 and I recommend all of you to buy it. Trust me youll never regret with that

  90. Thumberlina72

    As a Galaxy kind of woman, I purchased the A21s 2021 between 2 3 months ago to unfortunately upgrade from my awesome S8 edge. After lots of good use, finally overheated due to me over working it froze. A much smaller budget was available for me and after much reading thought, the A21s was in budget and had really good reviews everywhere.Never should I have wasted the only money I had on this. Worst phone Ive ever had … its been nothing but problem after problem, but the clincher came when I finally after 2 weeks started to set all my digital wallet ID stuff. NO NFC … brand new Samsung Galaxy, Worldwide Covid, 2021 … ummmmm contactless shopping etc Cashless society everywhere we look and are slowly being forced into everything digital and contactless, yet my favourite Samsung cant give itself the basic respect of NFC being a basic standard.Yep, Im ropeable Samsung. Im still gobsmacked

  91. Psycho

    Good DayMy A71 is doing really great. I love this phone a lot but theres just one issue that I am disappointed with. Though the camera is capable of recording a video at 240 to 480 FPS at 1080 rear camera, it doesnt have the option to record at 1080p 60 FPS. It doesnt look like a hardware issue, its a software issue. This is the only problem that I face with this phone. Other than this, the phone is fantastic. I noticed this issue only after buying the phone. So pls roll out an update to include 60 FPS video recording option for the rear camera. Its a request from a lot of A71 users. Pls consider this seriously.Thank You

  92. Richgf h

    This is a brilliant phone, with a great camera and excellent audio capabilities. However, its letdown by a totally useless fingerprint security feature. Not only does it take absolutely ages to store your fingerprint but it then fails to recognise it about 90 of the time. There is no point in including an extremely useful security feature if it fails to operate properly. I have now given up using fingerprint access, which is a great shame. I fear that costs have dictated the effectiveness of this feature.

  93. Rob triple B

    I have had the A21 for a month. I like it so far, but I still prefer my IPhone 6 fell in lake that was smaller and just a better over all product. A21 does the job but it has its tics. Its already annoyed me more than once. I tried to pair a Galaxy fit with the A21 and it had issues, including not allowing updates and changing watch faces . I ended up using a friends S20 to do the update and the Fit and the A21 now work well together. I was just annoyed at the fact a work around is required to make the Fit work. I have other small issues that have left me somewhat disappointed. All features work, but I had a cheap BLU 5.0 that I could say the same about. Iphone 6 took better pictures than A21. The price for the A21 was OK, similar to a used Iphone.

  94. Anonymous

    there are a lot of great things about this phone, and some not too good things that u can live with. the good main things are picture quality in good lighting, samsungs oneui software, battery and charging speed, ram, 5g network, screen size, resolution, and slick punch hole display, and it has a headohone jack.. now some of the bad things are camera quality in a slightly dark environment even if it is a lamp in a room, thats not enough lighting. the camera instantly becomes laggy and so much more pixelated and they lose color, for example ur lips become more pink. the canera quality unless it is in perfect light, it is bad on social media apps. this phone has no optical zoom either. when the phone vibrates, it feels good, but compared to a note 9, it feels super rocky

  95. Caityscott2323

    If youre looking for a good phone for a good price, STOP what youre doing, and look somewhere else.This phone is beyond the WORST phone I have ever owned.I have had this phone for over 6 months, the finger print unlock has never, ever worked. Regardless of how many times I reset it, or try every finger. It just does not work I love having a phone that will unlock with a simple press of a finger print, this phone does not do that.The keypad on this phone is an actual joke. I have to spend 3 times the amount typing a message then I usually would. It just has a mind of its own. Sometimes It will just add random words from no where. I could press the letter R and the letter J will pop up. Incredibly frustrating. By far the worse part of this phone.This phone will also just turn off sometimes. You can just turn it back on, but far out who wants a phone thatll just turn off on you. Especially at night when you have to wake up early by an alarm.Dont even get me started on the amount of issues Ive had with it technicality. Literally 3 weeks ago I took it into the shop because there was no sound, at all coming from the phone. It was like I had ear phones plugged in, yet nothing was obviously plugged in. I just stuck it out for a few weeks and eventually it came back to normal. HOWEVER, within 1 week of it working normally my mic cut out.I literally can not record anything, or have phone call. Yet if I connect my phone to a Bluetooth speaker the Mic all of a sudden works. It is beyond a joke.Seriously the amount of issues Ive had with this phone is so annoying I Wish Id just spent the extra money on a better brand.


    I bought this phone after spending a little over 2 years with a LG G5 which I mainly bought because I had the G3 before it, and REALLY enjoyed the ability to swap batteries. I was about to pull the trigger on the Google Pixel 3a XL because it was a budget priced phone with plenty of nice features, but after watching a few Youtube comparisons, I was shown this A50 model which I hadnt heard of yet. Although I was willing to give up the removable battery feature, I was not willing to compromise on having twice the internal storage G5 was 32GB and 5.3 screen and a same size or even larger screen. I was able to improve on both these points by going to the A50 64GB internal and 6.4 screen. I wasnt too keen on Samsung phones mainly felt the user interface was slow to respond when I had last looked at them in a store, but that was 34 years earlier and much changes in that amount of time Short story, I spent less than I would have on a Pixel 3a XL, got a ton of great features, twice the storage, bigger screen and BEST of all… this was my first unlocked phone and I was a little nervous it might not work on my network, but I was assured by the salesman at my purchase store 3rd party it would…and it DID. I was so thrilled to be able to delete any unwanted bloatware I was forced to keep on my old LG, which was taking up valuable storage space. I have not figured out Bixby yet, but am watching some videos on Youtube on some basic commands.

  97. Hatrick

    I have had the A80 for about 1 month now and the phone is fast and powerful. I like the large screen size with the obvious drawback of taking up a little more pocket space, a small price to pay for the extra viewing area. The weight also does not mother me in the least.The missing expandable memory and lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack is a little disappointing but something I can live with and it has not caused me any issues so far.The biggest drawbacks for me are the lack of facial recognition unlock. This would have been OK but the fingerprint reader on the A80 refuses to be reliable for me. I have tried inputting my finger metrics many times and even registering the same finger in all 3 slots yes only 3 fingerprints available and it still takes a few goes to get it to read most times.The pop up camera is nifty and the wide angle feature will be awesome. I just hope it keeps working long term, time will tell on that one.I also have a bit of an issue with my fingers triggering the edge of the screen when Im holding the phone as the touch sensitive surface is very close to the edge of the phone. but I am hoping that when I have a case fitted this will be better.Battery life is something that I would have loved to be longer but it still works for me with most charges lasting 2 days under normal use, and I have not run out in a single day yet.All in all, a good phone but cant help feeling that there may have been better options out there in the same price range. Hopefully once I have used it for longer I will find more features to improve my opinion.

  98. Admiral Jackbar

    This model breaks very easily off of very light drops. There are forum pages all over the web going over how to fix these when they lightly drop. They are not worth the drama. Youd expect this of a cheap phone but not out of an expensive phone. Not worth itDefinitely avoid if youre elderly or a teen thats going to drop this occasionally.My elderly father dropped his phone once a few weeks after getting it. It slid off the nightstand with an Otterbox on. The phones screen has been black ever since. Avoid avoid avoid

  99. Monique

    i live alone. my phone is never in danger of being stolen. yet it is impossible to simply turn the lock screen off. the location option they provide does not work. i leave my phone on the table and so the movement option they provide does not work. why cant i just turn the lock screen off its such a pain.also, i would like to only get sounds when i have a phone call or text. thats it. but either i cant turn the sounds off. if i want to the little notifications, i have to have the sounds apparently for some dumb reason only some of the apps can go silent. why is that its totally annoying.those are my two only complaints with the phone. thats why i gave it four stars instead of five. but that permanent lock screen is so aggravating.

  100. Vengy

    overall really happy with the A51. Its about the same size as the old phone but the display is bigger due to no bezels. Just easier and a much more pleasant experience to use day to day. If you view photos side by side the S6 is just a bit better due to the screen resolution being slightly sharper. I thought this was going to be an issue but after a few days of use it really isnt. When you think about the difference in cost to the S20 plus I am so glad with my choice. Faster, easier to handle and a much improved user experience overall.

  101. sam sunged

    I have had Samsung phones in the past and felt comfortable buying the A21. It is fast and reliable, but there are some minor complaints. 1 screen share screen mirroring with a TV is far harder than with earlier models. A month after purchase and downloading several apps I have yet to make it work on this phone. A different Samsung model now 7 years old does it easily. Especially frustrating when trying to mirror on a Samsung TV. You would think this would be a feature they would have perfected by now. The other issue with the A21 is that it seems designed to slide off of tables and crash to the floor. A textured skin on the back of this phone would do wonders. When the phone vibrates on a notification it moves. There are few quality cases on the market for this phone locally, and a price tag of between 40 and 75 for a case is insane. If I had realized how bad this problem could be, I think I would have purchased a smaller phone that more easily fits in a pocket and has more case options.

  102. Jenesis

    i bought this phone march2021 i wanted a 2nd phone line. my other phone is a50 which i really like. a71 5g compares to the s21 ultra 5g screen size. a71 5g and s21 5g both start with 128 memory. a71 5g it has sd card slot which i added 128 memory wheres as the s21 5g doesnt allow sd cards. yes i have samsung ear buds but when they are low battery it has a headphone jack to where i can put my samsung headphones in. a71 5g cost round 600 dollars where as s21 starts round 1000 dollars. this makes my 4th samsung phone since 2014 and until this day they all work fine.

  103. RedHotMoma1

    i love my galaxy 515g cricket phone . ive always liked samson products to start with so that was a plus . my phone is so much better than before it takes great pics. ,long lasting battery , an lots of memory. i was concerned to start with bc it has so many different features but once i got use to it an what it will do i was amazed. i love it an would recommend anyone looking for new phone to try it out . very close to the samson galaxy note phone its unreal. . i love the large screen also its a plus . my service is great my phone is great what more can one ask for…the price is also great if paid off within the 90 days if not it could be a little costly

  104. Asarg7

    The phone itself does the standard of what it needs to do, however unfortunately not to the standard of current competitors. Firstly, straight out the box the phone runs quite slowly which is very inconvenient. Loading times are significantly long on essential apps and widgets such as maps and call features which isnt ideal when the phone is used alongside my job. Secondly the cameras quality is questionable. Sometimes I can achieve clear photos if the natural lighting is right, but I usually just avoid even using the camera and use someone elses. This is actually quite disappointing. I like the large screen, the unlock button, the clear design, and the phone is easy to navigate, however I would not recommend to a friend, and would not likely consider a Samsung again after my contract is up unless a system update can somehow update and improve these problems.

  105. Elvis

    My father, whom has difficulty seeing, moved in. I had to buy a 2nd phone, so my father could contact people, because local companies are not sending techs for landlines. I was able to make the text huge but the buttons are unable to be altered, so that he can use the phone. No Accessibility Options.Duration of the screen being on, for the duration of a phone call, cannot be altered. No Accessibility Options.What are Accessibility Options for, if the phone is still in accessible Its a large phone, but people are still able to miss tiny buttons.

  106. David R

    I recently changed mobility providers and initially I wasnt going to get a new phone. But the incentive fom my new provider was excellent and I made a quick choice for the A51 without any research because of my positive experience with my Samsung tablet. Immediately I started to check reviews, this site being the first. The biggest concern I have seen was the numerous comments about the lack of processor performance. But when I compared the A51 against my existing LG phone, which I have never has a performance issue, its single core benchmark was about 40 better and its multicore benchmark approaches 100 better. In the few days of use, its performance has been excellent and the battery life has been outstanding. Maybe its a matter of what you expect from your smart phone, but this one meets my requirements.

  107. Anonymous

    amazing storage space hands down beats the last 3 by long shot. wow. for example i currently was gifted this phone by my bf on christmas, i have 309 downloaded songs, 57 apps, big apps like fb, fb msg, wish, offer up, 679 photos recovered and added directly, and more. im amazed. and phone is not slow at all or affected or at all full either. i can fit 4 more phones.the camera is awesome to it has 3 lenses takes amazing photosfast easy simplelove it get this phone people. its more than worth it.

  108. jogbehle1

    I got this phone because of price, I am INCREDIBLY hard on my technology and hated spending over 500 dollars on something I would inevitably break. So I gave this a shot it is slower than molasses on a cold day… but I figured hey, you get what you pay for. It worked and did everything I needed it to do so why complain about speed.But then, I discovered why this phone is the best phone Ive ever had. Im an active surfer, and one day the waves were small and shallow… perfect for some idiot who shall not be named to wade out chest deep in the water to get some photos. I took a few dozen photos with the phone getting moderately splashed, but nothing bad, for about ten minutes. I then ran in and put the phone under my spare board on the beach. At the time, it was low tide and dry sand. I ran back out and kept surfing and forgot about my technology. After a 30min or so I looked beachward and realized the tide had come up… enough to float my spare board that was hiding my ae10. I swamsurfedran in and quite literally dug through a sandy tide pool to fully pullout my ae10. I turned it off, stuck it on my dash in the sun, and figured well this is why I bought a cheap phone. At the end of the day I grabbed it and turned it back on to discover the phone works completely except for some lines on the screen. Im astounded, it cost me 180 and I buried it in sea water…. and it still works Better than an iPhone that is dropped from an inch This phone is DA BOMB

  109. dnlprn

    Have been using my A71 for a week now. I couldnt be happier with it The battery life is outstanding, thanks for the 4500 mAh. Dual sim, 6 Gb ram and 128 Gb rom slot for 512 Gb card is still there in case you need more storage along with its fantastic cameras and amazing screen makes me wonder why anyone would want more than this. And it came with Android 10, didnt have to wait months for an update. My only concern was that it is said to be fragile. But hey, I wouldve bought a case and screen protector anyway All apps run smoothly, and its enough to charge it every 23 days. Thank you Samsung, you have yet to disappoint me

  110. SamLS

    I purchased this to replace my Samsung J7 Pro after I dropped it. The A30 was 80 cheaper and similar specs to the J7Pro thats no longer available but I chose the A50 because it has the fingerprint sensor on the front like the J7Pro A30 is on the back. The sensor on my old phone was great so i was expecting the A50 costing over 100 more to least be the same quality, if not better. Unfortunately the biometrics on this model are useless. It doesnt recognise my fingerprint half the time no matter what i do and when it occasionally does, theres a delay. Its easier and quicker to type the pin number so Ive had to change settings for the lock screen or im constantly typing a pin number in. The camera is the other disapinting thing. J7Pro had 16mp front and back and this has 25mp front and back. Picture quality on the A50 is no better than my old phone and pretty bad in low light. Seems they focused on gimmicky features rather than core practical functions. They shouldnt have released this phone with the fingerprint scan function until they worked out the bugs or just left it off all together. Overall, Id return it for a refund if I could, the extra were a waste of money.

  111. Paul W

    the quality of sound and graphics are good but there are some very irritating and important shortcomings. first of all, the phone locks up as soon as the screen goes dark, even though it sits in my home office all day and ive set it to stay unlocked there. i keep having to unlock it over and over all day. second, there is no indicator light to tell me ive received a text or voice mail. i have it set to give a tone, but the tone only comes once. after that, i have no way to know unless i unlock it, and that is unhelpful to my work. if you dont want to give it an indicator light, then how about a recurring tone every minute or two until it is checked

  112. Anonymous

    One of the things i was sceptical about was the big screen, i come from an 5.2 inch screen. The screen is big but i like it, the colours are good and the brightness is also good. If there is a lot of sun i can still see my screen clear. The phone is also smoothfast. At the moment it feels like a premium phone. I was really curious about the camera and it didnt disappoint me.At the beginning i needed to explore a bit more then expected to understand everything but after 2 days i knew my way and everything is going smooth.I expected that the battery would last a bit more at some points but i still manage to get easily a full day. I guess its because of the big screen.The baddest thing for me is the audio, everything feels premium except the audio. Its just not as good as my older phone and thats the moto g5 plus.The face scanner works good and the finger print sensor also and i like that i can still use it with a glass tempered screen protector.Another bad thing is the preinstalled apps, thats just a no go and also the emoijs are not my thing. My moto 5g plus had none except 2 that were really handy. When i saw the preinstalled apps i was thinking about resending the phone back, except that the software is good and does the job. One of the points why i wanted this phone i because it already has android 10 so that was a big plus.Another thing is that it doesnt has an ip rating or that im not sure that its a strong phone when i drop it.When i use it for games it also really does the job well, for reference, i play fifa mobile and some racing games like asphalt 9.For the price, its my most expensive smartphone i bought and it does the job, it feels like a 400 euro or a maybe a bit more and im happy with. Overall its a premium phone among the budget phones.Looks 7.510Smoothness 810Battery 710Camera 910Audio 510Software 510 all because of the preinstalled apps and the samsung emoijs, otherwise 910Durability Price worth 8.510

  113. Scooby Dude

    I had an iphone 6S. Was worried about switching to android but glad I weakness speech to text on sms is rubbish. I am going to try Google keyboard to see if that does it better.My reasons I changed and why I am glad I did do so now and not before1. A52 5G refresh rate 120Hz. Previous Andriods I had were slow. This is not it is on par with apple smoothness. You need the fast refresh otherwise it may not be any good.2. Storage whopping 256GB 256GB on card means I will never need to delete stuff while trying to take a picture. I will be able to store moviesshows and music and not worry about offloading and trasnferring bertween another device.3. Camera brilliant at night or clubs restaurants. Gives real image as and matches what you see with eyes.4. Side bar and grouping apps really great and good to use. Apple doesnt have this.5. Price for features similar Apple would be 18002000 Aussie dollars. This is 600 50 for sd card and 20 for case. Outstanding value. I was looking at sued apple for this price.6. 5G tech apple iphone for 5G is super expensive.7. Battery its good for a full day of blowing time shopping, maps flicking through crap while watching tv…. gets to about 15 after a full 18hrs blown using it as mentioned.Overall I have had it 3 weeks and it is great. I am looking to get offline maps for 4Wd adventure so hoping the gps works well. See how it goes.Features are great and good value. I think it would be hard to get more bang for buck.

  114. Phil

    very frustrated using this 821 phone not compatible at all. i spent three days with tmobile trying to get my phone to connect to my toyota corolla. it was frustrating as it would not connect properly and kept dropping the call constantly. i was finally told that it was a problem with the toyota and of course toyota said theres no problem with our connection here. three days approximately 2 to 3 hours each day spent trying to get this fixed. would not recommend buying this phone until you made sure it was compatible with your car. it worked fine in my wifes nissan rogue sport but wouldnt work properly in the toyota. as usual no one wants to take responsibility for this and the consumer gets stuck holding the bag.

  115. MelH

    I bought this phone to replace my Galaxy S7 which died late last year. Im really disappointed with this phone. The battery life is short, I cant get through a full day without needing to charge the phone. I had issues where connecting to mobile hotspot stopped the internet working. Finally this was fixed with an update. The rich communications settings dont exist on this phone which means that the function of listening to a voice mail through text message which works on the A20 does not work on the more expensive A50. I was told this was being fixed in an update in May but its July and still not working. My phone will just randomly freeze from time to time and not allow me to do anything, including reset the phone. If this was the only Samsung phone Id owned I wouldnt buy another Samsung. I wish I had spent less and bought the A20 which seems to be a much better phone.

  116. whatsupdahc

    this is the a50 by samsung. it is a great size for holding., viewing a trailer for a movie or youtube etc. the cameras take beautiful pictures and the display is vivid ans clear. unfortunately it is very slow and there isnt a way to choose which camera you would like to use. the phone does not support 5g. its not waterproof amd yiu cannot remove the battery sk when it dies the phone dies too. i didnt realize that with the a series phone was sub par when i got it. you get what you pay for i guess ..all and all it works just fne if you just want to talk,message and take photos, which is what i do mostly so it works out fine for me. the power butto is in the wrong place btw

  117. SGSaintinYXE

    Its a phone i had to buy because it seemed to have the best specs. But this 670 phone performs terribly compared to some phone made by a specific Chinese company that cost half the price. Its so lagging and unresponsive. Start up is slow. Apps switching is so lathargic. Initial use of GPS was so inaccurate. The camera in zoom mode is overly sharpened creating low quality image. I will never buy another Samsung phone or recommend one. My first and shall be the last.

  118. Anonymous

    I previously using Samsung galaxy v plus.. As an ex user of 1GB with max 3G network coverage, for sure there are a lots of things that make me impressed.. no more lagging on apps, no more struggling on network, no more keep installuninstall app due to not enough storage, super real image capture, awesome audio, no more storage clean up routine, no more daily charging, lovely bedtime schedule, easy to take out sim card, and many more..However, now in 2021, I believe I can experience those excitement in other phone too.. So here some expectation that I cant move on from my older phone.. To change the volume in this phone, it only handle slide gesture, I will be happy if it handle one time touch on the screen too.. In term of eye sight, my eye easily get tired.. I used to watch YouTube non stop using my old phone but this phone, I cant handle it more than 1 hour.. Its only 1 week of using the phone and I no more follow up my fav YouTube channel now.. In term of weight, it make my hand in pain if Im using it in long time.. In term of glass screen, I cant see the image properly at outdoor, even though I have cover the screen with my hand like I always do on my old phone.. In term of font size, the header at the Setting menu took a lot of space.. it annoy me.. it force me to scroll down for no reason.. I prefer simple and lesser movement to reach from 1 position to another position.. Last but not least, I dont have it on my old phone too, but I prefer keypad that allow me to type without seeing the phone.. you know, the rubber type of keypad..

  119. Jay MC

    I am a longterm Samsung user, techenthusiast, and have an above average knowledge of the operation of Android phones.My last phone last 2 phones actually were Samsung Galaxy J5 Pros. I bought a second J5 Pro after smashing the screen on the first, I did this because I was so very impressed with the J5 ProThis is why I am so very disappointed with this phone, the specific reasons as follows apps constantly freeze and shutdown, especially apps that use the camera Bixby home page full of superfluous information which is clunky to remove phones overall speed slow and clunky rather than snappy my J5 pro which is close to 20 cheaper and 2 years older outperforms the A30 across the board A series phones meant to be a higher quality phone than J series Onscreen navigation buttons recent apps, home, previous page inconsistent, and EXTREMELY hard to access when safety glass screen fitted, or safety rubber or plastic case added

  120. Mmmmmm

    Easy to use and reasonably straight forward to use. Until I went to transfer stuff to the large SD card I have added. You cant, absolutely stupid, even in my geriatric old mobile it was straight forward and easy to switch between SD and Internal storage. This lovely 2020 Samsung, my treat to myself nada In a convoluted way I can back up to the SD card, in a different convoluted route I can move the contents of the Gallery to the SD card, but cannot move any apps, apparently it can be done on older Samsung phones, so why the backward step with this one.I thought perhaps it was me, and looked on the Samsung Community, to find several similar complaints

  121. Mcswc

    I have been using my Samsung A71 for couple of days now. I am pretty satisfied at the moment. Screen size is perfect and quality meets the size of the screen. When buying new phone, first step is personalizing it to your needs and Samsung A71 has great features regarding customization. Speed is same regardless of size of application and memory use. Battery life meets my demands since I was using it whole day long and it lasted pretty long. I will divide camera comment into two pars, day and night photos. My last phone and many other dont have great night photos. Samsung A71 makes great photos in dark and flash really fills the space. Night photos are clear and colors are represented very good. Daytime photos are have great colors and clarity. Biggest pro regarding cameras are super wide angle camera. Compared to my friends, A71 had the best wide angle camera so far. All of it packed in slim well designed phone. Screen edges are super thin, back side has cool shades that glisten differently in light.

  122. Rick07

    Bought 4 of them. In many ways better than my year old S20. It has reasonable camera out of the box, no need for the ongoing camera updates. It has 3.5mm accessory jack, expansion card slot that S21 doesnt have and relatively fast processor. The low display resolution doesnt mean, that your photos, or video clips have low resolution. You can always watch them in hires on your tablet, or laptop. The low screen resolution equals to lower power consumption and longer battery time. The A42 5G super amoled screen in general use games, Youtube, is no different, from hires screen in my S20. In fact after my purchase of first A42 5G, I have reduced the resolution of my other phones, to reduce the time they spend on high speed chargers.

  123. Moiz

    I bought this device on January 4 or 6. It used to lag while setting it up and it still lags but not that much but STILL. It heats up alot and whenever i connect to wifi after keeping it off for 1 day although it connects to the wifi immediately but i start getting notifications after at least 3 mins and it lags alot there also. It lags while opencamera or in camera app. Snapchat clone and orignal both also lag. Its ok if It doesnt have have any screen recorder but i hate when this phone works lagy while recording from 3rd party app. Although it got smooth on android 11 but still it needs much more improvement.I hope you will see forward on my feedback

  124. DCHX

    my iphone was crushed at work and a must have item for my job. i went to replace it within the hour of accident. store was out of my model and suggested the a20. i had used samsung tablets in the past and absolutely loved them so i thought why not. well heres why not phones freezes constantly, touch screen works 75 of time, volume fades as it ages, locks up at most inopportune time. its less than a year old and was looking to get new iphone so i checked my trade in value which is absolutely 0, even though phone is sold new by all sites i tried. that there is all the proof you need the big boys wont even try to buy them backtrade in or up. not sure what went wrong with the a20 but id be embarrassed to have the samsung name attached to it.

  125. johe

    this phone replaced my galaxy s7 edge which i liked very much. when the battery seemed to be going bad, i decided to bite the bullet and upgrade. i dont how great the phone is, i am not willing to pay 1000 for a phone and have to pay a provider to use it. my daughter bought a71 5g uw and i was impressed by the photos it took. long story short, im glad i bought one as well. i have not had any problems with it and am pleased with its performance and features. i did not buy it for 5g performance, but for general phone use that has always been good enough for me. i dont play games or watch movies on my phone. i have a desktop and laptop computer as well as a tablet if i wish to do those things. overall, it surpassed my expectations for a midpriced cell phone.

  126. CrimmiDweller

    I purchased this 2 years ago, dropped many many times and only has a few scratches on the screen. Its big, but made it easy to view things. The cameras are amazing quality. The main front camera and selfie camera are both 32mp. The ultracwide lense makes for taking pictures of a wide space very easy. Would say this phone was pretty indestructible, and really easy to use and navigate. I had no issues with my phone. Just recently upgraded to another, but will definitely keep this one on hand.

  127. Alqassem

    Screan 3.55Cam 25Batry 3.55CPU 35Ram 3.55The screen is more than great .. The camera is not well supported despite the availability of enough space in the device .. You cannot use all the lenses to shoot videos .. The device is not sufficiently supported by Samsung. It could have put more effort into the device, especially since it was launched at a high priceI still use the device since its inception. For the screen sake only..Im personally excited about a new release that fixes the problems. And pay more attention to the advantages of the device

  128. alfalfalaffa

    Great screen and an attractive looking design in spite of it being plastic, but everything else is good enough or underwhelming. Bottom line, the performance is the achilles heel for me. It lags in ways I havent experienced in a new android phone in a while ex., it lags when pulling down the notification shade. It also gets bogged down fast if you start installing lots of apps on it. The A51 is slow, both in benchmarks compared to similarly priced phones, and in real world use. Recent updates seemed to have improved things, but its not night and day. Also, on that note, updates so far seem to be sporadic, and I dont exactly expect updates to keep rolling far into the future. I like the versatility in the cameras, but their quality leaves a bit to be desired. The battery life is good, but should probably be better considering the 4000 mAh capacity etc.The regular MSRP of this phone is 470 Canadian. The Google Pixel 4a is just about to launch in Canada at that same price, and it looks to be a better phone in every way and has much better guarantee of more software updates for longer Google promises 3 years. Unless you can get a substantial deal on this phone 100 off or more I cant recommend it. Not that it is not good in its own ways, but there are much better phones for the price now.

  129. UncleMikeInSwitzerland

    After the initial excitement over how cool the A51s screen looked, everything went downhill from there. The A51 is the only phone Ive ever owned which just couldnt maintain a Bluetooth connection. It would connect, play a few songs, then randomly disconnect. I work in I.T., I Googled this issue, and followed suggestions like making sure that Spotify stayed awake in the background.I have a variety of Bluetooth devices, Ive had many Android phones, but none have been as unstable as the A51. I did contact Samsungs support, they just suggested hardreseting the phone spoiler alert it made no difference and that they couldnt be responsible for thirdparty products like Spotify.12 times each week, the phone would randomly reset itself, usually in standard Android apps like the Camera.After four miserable months with the Samsung A51, I sold it, bought myself a phone from a competitor, and everythings worked fine since.

  130. Charlierose3

    i have had the samsung a11 now for a little over a month. it is the worse for detecting networks. my husband can be setting next to me and have 6 or more area networks available, this phone finds none. the camera is super sensitive, you literally cant move for a couple seconds after your shot or it will blur your photo. the worse problem is the camera screen will go dim and then back to normal constantly every few seconds. i have tried all the settings trying to fix it. i am so annoyed with this phone. also while charging it gets super hot. there are more problems like notification and such that work and then dont. also every time you power off it automatically resets your screen to dim setting. i have had several samsung phones this is by far the worst. so disappointed.

  131. DomC

    I bought this phone thinking that i could get my sd card as internal storage because 32 gb is not enough for me. Advertisement for this phone clearly said that i can expand my storage with an SD card. Its not really expandable storage if i cant fully expand my storage for my games. I like this phone since it stopped freezing whenever i played faction wars on mortal kombat but i play a lot of big games and i am missing out on other games because i cant use adoptable storage for this phone. I spent two hours yesterday almost in tears trying to figure out ADB and i still couldnt set my SD card as internal storage. I could have put a virus on my laptop because Samsung didnt include the feature to use SD card as internal storage. SD card as portable storage means nothing to me because i can just install Google photos and backup my photos to the cloud and save space on my phone. Like i said i play a lot of games some of which are about 2 to 5 GB and i am missing out on some of those games because i cant use my SD card like i did previously on my other phones. Samsung should definitely release an update for adoptable storage on this phone. If people mess up their SD cards with adoptable storage its their fault so Samsung should release this update.

  132. lov2shop

    I was pleasantly surprised by my A51 what a screen I even thought to get the A71There is this little black dot camera and I was amazed at such an idea of its placement and yet wondered how to remove this while watching movies, etc… In the settings, I was able to hide this dot, and WOW just the DOT was gone as if it was never there what a clever idea, and able to view the ENTIRE screen THE WHOLE SCREEN That is until an update made this impossible to do, You lose some of your viewing areas with a ridiculous idea of putting a stripe across to hide the camera I did not buy this to lose a part of the screenviewing experience well, you lost me as a customer What were your engineers thinking My supervisor was right You just continue to make the iPhones the phone of choice

  133. GlynDE

    I bought the phone to replace my ageing Galaxy A3 2017 which had started to have charging problems. I assumed the Galaxy A12 would be a direct replacement for the A3 and with added value but there is one very important feature that is missing and thats a Magnetometer. Without this sensor all compass aps and aps such as Skymap will not work. How can a company like Samsung have removed such an important sensor and not made it clear in the specifications. I have always been happy with Samsung products in the past and until now, new models have always been an improvement on previous models but the magnetometer is such an important sensor and one thats needed by so many aps that this is the last time I will automatically choose Samsung..

  134. NoJustNo

    This phone represents a doublingdown on everything that makes Samsung devices suck. Even more invasive bloatware that you cant remove. Abyssal performance… I cant emphasize this one enough… EVERYTHING lags. You tap a button and you have to wait a few seconds to see if your tap registered. Dont you dare try to tap again unless youve waited at least 10 seconds, or you may accidentally unleash a sequence of unintended actions and autoshare your sensitive files to random contacts. I own 2 samsung devices S7e and Tablet A both were huge disappointments and I had no intention of ever buying another Samsung device but the lady at MetroPCS talked me into this Free phone. I have been cursing it ever since. I have never really liked Apple devices so dumbeddown and sparse on configuration options but it seems they are the only company who can produce a phone that doesnt constantly lag on every single tap. It took weeks to disable all of the annoying, bloatwareadwarespywarestealyopersonalinfo nonsense that is packed into this phone and I am still finding new things daily that I have to disable. Its clear they know that you dont want these features because every single one of them requires some research to find out how to disable it.

  135. menwithven

    I was pretty happy at first with this phone. But with each passing month and systemsecurity update now on Android 10 it gets slower and slower before you ask Ive done all the usual clearing cache, clearing installed apps, etc. etc.. Switching apps is just incredibly slow.The other big negative is taking photos with the camera is so slow you will miss most moments before you can even get the camera app open. Clicking the take photo button results in a several second delay yes SECONDS as in 1234 before it takes the photo by then your subject has moved Want to see the photo you just took Clicking the gallery button takes 56 seconds to load the gallery to see your photo. I dont bother with photos now. My daughter just laughes at me with her iphone she has got her phone out, taken a photo, looked at it and put her phone away before Ive even managed to take a single photoGoogle Assistant is another big disappointment. Hold down the Home button wait 45 seconds Google Assistant activates and says it is listening. Ask a question What is the weather today. Freeze. Hang. Five seconds later, it says here are the search results i found for today. It just misses the first part of your speech every time.The only bright points for this phone are the great display with excellent colours and the amazing battery life thanks to a 4000mAh battery.

  136. NotAFanOfThisPhone

    I got this phone through my cell phone provider. At first I was just happy to have an android phone again because I was not happy with Apple. I have been looking at the A51 for a while and looked like a great phone that I could afford. After a few weeks of use the phone is not what I expected from a Samsung product. My biggest issue is with the lock screen display. When I get a new message, email, or notification from an app, I just get an icon that pops up. I have changed all the settings in my phone to display these things, but they dont. Another issue is I dont get my messages or emails when they first come in. I have to unlock the screen and all the emails notifications start popping up. I feel like I should have stuck with Apple and tried to upgrade to something affordable from them. Now I am stuck with this phone for a while.

  137. Jusgina

    i really dislike putting out negatives in any way however, i think i should tell ya this phone i went into debt buying it, totally against what i normally do. it was a disappointment straight out of the box, it has only gotten worse in the last year. i was unable to return it because somehow there was no insurance and i was out of the warranty range this all within the first month of having the phone. i ran across this rate your experience. looking for a way to fix this piece of dung before it crashes again. i hate this phone with a passion i do not recommend this headacke to anyone. gee, only 5 more payments and its all mine……god help me.

  138. Choong CK

    I made a phone booking on 14 July and received it on 16 July 2021. It is very fast delivery and I appreciate it. After checking, the phone is functioning well which exceeded my expectation. I would recommend the phone to my friendsfamily members. However, it is found that the phone adaptor is spoilednot functioning the cable is fine. After calling the Samsung Call Centre, a female officer directed me to Ipoh Samsung Centre as there is no Samsung official store in Kampar. The male officer in Ipoh in Greentown formerly requested me to send the phone and the adaptor to Ipoh as per Samsung SOP as the cross district is not allowed. Im not able to send the phone as I have transferred all info from my spoiled old phone to the new phone. I hope that after cross district is allowed, then Samsung could accept my request to checkchange the phone adaptor for me. Thanks.

  139. Kris

    i went from the note 8 to this because the store told me that they were discontinuing the note phone, only to find out one week later the note 20 will be out.. since ive had this phone, my watch, a samsung watch as well, will be constantly connecting and disconnecting, i do not get notifications on either my phone or watch. certain apps like facebook keeps crashing since ive gotten this phone, as well as my work schedule site hotschedules. it keeps telling me i have voicemails when i do not, constantly drops calls regardless of wifi or network, connection. also, it is not waterproof, which makes not much sense since the majority of the galaxy phones are. the only thing i can honestly say i like about this phone is the camera.

  140. thurman500

    I purchased this A51 with high hopes as Ive used an A5 years ago, before purchasing a S7 Edge, which i was overly happy with. Lets begin with the one mishap that makes me cringe, the lag on this phone. I have the 4GB Ram A51, this thing lags tremendously no matter what I do. My S7 Edge had the same capacity of RAM and Ive never experienced such slowness with it. The recognition on the fingerprint scanner is not that great either. I am very dissatisfied with the availability of free themes and the unavailability of paid themes for my country on this device. I like to personalize my phones and I do not have much choice with the A51.The camera quality is quite OK, I wouldnt rave too much about it but its pretty decent for its price point.The phone has a beautiful design and I believe Samsung neeeeeddddss to provide A51 users with updates to rectify this lag issue. It is very inconveniencing, especially when youre running a business from your phone.

  141. Bilo4

    This model had a shaky launch and unfortunately was riddled with rather frustrating bugs, however I am pleased to say Samsung have released updates and fixed pretty much every issue I had with this phone.ProsMid range price point, this phone is still quite cheap and whilst the specs are a step down from premium phones, things like the battery capacity are insane this phone will keep decent charge for two days of heavy use Ive found. The screen looks amazing, samsung really have this down to a fine art to the point you can get a stunning display in a reasonably priced unit.I will put the build of the phone into a pro as although it is plastic, it does not feel cheap as you might expect, and infact seems rather sturdy and less likely to scratch or crack. Performance appears to be quite decent, generally apps load quickly, and switching between apps is usually a smooth process. I have noticed some Web pages especially with lots of ads cause the phone to lag, although this may not necessarily be the fault of the phone itself.ConsAs before, the camera is not amazing. It does its job okay and pictures are colourful, but especially in low light the camera isnt above any other phones of similar price point. The hidden fingerprint sensor is a little slow, however Ive been using facial recognition and this works much faster and consistently and is an easy alternative.My first review was rather negative as there were several bugs which really limited the stability of this phone, however samsung have fixed most of these issues and I can know recommend this phone after several months of use.

  142. Batman

    Doesnt plan to getting this, i just bought it because my older had broken and was searching for budget phone which didnt break the bank. I had expect less when i bought it but surprisingly its gave premium feel to me, new camera design issa turn on and plus the phone is worth the money.. The only thing i made me down is.. Is the waterdrop notch, because its kinda give cheap image to the phone.. other than that , the phone is a complete banger. So on next batch release, please avoid waterfall notch for the phones which has premium feel like this A32.

  143. kmm145

    I purchased this phone 12 days ago and requested insurance to cover any damages done but, it was never added to my account. Yesterday, I dropped the phone and the screen shattered. I tried to call customer service and the service provider but, neither answered my questions or helped figure out the cost of a replacement. I was told that if the insurance was added now, it would not cover the damages done. Before the screen broke the keyboard was very sensitive even after adjusting settings and the camera quality is horrible. It was very awkward to maneuver without a case due to the phone being coated in a gloss like finish. The service rarely connects without the help of a WIFI connection. Its hard to hear people on the other line of calls. Overall, this phone has been a huge regret in my life and I wished I never switched from my old device. It seems like a downgrade after switching from the Galaxy J7 Star.

  144. Xiquana

    I have been using this 230 au phone for a while and am really surprised that it has all the features a 1000 phone a 4000 MAH battery which usually lasts me two days. The face ID works very well however the touch ID is my favourite as you just press it and the phone logs on without having to press the power on button. The camera is what you would expect for a 700 phone except it has a 5 Mega Pixel ultra wide which is great and good to use for taking photos of a both pages of a book etc. Its a nice feature but aside from the occasional shot it is just bells and whistles. The display is amazing and the small notch is quite incredible for the price. If you are not familiar with android I prefer it to ios purely because of the customisation features even though ios is simple and easy to use. The speakers are alright and the Bluetooth connection works fine.Any worries about the phone being so cheap and it falling apart after a couple of months are wrong.Summary The phone has all the features of a 1000 Phone and all the features work extremely well, the performance and software are nothing to worry and it is 230 Dollars this phone could be sold for 550 and it would still be being sold. The reason you havent heard of it is because there was no money left in the budget to market it not because it is bad.

  145. jace97

    The fingerprint sensor is on the lock button, which is a narrow button on the right side of the phone. Its not at the back or on the screen which as usual as most phones. Poor build because its so hard to unlock as you would have to manoeuvre your thumbfinger over and over again. Imagine if you had a large thumb. The front camera on the other hand is meant to be exposed after placing the screen protector plastic. So i decided to put S20s screen protector as it would protect the screen fully. Overall, not very good design.

  146. hezgoncountry2

    Purchased this factory unlockedno bloatware, thanks A50, received it yesterday, charged it to 100, transferred my sim card, and desired files utilizing Samsungs Smart Switch software and just LOVE this phone It is quite a step up from my previous S4 model. Much quicker, better screen resolution, more storage space, and more intuitive. The cameras features are awesome There is no way this phone will be lost nor stolen, so there was no need for me to set up the security features offered, ie facial recognition, or fingerprint scanner, or pin…I just swipe as I have always done, and the phone is ready to do whatever I need it to. I love the large sized screen. Having had my older S4, the flagship model for 2013, and being satisfied with it as well, I hope to have as many years of enjoyment with this model. The price was right, and I didnt have to take a 2nd mortgage to afford it. Samsung has hit a home run with this phone

  147. Gary M

    i purchased this phone a couple months ago. what an awesome phone everything that i do with the phone is fast. going to an app, taking pictures, updating my apps, downloads, etc. this mid range phone is everything i could ask for in a phone. to top it off, it is bargain priced the picture and video quality is great too. that alone will come in very handy with my youtube videos. without a doubt this was the best purchase that i made in 2020. i absolutely love the phone

  148. oberoicredo

    Display It has vivid colours and reasonably bright for outdoor conditions, Infinity O punch hole is subjective but overall display is very impressive.Design White, Black or Crush Blue, all looks amazing. It is very gorgeous phone and it wont feel too big hands because of slim design.Build Quality Build quality isnt upto the mark. Youtube reviewers or Samsung dealers would try to give you different opinions but fact is you can bend or break the phone with your hands. However, if you are planning to use a rugged case cover then problem solved.Processor Here it falls below from all its rivals. The processing power is slow. If you are a gamer PUBG, Fortnite, COD then bad news for you. It can not handle it properly and apart from games, if you are planning to do multiple tasks at once, it may give you micro lags sometimes. For day to day tasks, exynos processor can handle well.Call Signal Reception The SAR Value is 0.59 head. The signal reception is very good but call quality is just average. Sometimes on speaker phone or on earpiece, you may have to struggle to understand few words. You can not expect S10 or Note 10 like earpiece crystal clear sound. Though it is very loud.Battery Can average lasts for a day, which means around more than 8 hours of screen on time. You dont need to worry about battery if you charge it every single night.Camera Rear Primary Camera has good dynamic range and better colour reproduction. For the price, rear camera is very impressive. Macro camera is just a gimmick, because it loses colour details if I compare with main camera. Front Camera is OK too with low dynamic range but reasonably good to take selfies. Video capability of this device isnt good at all because of no OIS or EIS. Super steady mode does not do the justice with the cropped videos. Low light performance is also not very impressive as compared to other rivals.Verdict If you are Samsung One UI fan and want a good looking display, battery with an average camera, A51 is for you. On the flip side, you are a camera lover, Gamer and need impressive biometrics then consider K20 Pro, Realme X2 Pro or Samsung A71 Samsung Fans.

  149. Bernardo

    This is my 5th phone purchased on the A Series from Samsung… I was extremely impressed with the quality of the A71 for the price. So, I decided to purchase it for my wife. She loves it too. Great camera and sound. The only thing we miss is the dedicated SIM trays and the Micro SD tray. This phone came only with a shared Memory slot with the second Sim…but that is not a big deal for her. In short, I recommend this phone for those like me BIG Fans of Note Series, as a very reasonable option for a middle size budget.

  150. piotrk

    On paper it seems like a great deal.In reality it forgets, unmounts or unrecognises memory card constantly at least once a day so you have to restart the phone a lot. Mine was not even half filled 119GB card. It supposed to support up to 1TB I think it is a design flaw having one memory cardSim card tray. So one cannot be removed without taking the other one out at the same timeI tried to like .It is very sluggish, unresponsive and slow even with all the background processes and apps disabled, uninstalled etc.I tried to like it but the cameras were very unimpressive despite advertisement, and Bluetooth connection would often cut off.On top of that it would randomly often stop recognising mp3 songs on my memory card or skipping them all together and it would freeze my music a lot too.Definite disappointment comparing to the Galaxy A6 2018 that I had previously. I wanted to invest in Bluetooth v5.0 which I regret now. Should have kept the old one.The only positive I have to say about the phone is its battery life.Had I known Samsung is so difficult to contact on returns and one is not allowed to send phone back through Post Office I would not have bothered. I am forced to take a day off from work for the phone to be collected in person from my house now apparently.

  151. DougR

    My wife and I each bought this phone but within one year both screens were cracked in spite of having purchased a protective case. My phone now has purple blead spots all over the screen.The best thing about the phone is its camera and storage space. However, since very early on, it is slow to respond to the internet. My wife finds the phone too big to hold but I am OK with its size.The sound crackles at times and the speakers are not very clear.We have bought several Samsung phones in the past but this is the first time I am very disappointed with our purchase. The fact that we still owe money on the phone and it has become useless within a year of purchasing it adds insult to injury.I would appreciate Samsung replacing these phones.

  152. pickywood

    This will be my second phone in 4 months. The outer material and rounded edges makes this phone easy to drop. I have cracked the glass within days of each and the charge connector on BOTH have failed. My older phone, a Samsung, had lasted me 6 years no problems. I believe they are designed to break quicker so you purchase more, including somewhat forcing you to by a case upselling products. My provider will not replace and I paid over 500.00 for a 3 week phone. The issues have been brought up to our provider and will do nothing, so we have no choice to buy a different brand and change phone service supplier. We are both retired and on fixed income, so caring for everything is essential. Thank you and good luck.

  153. NameAlreadyTaken

    Seen this cheap smartphone and thought it would be perfect for my daughters. Bought 2 of them, 1 year down the line, one of them has been replaced by another phone. Both have an issue where screen will randomly flash and not let you use the phone. Samsung is aware of issue and says just reboot the phone in safe mode to resolve. Wouldnt be an issue if it was a one off however happens every couple of days. Also when I purchased them website said it had samsung pay… they do not. Contacted support who said will send to developers to get device added to supported ones, phone will get an update within a month. Still no update and conveniently then put of return time scales. Phone runs slow, even switching to another app has a delay waiting for anything to load. Theres a reason it cheap, many other cheap phones run so much better than this one. Would definitely not recommend this phone

  154. ShannonLikes

    So I had mixed feelings about this product when going through all the reviews.But I purchased anyway, as its different for everyone.Ive had no problems with this phone so far, and Im very happy with the product.I play games alot and Im always on social media so I need to charge once a day. Which is alot better than charging twice a day with my old phone.The camera is alright it does what it needs to do.. the only time Im not satisfied with the camera is when it comes to evening time, even with the flash on the pictures doesnt come out decent but alright.Give the phone a chance it might be perfect for you.Its decent for the price.

  155. mnhgg

    I used Iphones for many years before switching to Moto three years back. I liked the Moto Z, as well as the Moto G7 Power TMobile freebie and was not looking for anything when I saw this phone for 79.00 at Best Buy two day new Sprint customer special and decided to try it out. I am so happy I made the switch. It still feels like a new phone after five months though it would be nice to get Android 10 soon. The battery is very decent nowhere near G7 Power level but a little tweaking will easily get me through the whole day. The cameras are great and not overly confusing. The one issue Ive had is the finicky fingerprint scanner. It is not very dependable though with facial recognition and Smart Lock, I get by. This is a great phone with dependable service and Id highly recommend it as long as it can be had for less than 275ish.

  156. Alina123

    I bought a Samsung A71 two weeks ago. Design is beautiful, great memory storage and resolution, beautiful front camera shoots during the day. However, compared to my last phone which was a cheap Huawei Mate lite i was shocked and disappointed to find out the network connectivity was so bad i am not able to connect to my network in places i used to with my old phone. The front camera in dim lighting looks like a camera from a phone from 10 years ago and the fingerprint recognition is pathetic, i am most times struggling to unlock my phone eventually giving up and using my code.Overall, i am regretting coming back to Samsung after 6 years of avoiding their mobile products that are,generally, overpriced and a lesser quality than other brands on the market.

  157. Nick

    ive never had a phone more than 200 and this is a step up. i have ample storage for apps and photos. i can actually install and app, not use it, and still have it on my phone without it being a problem.the screen brightness is amazing, and i can read it when the sun is out. charging time is near instant, that you can take a lunch, and your phone is nearly done features are screen recording, creating apps from website urls so you have all your favorites, finger print scanner, great photos.just overall amazing. overall i think its nice. the only down side i find in the phone is the size without a case. it is oddly really thin, and it when my fingers are on the sides, i touch the screen and it can mess up what im doing.

  158. Elky64

    The A Series has always intrigued me, mainly the A7x, but since for some odd reason that series model wasnt going to be available here in Canada this year A52 5G it had to be. Did purchase for a good price and in all honestly cant say I would have it if hadnt.Prerequisites I have in a device reasonable performer for my type of usage, good battery life, 128GB onboard storage, 4GB RAM min, 1080 display min, MicroSD card slot, OEM support in terms of security patches and OS upgrades. So yup the A52 5G meets or exceeds those requirements wease.Havent owned a Samsung since 2017 so seeing the A52 5Gs bright and vibrant Super AMOLED display was very welcoming. Performance in my limited use has been very good so far Im no stranger to low to mid tier devices as I own a few at present so definitely not entering uncharted waters here. So yeah up to this point its performing very well for what I want out of it.Its 64 MP rear camera performanceoutput exceeds my expectations so no real complaints there, wide angle lens is OK too. The other cameras rear macro depthselfie arent something Ill likely use often but are there if need be. Camera app is quick and responsive enough.Nice stereo speakers majority of my phones have them, call quality is good, speakerphone works well, headphone jack.The offputtingUpon unboxing gotta say the A52 5Gs flimsy matte black plastic back was a surprisedisappointment especially coming from Samsung. Yes this is a midranger yet own other devices that cost less than half of whats being asked here and they are massively superior in this department. Thankfully we always adorn our devices in a case so essentially becomes a nonissue but still.Then theres the bloat and oh boy is there lots Wouldnt mind so much if could toss what didnt wantneed into the trash bin but not an option for the majority of it, much of it cant even be disabled. Guess Ive become too accustomed wnear stock Android as to why we see this as being overpowering and unnecessary.Then theres something about the device taking its time settling in after setup. Dunno maybe its just me yet our other 8 devices, after initial setup, got in sync rather quickly with my usage habits, apps in use, notifications, etc all my devices of varying brands are set up similarly in regards to settings, apps, etc. The A52 5G on the other hand is taking a bit longer for some reason which makes it feel out of place in some ways. Nope by no means is this a big hindrance but the difference makes it a focal point, Im confident itl sort itself out though.And even though I always use a case on my device would like to see Samsung offering up a few more colour options like they do in other regions Customer can have any colour phone they want so long as it is black. Yeah that pretty much sums it up LOL.Bottom line…. A solid device for those not wanting to break the bank nor require the bestofthebest, or most powerful. But be forewarned it is not perfect and strays quite a distance from stock Android if thats your thing. And be prepared to deal with the bloat which might not be a problem if ones used to Samsungs ecosystem.P.S. The 5G aspect is of no use to me nor will it be for some time to come because of my location. Turned off the 120Hz display too since it failed to WOW me after comparing against my other devices, besides Ill take battery life over that option any day. Both can consume more battery and since I dont see them as gamechangers in my smartphone world we can easily live wo, they are there if the desire arises to use.

  159. Avid

    Bought two Galaxy A72s last week one each for myself and my wife. We dont need top of the range phones but have been searching for a while for a decent mid range phone and decided to go for the new A72. Has all the features we require including a good camera. We are delighted with our new phones. This model is not 5G ready but a 4G is perfectly fine for our requirements and b we live remotely and dont expect to have a 5G service in our area for several years.Trading in our Galaxy S7 phones greatly added to the value for money of this package.

  160. M Hashmi

    I bought this phone from a Samsung store on 12th Aug 2020. I have 2 WiFi routers at home and 5 Samsung phones which all connect perfectly to both the WiFi networks. However, this A31 refused to connect to the WiFi networks I tried to use it for 34 days, did network and factory resets, which wasted so much of my time, but the phone didnt connect to WiFi. The WiFi connectivity is so crucial for all Apps these days. Eventually, I took it to the store and they filed for a replacement phone, however, its been two weeks today and I was told I have to wait for a few more days Samsung clearly isnt bothered. All this has been such a waste of time and extremely annoying

  161. Evilsauce423

    Ive been using the Samsung a20 for almost a year and i am very pleased with its performance. The Price is very reasonable as its a budget phone.The phone is not that durable. Ive already gotten cracks and scratches on the back.The 6.4 Inch display is perfect for gaming and watching videos or movies. The bezrl os thin with a infinty V camera notch.The camera is HDR with a 13 MP main camera with a 5 MP wide camera. The selfie Camera is a 8 MP. Wide camera is great for outdoor pics to have more view of the image. The phone has a nice feel though its plastic but refective feeling like glass. The phone has the latest software and is exceptionally good against coin marks and cards. I recommend a phone case as well as a screen protector so ypu dont have to pay 200 to repairAll in all, this budget phone is great espcially for teenagers or kids. I do note the phone is less durable but for its great value, i recommend getting this phone.

  162. RicknMorty

    so i have used the galaxy a20 with zero problems. decent phone, decent battery life, decent screen, quick charging, powerful enough processor, ect. the charging port quit working, instead of doing a warranty on it i upgraded so i thought to the galaxy a21. so far the cameras look really washed out, the battery life isnt as good, there isnt a clipboard on the keyboard, and the deal breaker for me it doesnt have a gorilla glass screen which i had thought was a new standard but nope. this phone is clearly a downgrade from my older phone. ive been swindled.

  163. Goodoneleft

    the voice recognition while texting is pathetic. even if you speak very slowly and google voice doesnt work on texting.recognizes maybe 2 out of 10 simple words. does not recognize punctuation. if you want to add a at end of sentence. it spells out exvlamation point. if you text a lot, practice up on your typing.also added extra step to correcting text. instead of volune keys on right side so you can adjust volume on a call, they moved to left next to power button.if you google a51 voic recognition problem. you will see tons of complaints. instead if spending money on the 4 cameras. they should have invested in some good voice recognition software like the s7 had.

  164. Yanka

    Typing on my laggy A30 now. A Samsung user since 06, have bought in the last 10 years 8 note phones, 3 galaxy tablets. Currently rocking a note 8 and Huawei mate 20, I wanted to get a budget phone for non business use. The salesman convinced me to go with another Samsung and even though wanted something different to try, but reluctantly agreed as Im used to the Samsung skin. This phone so laggy that dont bother running split screen. If Im using YouTube in the background,i cant open anything or use another app without lag. If bring up camera while other apps are running, the load time is 30 seconds or more, taking photos is embrassing as the shutter would literally freeze. 2 months old and has crashed numerous times already. Been told by the technical centre to reset the phone and leave it for assessment at the centre despite the problem being clearly visible. Staff it, cant be bother backing up and deleting everything and then be told to have another replacement A30 for the hassle of 350. Save yourself the pain, get an OPPO, Huawei or Motorola with a lot better hardware for 100 dollars more rather than frozen apps to respond.

  165. Mr Ball

    I just got a new A52 5g and I can say this, I am not happy with it nor impressed..Sad to say .I am a android fan and just got back to one from iPhone and i can say it hasnt been the best experience.My new phone is having issue that are becoming problems that are getting frusting.My first issue was Bluetooth connectivity. My a52 stopped pairing with other devices and Id have to reboot my phone just to make a connection.2nd problem. The outside plastic edge on my phone is swollen loose wiggles and clicks.3rd problem was wifi connection, and I got so mad I factory reset my phone… big mistake,,, that made me even more made but fixed the issue… sort of … Ive spent the last 2 days setting up my phone, my smart devices, re logging in, and setting up my smart watch…Never been more disappointed, frustrated, and upset over a phone in my life. The struggle is real and the phone is disappointing. I wanted to get the z flip but if this is Samsungs new quality of phone I think I lucked out on spending 800 to be disappointed than 3000 I guess

  166. Kats

    Within the first 2 days of me using this phone it had a full on spamz and froze for a long time. I could not get into it. Multipule times since then the screen has gone black and frozen, I am constantly having to restart my new phone to fix the camera as it turns black and is unable to take photos for some reason lioe everyday, it doesnt work until I restart my phone. even then it happens AGIAN shortly afterwards. Not reliable since i hada whole day of it being frozen on lock screen and i could not get into or use it. Was really excited to get this large new phone but would defently return it if I did not lose the receipt. Easily crackable lots of little cracks already in my screen even with a screen protecter. The camera is not as good as it seems its decent but the selfie camera could use improvement. I do like the large amount of storage and battery but yech really disappointed i saved up for this.

  167. Mo20002

    Just like advertised awesome screen, awesome camera, long lasting battery lifeAwesome screen A vivid and very bright 120 hz holepunch display which is something only really seen on high end phonesAwesome camera A quad camera setup with a 64mp main lens and a ultra wide lens. These main cameras are very good. Macro camera can take very capable close up shots given the right lighting and the depth camera allows for background blur in portrait shotsLong lasting battery life A super huge 4500 mah battery with support for 25watts superfast charging although only 15w comes in the box and despite a 120hz screen I get a day and a half worth of heavy usageSo far Im very impressed with this phone. Buying a midrange was always something I didnt prefer doing since they tend to be a lot slower. However with the a52 5g Ive noticed no such thing and I do think samsung really outdid themselves. I recommend this phone for anyone, you cant go wrong

  168. Jaybee

    This was a product that I bought the day it was launched. Yeah, a decision that I made without second thought. Anyways, it went really well untill the phone starts showing flaws.The camera is the worst camera in modern phone lists.The phone display flickers, I claimed warranty and the service center changed the display.The display turns black on longer usage, probably battery heat effect on display.Well, it wont be a good review if I dont add features, here we goThe battery life is awesome and it has super charging speed.A solid phone, yeah I mean, it can take impact anywhere but not on face…Thanks for reading, hope this will help you guys.

  169. Evilex

    Generally a good phone, and for most people, most of the time, a great phone.It makes sensible compromises to keep the price down compared to the premium flagship modelsIt may use plastics for the body, but it ends up being lighter than glassmetalThe processor may be a shade slower, but its well optimised and this helps the battery last longer.The screen is lower res, but its still easily good enough.The cameras are ok. The selfie unit is fine.The Macro is virtually useless. The wide angle squeezes a LOT in, but at the expense of some image distortion.The main camera is pretty good, if a little noisy in lower light conditions.The worst aspect is the time the units take to focus. You could easily miss shots while you were waiting.Compared to my old Pixel 2, the cameras arent as good. Paradoxically, however, the end results look better on the Samsung because the display is so much better.Memory is good at 128gb, and is expandable via micro SD cardRAM is also plenty at 6gb.Both a clear improvement over the Pixel 2.The fingerprint scanner works ok for me 75 of the time. Face unlock is very variable, and nonexistent in low lightThe A71 ships with Android10, and this seems to sit fairly well with the stock Samsung UI.Theres definitely less bloatware than previous Samsung devices Ive owned, and the option to uninstall or disable much of what you dont want, which is a positive step.Battery life is good so far. It gives me 36hours between charges with moderate use. The supplied charger is very fast 25w, but Im concerned about how much it stresses the battery, so Im using an old charger 10w to help prolong the service life of the battery.The inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone socket is a bonus, as I can now connect to older devices car stereos, hifi ampsThe lack of waterproofing doesnt bother me, so thats fine.Ive had no issues with performance, and setup was only a nightmare because of the unstable network I was using at the time.Complete the setup process at home or on a good network that you trust, and it wont take 10 hours like mine did. Not the phones fault, though.Its a good device so far, and makes you wonder if the flagships are worth paying nearly 3 times more for.

  170. A20 Victim

    Had a Motorola Z2 play from 2017… 2017. Decided to upgrade because my phone looks a little old.I expected a 250 phone from 2019 to perform roughly as well as a 500 phone from 2017. Samsung, however, had different plans.My A20 couldnt handle Android Auto without lagging horribly, turning my MP3s and Play Music in to a near infinite collection of horribly scratched CDs, skipping a second every few seconds. Didnt matter the vehicle. My old phone handled this fine.When I would record video the screen would lag and get screen tear a lot. You will find that Samsung ensured that you will have an equal and fair laggy experience no matter what you reluctantly chose to try and do on your A20.The screen was, however, bigger than my previous 2017 phone and that small amount of extra space only came at a cost of weighing approximately 4 times as much.When using a Samsung Approved Samsung Charger Block the A20 charged as fast as my old phone. When using any other charger block from our time period the phone would endlessly scream at me in Samsungs patented Bottom Third of the Screen Taken Up By Generic Annoyance system. Paired with the massive amounts of bloatware I could not uninstall or even disable, I never once questioned whether I was using a genuine Samsung phone. Only questioned why.I rate the A20 1010 Samsung Points for being a Samsung phone, but the realization that other brands make phones I realized that Samsung Points is just a longer way to spell Mistake.Returned it. That, surprisingly was not a laggy experience and am posting this from an old looking phone from… You guessed it, 2017.

  171. MihaMicro

    TLDR The phone has a nice design, works smoothly, is dual sim with an additional microSD card slot, old school headphone jack and makes great pictures What do you need more And yes, we already have three in the family…The first one was bought by my sisterinlaw, who recommended it to my wife when she needed a replacement and the last one was bought by my daughter… So definitely some gender bias there D but as a male, i do find it attractive as wellOK, seriously, I did the phone set up for my wife and daughter, and it is easy to do idiotproof and migrating everything from the old android phone Samsung Switch App worked like a charm… So when my daughter wanted a new smartphone as a birthdaysuccesfully finishing school present and has seen how nice mommys phone is, she opted out of wanting an expensive iPhone or a more flagship Samsung… The difference in price between the A71 and the flagships amounts for quite some icecreams and other fun stuff…Personally, if I wouldnt have gotten a phone from work just recently a Galaxy S9, also a solid phone, kudos to Samsung I would ask forget an A71.A71, highly recommended

  172. DiegoP

    received this phone on christmas day. my experience with this phone is lower than i expected. the performance isnt all that great compared to other budget phones of a similar price, but it does its job. the cameras are mediocre and the loudspeaker is a solid meh. you lose 90 of the audio if the speaker is resting upon a soft surface like a bed when youre laying down and when covered by your finger when holding it. cant really handle any game 100mb and really slows down if there is a single hint of 3d effects. great for web browsing and texting, though, if thats your style. would recommend it for a child, though, since it fares well with games and other apps with simple 2d graphics. still, a good daily driver phone in my opinion even if the cons outweigh the pros.

  173. Sofashopper

    Bought this Galaxy A51 sim free a week ago and very very pleased.As a wrinkley 74yrs of age I wondered how I would fair using and transferring my data from my previous handset.No problems, all sorted within a few hours and I am enjoying exploring the many features of this newly released handset.My favourite is the super wide angle camera which gives a really natural image whether in a room or outdoors.The screen is so sharp, with vibrant colours and REALLY deep blacks.Sound reproduction is exceptional and at last I have a phone which I can use easily with my hearing aids.No idea about gaming or social network, Whatsapp runs perfectly.Overall, bang up to date technology in a wrinkley friendly package. BRILLIANT.

  174. SamsungNotImpressed

    I bought a Samsung a20 in January 2020. It has always been very well protected with a tempered glass screen protector as well as a sturdy case. It has never had a fall. Suddenly stopped working last month, with a black and glitching screen. Called samsung service who advised us to take it to the city CBD store in Sydney. Did so, however, they took the tempered glass off, and saw a minor scratch on the glass and said it was customer induced damage and would be 175 to replace. No offer to take it for a technical check and people at the counter said that it was only an A20 and should just get it replaced. Was also told that it was lucky it was working despite the scratch. This goes to show how flimsy the screen of this phone is. Emailed customer complaints two weeks ago but no response. Sent a follow up, and still no response. Waiting Samsung Never buying any Samsung products ever again, even though I was contemplating on getting one And whats more, I bought another Samsung A series phone just before this one broke.

  175. ForCarrier

    for the price, the features are great. it has an exceptional camera and display.hardwarewise, there are some issues with the usbc charging connector in the phone hard to get to connector and the little drawer for the simmemory card can be a challenge to unlock, even with the proper tool we had to use a thin knife blade to open drawer carefully, provided tool did not engage properlywe are currently investigating network issues with the device and verizon. phone is complaining via my verizon application that it is not on a best signal ltecdma network and could work better on a closer or roaming network. samsung when you get this, you might want to contact your verizon team members. thank you for your continued support at samsung. we must win

  176. Ian S

    I bought this phone because my old Galaxy J7 Prime with 16GB storage prompted me to delete apps every time it needed to update. The perinstalled bloatware just kept gobbling up more and more space. So I walked out of the Tmobile store with 15GB of my new 32GB already used same as J7 Prime, But shortly after I got home Samsung decided to download almost 2GB more of bloatwareI have no choice. I cant delete Samsung apps e,g, calendar which I dont use and cant delete or disable and which makes me take an extra step to create any event in Google calendar because I have to choose which calendar to use when I really only want the Google calendar. I wich Samsung, Google and Tmobile would let me at least tell them I dont want their app to ever run or grow any larger, even if I cant actually delete it. Be nice if I really could delete this stuff and have some easy way to restore it if I change my mind like every other app in the Play Store.The really od quirk that I found was that every time I put the phone in my shirt pocket it woudl turn on the display frequently. After turning off every notificationI could I finally went hunting for possible gestures that might make this happen. By default double tap apparently turns on this phone. Youfe got to be KIDDING Doesnt anyoine else keep a phone in a pocket Stupidest default I can imagine.Another quirk is that my J7 with Android 8.something let me choose nootification levels. So I coudl choose to have an app iicon for non urgent stuff and a sound for urgent stuff. The previous choices 4 levels I think are now down to either on or off. A real step backwards IMHO.Id also like to see dual frequency GPS as I use GPS a lot for bus stops and cant always tell if the one its talking about is on my side of the road or the other side.Im now more pleased with the phone than I originally was, but Id like to see these issues addressed.

  177. Jules2340

    After going through yet another apple phone, I made the switch to Samsung but wasnt looking at spending too much. The A series seemed pretty attractive for cheap phones at a good price. I bought the phone around winter 2019 but was not impressed. From the moment I bought it it was so glitchy and buggy it couldnt run simple apps such as Instagram and Gmail without crashing. 2 weeks ago I took my phone off charger only to notice that screen would not turn on with no events such as a drop or exposure to water. After many attempts to hard reset it, the phones screen would not turn on. I took it back to Harvey Norman under warranty and have given up on trying to use it again if it dies within one year of purchase from no mistreatment such as dropping it. Honestly spend a little more for the A50 or the Samsung s10 as the A30 will eventually die on you with no notice. Would not recommend for everyday use but if you never use your phone and need a cheap alternative this is for you.

  178. Samsunglicker

    Ive had the S5, S5 no, s6, s7, s8, and s9. I dont need the power that the newer flagship phones offer so I got this and Ive never had more issues with a Samsung1 the camera is awful. The camera front and back is like its zoomed in 2x but its not. You gotta hold the phone SO far away to take a selfie2 randomly I cant see suggested words on my keyboard and have to restart3 today first time but it shouldnt have happened. I had my phone at 15 and plugged into S9 charger cuz it was closer. Waited 20 mins. It went up 3 so I plugged it into the A71 charger and after 20 seconds AT EIGHTNEEN percent it died. When I turned the screen back on it said 04 THE MOST ANNOYING. You have to wait 23 seconds before you start talking to Google voice. I hate it. If I start talking immediately it missed the first 13 seconds of speech. This phone SUCKS for voice users.Also for small handed people this phone is MASSIVE and way worse with a case. You get used to it but uncomfy to hold

  179. Twinmama13

    Thought I would move away from iPhone for something more affordable. Have ended up getting a refund for this and going back to appleBattery life is shocking after only a month of use, doesnt last until end of day now. WiFi constantly has issues and you have to turn WiFi on and off to get it to work. Camera crashes all the time. It just doesnt seem to like apps at all, so slow and laggy. Really slow to respond in general so you end up wondering if youve actually tapped it and end up double tapping and ending up in a fight with the phone. Fingerprint sensor is HORRIFIC and hardly ever works. Camera is terrible in low light and even in normal daylight has awful focus issues unless youre right in front of it. People keep telling me my phone is switched off and calls go to voicemail when it is on and literally sat right next to me. No swipe feature to go back and forth on browsers so if you accidentally swipe back, which you will with this flipping thing, you lose your place completely and have to start again.Really wish I had listened to all the reviews before I bothered with this one

  180. AHMED54321

    I bought A72 in 80k. Phones speed, size, resolution is too good but battery draining issues as compared to 5000mah were not as per my expectations. Seems as if Im using low average battery phone. Camera results are poor because I switched from Mi and Oppo phones. Their filters, results and options in camera settings are too advanced like Dual Video, Vlog Video, Color Splash etc… Photo editing options are too less. Everytime Im forced to turn on Galaxy Store Account which I dont want too because of battery draining issue. Anyhow Im using it but I wont recommend.

  181. SMWH

    at first i thought ya know youve always had a iphone with att, youre used to. only android experience i had was my samsung tablet,which i like. so myself,my husband,daughter niece all got new phones. its constantly dropping calls, when im talking on the phone i keep hitting the mute button with my check. so many things i dont like and weve had them going on 2 months,if i could do it over id stayed with att upgraded my iphone 7 for a newer model just like i wanted to do. husband is stuck in a 2 yr. contact the exact day its up im heading straight to att and getting a new iphone.not to mention only place ive found where you can get a cover screen protector for the a21 is on amazon, store price ridiculous

  182. Frogfarmer

    i have read the reviews and one thing sticks out. everyone expects this 200 phone to be as good as 1200 one. for a phone in this price range i have found it to be a good feature to price value.nice big display. quality and clarity what you would expect from this price point. easy to set up and customize your is adequate for everyday pics. not meant for studio quality portrait photos.i would have no problem recommending this to a friend looking for an entry level smartphone.

  183. wayne

    always bought samsung phones then switched. after using awhile other brands i came back to samsung. never really had any issues with samsung until now. seems while texting the cursor keeps going to beginning of the sentence. so, im constantly either having to catch the issue and correct or i dont catch before i send. so either the texting takes way longer or i have stupid text messages. i dont know the correction and cant seem to get the answer other than it was a design flaw. so, not as happy as past phones from samsung.

  184. Classy Days

    Ive been using the A31 for a few days now as it was a replacement to my A30 which, unforunately, befell a terrible accident. I wanted to get another A30, but seeing as they werent available, I bit the bullet and bought the latest version, the A31.Now, to preface, I enjoyed the A30. It had a great battery, decent chipset, great signal and bluetooth drivers, and the fingerprint sensor was oddly satisfying to use.This phone does have more cameras, yes. It also has more RAM, storage and a bigger battery, sure. In saying that, I feel like these new features, especially the cameras, were the focal point of this device, so Samsung cheaped out on things like the chipset, loudspeaker which is louder but has less depth. The A30 also had a slowmo function and HD 60fps video recording unlike the A31 with its 30fps HD shooting.For gaming, it can handle things like Anima better than its older brother, but Ive heard other titles like COD are a struggle here. Midrange phones do have their limits.The screen is the same, along with the size and weight, but the button rockers feel less confident somehow.For basically anything else, like email correspondence, social media networking, streaming and most other smartphone activities the A31 will do it no worries and its much larger storage makes my SD card looks silly in comparison.In saying this, and it could be my device, but the audio and bluetooth drivers arent as good as its predecessor. The audio in the A30 was an experience via decent bluetooth headphones, but this feels like the audio is begging for something more.Im giving this three stars because, while it is a decent phone on its own, it isnt exactly an improvement on its predecessor. I dont know why this is.

  185. Unhappy Customer

    tried to order the verizon a21 for 119. got an email saying it was cancelledverizon didnt approve. called verizon, no record of it. call samsung, they advise to call verizon and order again for 159. i do. i call samsung again with verizon on the line. samsung tries to talk in circles. the verizon rep points out that that it doesnt make sense to authorize the activation ahead of time. so this is the scam they require approval from verizon to get the 159 price or any lower price than the unlocked price and either do not actually contact verizon to approve it or they do it know the system will automatically deny it and then that can force you to buy the unlocked phone saying oh it was verizon that blocked it. its a scam

  186. Thom

    i am not a millenial geek, so have some difficulties with plodding through the nuances of operating the newer equipment. first of all, had to waste almost half of a ream of paper to print out the 158 page user manual which tells you what things are on the phone, but often does not detail how to operate them. many of the functions seem to be rather balky in how quickly they operate, if they do at all, often require reapplying the process more than once to get it to operate. learning is a slow process with this phone because processes do not always seem to work the same way more than once in a row. i do not recommend this phone for anyone of same capabilities as me.

  187. Anonymous

    I bought this on the recommendation of an Optus salesperson and can honestly say its the worst phone Ive ever owned.Firstly, some good points it has NFC which is rare at this price point and an earphone socket which is a dying feature these days.Any good points however are eclipsed by 2 main flaws1. It is extremely laggy, with the screen often seemingly unresponsive to taps then lots of apps open at the same time as it finally registers taps all at the same time. The Camera is particularly slow to open, taking between 510 seconds to open from the initial tap then taking another 510 seconds to register touching the shutter button to actually take the photo. Often the subject has moved on by the time its ready to take a picture.2. It also opens itself in my pocket on a regular basis, leading to gibberish texts, phantom phonecalls being made, multiple apps opening and worst of all music suddenly playing not great in the middle of an important business meeting. Ive checked and all the settings are definitely correct to prevent this, but it still opens by itself.It might be cheap but it is nowhere near of the quality Id expect from a Samsung product.

  188. Yamez

    great phonewas a bit skeptical because of the bad reviews but it works great for what i paid for it. i just wish samsung would start making the dual screen cases for their phones outside of that i have no complaints.i like the way it looks, and feels in my hand. it is a bit slow but not enough to make me frustrated. what drew me to this phone was its price point, because it was so cheap i will be going to purchase a samsung galaxy watch. i like have matching watches and phones.but regardless of the bad reviews it does what i need it to do.

  189. shouldhaveboughtdifferent

    Love the phone, but 8 months later discovered that I can no longer take phone calls unless put on loud speaker. apparently this is a fault with this model, if you check online Tried all the tests and my only option now is to factory reset before I most likely have to return to be fixed. Concerned as I need my phone to work from home. Starting to not like my decision to spend this amount of money on a new phone. Would normally recommend this phone as up until now I loved this phone. But 8 months down the line to have this fault when I hardly use the phone to make or take phone calls, is ridiculous.

  190. Ordinary person

    bought this 3 months ago. Slowest smart phone that I ever purchased in this category 400 500 Aud. Huawei 300 phone was much better in most categories. I bought this trusting the brand name.Except for the display, all other features have a poor performance including audio, ring tones, etc.You click on something it takes couple of seconds sometime few many, you loose the working Rutland get frustrated. Especially when it is restarted, it is even slower.Whatsapp doesnt work properly and ever other app take time to load.Disappointed.

  191. Debs

    i have had many cell phones over the years.this is my second samsung a51. the first one i had less than 3 months and all of a sudden it started one night with black screen of death, next day almost totally black then that night couldnt see anything at all, therefore before sending it in for the insurance claim i was unable to reset it or clear it. not happy about that.i have had the new a51 for a couple weeks now and other than new software updates that change the order of things of the phone that i just get used to, its okay.i love androids, but if this one fails. it will be my last.

  192. Anonymous

    I bought this on 30th March 2021 and I find it very elegantly designed, sober in colors with a feel of freshness and unique in style. But I am not happy with the chipset provided in it comparing to its price tag of 41999 PKR furthermore the processor show some hanging issues when watching YouTube videos or when it update your google updates at backend. So fare so good keep up the good work the team and creator behind it. Hope to see more and more valuable products in future. I am Samsung Mobile Fan and will remain like this.

  193. SCPNYC

    this phone is good. it does everything my old inexpensive galaxy j7 did. the capture screen shot function is awkward. its hard to press volume key and onoff key at the same time. the swipe doesnt seem to work even though i have the motion feature turned on. i dont like the cost. also, the calender no longer allows me to color code events. this is very disappointing since i had used at least 7 colors which made glancing at a month easy. now everything is blue.the spek case that was offered with the phone by att is junk. i had to buy a better more durable spek case. however the new cases button presses were slightly off and made the volume key difficult to operate. i had to cut the button holes open.

  194. JTinAZ

    i upgraded to a10e after using a j3. this phone is relatively fast, has decent battery life, and now runs android 10.the features are adequate and make the phone a good value. however, if you need and seek performance, keep moving as this device just does not have the guts for high performance, highquality duty.some of the apps dont quite work right or as expected. these are annoyances.the best feature is 32gb of storage, an absolute minimum. i still spend too much time optimizing the phone.i am not a gamer, but please do your diligence if you plan to give this phone to a teen who will be gaming on it. some popular games are not supported on this device.the phone lacks 2 key features wps wifi push button capability, and wireless charging.

  195. DanMur

    I bought the Galaxy A71 and havent regretted the decision once.The handset fits comfortably in your hand and has a stylish look. Some midrange phones tend to have a cheap feel to them, almost feeling like they could break easily. This handset is quite solid to hold.The camera takes amazing shots. With great modes including night mode, live focus and macro. Ive only been able to capture such amazing photos on a DSLR camera before but the A71 takes them with ease. Theres no lens flare and the AI processing of the images is effortless.The only downside to the handset is lack of IP68. It means being extra careful when using near any source of water. Otherwise, this would be a nearperfect phone.

  196. Anonymous

    So for some reason this phone just cant use WIFI AT ALL, my router is fine and all my other devices can use WIFI without any problems but for some reason this phone just cant. Ive been mostly using mobile data the past 2 months now, just to connect with anything. Because whenever I enable my WIFI connection everything just times out or doesnt even connect anymore.Besides this I also bought my phone for development. Which means that so now and then I need to capture packets. To do so I need to simulate a VPN, but guess what, this phone cant properly do this either. According to my packet capture app it doesnt even send a request to begin with.So in the end Im just going to be completely honest and say that Im planning on buying a new phone from a different brand only 3 months after I got this one just so that I can use one of the most basic functionalities of a smartphone.

  197. Ty FlyGuy

    ive had my a51 for 67 months now, and its been rather smooth going. the phone puzzled right in with the rest of my samsung products for a nice device to device interface experience. the cameras are great. the phone has a unique design on the back side. big screen with great bright crisp view. cant beat it for the price. i do however, struggle to keep it charged. i feel like its on the charger a lot despite using the original charger, battery drains way to fast. could be a little speedier as well. but very minor suggestions.

  198. Samsung User for Years

    the overall look of the phone is impressive. the large screen display is much larger than my current samsung galaxy s9. the vivid colors display while surfing the web is jaw big disappointing surprise is that samsung galaxy a11 is not wireless charging capable. it take me about 6 minutes to completely understand why it was not charging. samsung it is currently 2020. all of your phones needs to have some ground rules standard across the board for all your phones. not just having a screen plus a camera for covering the basics. we as the consumer expected more from you.i only have this phone for about 2 weeks and its been slow navigating just through the phone itself. you would assume i was connected to some dailup service just to use the phone.

  199. ksmi

    This phone was purchased by work for work. It is light and photos are great however the downside is that my phone has had issues since day one. When phone is put up to your ear it quite often places the person n the other end on hold and you are not aware until you realize they have not responded. Not only is this frustrating it is highly embarrassing when dealing with clients. This is a major concern for me as I am constantly on the phone in my line of work. I can only make a call using an earpiece. To me this is a huge inconvenience. Also several times the phone has done things like it is possessed.1. Apps all start to jiggle around on the screen, this went on for over 30 minutes2. Phone sitting on my desk when suddenly the downloads screen would light up and start scrolling uncontrollably. This went on for over an hour.3. A flashing white circle would all of a sudden start flashing in the top taskbar.. dont even know what that was.4. Has been looked at by Samsung, replaced screen, battery and updated some firmware. Was told all good and fixed.5. No soon I get home with it starts putting people on hold again.6. Was told it was an App causing this, when asked how I was told sorry it it way too technical for him to explain he did not know. Well dont make an assumption.7. Phone is back at Samsung 2nd time in 3 weeks cannot replicate the holding issue so got a call to say all good… sorry but not happy with the service.So would I recommend the A20… sorry but no

  200. Denny B

    i purchased the a11 on 114 have continued problems from day 1 unable to use network and wifi . i would recommend 64 gigs unlocked phone since most apps run in background unable to uninstall. must charge daily. vendor indicated, i missed return option under kios by 1 day, after paying for phone att . the att extended warranty only provided a refurbised phone taking up to 3060 day. my previous phone also allowed security apps that were removed by kios staff. this was an upgrade from galaxy s4.. i wanted to enjoy this phone.

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